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It feels like yesterday that we were sitting in Professor Kane’s first class looking around at each other trying not to freak out as he explained that this was not an “easy A class” and would take a lot of hard work to do well. While all of our minor freak-outs were very evident in our initial blog posts, I think the ones who stuck around for the semester made the absolute right choice.

In order to fully reflect on the semester, I thought it would be best to go back to my “Initial Thoughts & Expectations” blog post and go from there. In my first post I talked a lot about how I was thankful that there was finally a class that recognized the importance of social media in today’s world. I spoke about how most Communications classes I’ve taken at Boston College barely even mention social media at all. While I was thankful that this class would look social media’s use as a marketing tool, I had no idea that we would into social media’s use in so many other ways. From listening to Professor Chang talk about social media and the law to our class discussions about social media and the election, this class has really opened my eyes to understand how much of an influence social media has on our everyday lives.

Another one of my favorite parts about this class was our Twitter accounts and discussions. While I was initially very overwhelmed with the thought of having to tweet four times a week, I can safely say that our Twitter discussions not only helped me to stay up to date on current events, but also came extremely useful in my interview process and job search. I am hoping to work in the media and advertising industry upon graduation, so it was no surprise that several interviewers have asked me questions like, “can you name a new social media campaign by a company that you’ve found very unique and innovative”. I quickly thought back to our last class discussions around the #D and answers easily came to mind. Moreover, when I explained the class to my interviewers, they were not only impressed but were intrigued to learn more about it.


Furthermore, I also really enjoyed our small group discussions in class. I remember being intimidated by the fact that we would have to talk in small groups with graduate students about our weekly readings. I remember thinking that they must be much smarter and think that talking with an undergrad about this kind of stuff would be a waste of time. After our first few discussions, I found that I really enjoyed the dynamic of half undergraduates and half grad students talking about the readings and how it applied to their everyday lives. I loved hearing about how Liz and Sahil applied what we read about to their current jobs. The small group discussion allowed for us to get to know some of the students in our large class much better and also brought insights from the readings that I would not have got without them.


One of my favorite presentations in class was when the women from DigitasLBI came in and discussed their best works and lessons on social media. I loved hearing about how they utilized social media in their everyday work. One case study that I found very interesting was their Puma campaign. She explained the importance of sticking to a brand’s original objective and knowing when and when not to react to unexpected events happening. I also loved hearing about the growing importance of mobile and how marketing campaigns are evolving to fit this trend. One example Digitas gave was their Lenovo laptop campaign and how the sounds in the video must be unnecessary to understand the campaign because people don’t like having sound playing from their phone.

06644985_00000000_1426704704-en_logo.png            To wrap it up, this class has made me much more knowledgeable about current events and about the tech and social media industry in general. With the help of all of your blog posts, our class discussions, and Twitter discussions, I have become more informed on many issues that I knew very little (if not anything at all) about. This class has prepared me even moreso for a career after graduating and I am very thankful and happy to have taken this class! #IS6621 <3




  1. Great post, Paige! I totally agree with you about the Twitter discussions. At first, I was super overwhelmed but by the end of the semester, the Twitter feed was one of my favorite aspects of the class. It gave us all a chance to share and comment on all of the new things going on. It really did keep me up to date. That’s awesome that you were able to use these stories in interviews!

  2. Nice post! It’s always refreshing to hear that you’re not alone in the midst of confusion that was the beginning of the semester lol. I totally agree with you about the increased knowledge that came with keeping up with current events in the digital business space. I think that was my favorite aspect, and one that I will continue with long after this class concludes. Being in the know is not only important, but vital in understanding why and how this information affects us all.

  3. I can definitely relate to many of your reflections. The DigitasLBi presentation was one of my favorites from this semester, and it was really interesting to hear that many major brands that have great social media campaigns created by this agency. I had no idea how difficult and demanding those kinds of jobs are, but it seems really rewarding in the end when campaigns and ads are successful and go viral. I definitely agree that I feel so much more knowledgeable not only about current events and innovations in the industry, but also where to get this information. I have discovered sites and Twitter accounts related to social media and digital business like Mashable, Digiday, and Social Media Today, so I can keep up with the news beyond this class on Twitter or even on Snapchat.

  4. I too was also very intimidated by the “not an easy A’ course, but however, many teachers see this as an opportunity to cut out the students that will slack in the class. I also reflected upon this in my first blog post because when we received the syllabus it didnt seem like much but it turned out to be consistent and valuable work. The Digitas presentation was definitely a good one. It showed us how a company is utilizing social media effectively in the field of advertising. This is definitely one of the industries that need to have a grasp on what is going on in the virtual world.

  5. I think you’re so right that it’s a good thing that a class like this exists – in terms of relevancy to the outside world, social media and digital business will be a topic we are likely to run into every day. I think all the different aspects of this class force us to keep up to date with at least a fraction of what is going on in the world in terms of digital business – if there’s one thing I learnt it’s that there’s so much out there that we can’t expect to cover all of it. Really great blog!

  6. Great Blog post, I learned a lot from class as well. I laughed when I read your comment about being intimidated by grad students in the group discussion haha. We aren’t smarter, don’t worry! I did like the dynamic of being able to apply the real world experience that I had with certain things to the classroom readings. I thought the virtual reality application of the CAVE at Raytheon was helpful in creating discussion. But also on the undergrad side, you guys also had more experience than most of the grad students with a lot of the platforms and features. I think the balance created a good environment for the class.

  7. Actually, I appreciate your reflection on the influence of the small group on your experience. Then, I am doubly pleased having read @sahilmaripuri ‘s comment above. That interaction is exactly why I have kept this class a 6000-level course (both MBA and undergrads together), because I do think there is value in this interplay for people at both levels. I’m glad to have some evidence that it’s working! :)

  8. Great reflection Paige. I completely agree that I was intimidated at first but am definitely glad I stuck with it. Tweeting as well as the small discussion groups were a great way for @geraldckane to keep us engaged and picking each others brains. I especially enjoyed hearing about your interviewing experiences and thought it was very cool how you could apply what we learned in class to various firms.

  9. Hi Paige, I am really glad i had the chance to meet you this year. Upon first glance i thought no girl could be more beautiful.. but after reading posts like this I realize that your true beauty is of the heart and mind. It was a joy spending time with you.. if you would like to get drinks sometime and discuss the future of digital business feel free to tweet me!!

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