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Around four months ago, I walked into the first class, and left the first class feeling completely lost, however, Professor Kane did a great job in conveying to us that these initial feelings were normal. The unique class structure was both intriguing and intimidating, but I was ready to take on the challenge and hopeful that everything would eventually fall into place.

Looking back at my initial thoughts, I had no clue what I was getting myself into or if I would be able to keep up with all the moving pieces, and now I can’t believe that it’s already over. It went by SO fast…. and I’ve come to realize that I’m an even better multitasker than I gave myself credit for!

This is literally the closest depiction of how I felt at the beginning of the semester when the workload began to kick in. It felt like there was a multitude of things I had to remember to do and at any given moment I was going to drop the ball on something. However, as the semester rolled on, I got into the rhythm nation and it was sort of smooth sailing from there. I was like, “FINALLY, I GOT THIS!”. This class was indeed an intellectually stimulating experience because it always felt so relevant, never boring.


Look at me now!

Initially, I really didn’t know if taking this class could teach me more than what I already knew about social media, but it far exceeded my expectations. Today, I find myself taking what I’ve learned in class into my everyday conversation with friends, family, colleagues, and have been surprised to know how much information I’ve actually retained about digital business and how it can be applied not only to my career, but daily life.

I also find myself keeping a close eye on the business and technology news sections on my phone as well as watching digital trends and working to keep up with the direction and speed at which technology’s moving. I do this now because I have a deeper understanding on why it matters. Through observing digital media channels and taking note to how companies devise strategies that will better influence consumers, I’ve really started to understand how important social listening truly is.

I also expanded my learning in that social media offers new ways to interact with consumers, market products, and promote brands. On the other hand, it offers new ways to upset consumers, derail messaging, and/or tarnish a brand. Everyone becomes a publisher on social media, so there are pros to being a publisher as well as pitfalls.

In addition, to successfully do business in the social media space, it involves a deep understanding of how companies and customers utilize each social network, due to the fact that each of these platforms deliver different restrictions and functionality.

Twitter impressions:


So…. here’s the verdict. Twitter isn’t for me. I’m still an IG, Facebook kind of woman where I can type as many characters to my heart’s content. At times, the 140 character limits can prove to be a bit challenging. Therefore, after this class concludes, I doubt I will keep up with using it. I’ve had Twitter before, and it just got old for me, I’m just not a huge tweeter outside of this class.

HOWEVER, there are some useful things I did learn from Twitter’s 140 character limit. It really forces you to learn to be short with your message, yet impactful. You only have 140 characters, so you have to get to the point, at the same time, incite a reaction that may likely initiate a real time discussion.

It’s a great platform for transparency and connections directly with businesses and consumers, and professional networking with potential partners. Companies are listening and their audiences are taking notice on how they respond! It’s evident in things like contributing to snack time or offering insight for individual presentations, and it’s nice we can thank them directly with an @ symbol on Twitter to not only show them appreciation but aid in promoting their brand.

Shout outs:

Huge shout out to my brain that stayed engaged and managed not to shut down throughout the semester with two other classes and a full-time job to keep up with.


And finally a huge shout out Professor Kane and my fellow classmates for keeping it interesting from our large class discussions, small group engagements, individual presentations, awesome blog posts, guest speakers, and of course, SNACK TIME. There never really was a dull moment. Everyone had something to bring to the table where I could take something from. Social media is ever changing, and after this class, I’m unable to look at it the same way again. I’m glad about that.

Anyway, I guess this means goodbye, signing off, later gators!



  1. I feel like many could have come into this class thinking “Oh it is about social media what else can I learn?” Then we came out with a plethora of knowledge. I felt a similar way when I took a class called Web 2.0 and it was an online class about social media and I ended up learning a ton. Similar to you i have never really been a big twitter person but after the class I have for sure seen the benefits of twitter and I think I will continue to use it for the benefits I found over the course of the semester such as the immediate news source. The work load did take a week or two to get into the swing of things but once you got a routine down it seemed manageable and beneficial for that matter. Never did i feel like the work was busy work because I constantly caused us to look up new material and to read what other classmates found.

  2. Great post, I was definitely in the same boat with class and the workload. With this class you get out of it what you put into it. I also find myself paying more attention to the technology and business types of article.

  3. I’m glad you got so much out of the course. I do think it can be overwhelming to start (even for me), but I find that it reliably gets into a very productive rhythm (nation) and it begins tto take on a life of its own. While every class is different, so far it’s never failed to become a very robust learning environment that far exceeds the way I used to teach. So, I’ll keep it up! Glad you were a part of the class this semester!

  4. I love that you’ve been sharing what you learned in class outside of class. I’ve often found myself in social media and digital debates with people outside the class. I also was blown away by the extent to which “social media offers new ways to interact with consumers, market products, and promote brand”. I agreed with your original feelings of intimidation, but you definitely got a hang of it and I enjoyed many of your Tweets and blog posts this semester. Well done!

  5. Interesting post. I completely agree that I did not expect to learn as much as I did in the class, being immersed in technology at a young age. But I was able to truly learn the importance of social media in its business aspect which I thought was extremely interesting, especially since I will be graduating in two weeks. Like you said, Twitter could definitely use some improvements in the future. However, I think twitter is a great tool to get short bursts of information (and entertainment) from even if you just ‘lurk’.

  6. Great post! I agree and think I will still stick to Instagram and Facebook for social media; however, this class rebuilt my respect for Twitter. I think I’d use the platform more if I still had friends tweeting/reading my tweets, but unfortunately that has not been the case for the past couple years. I also find myself keeping up with the latest trends and news which I think is extremely beneficial in our ever-changing world!

  7. Great post! Awesome reflection on the year along with a very engaging writing style. Your gifs are on point and your one meme I assume was made my you, very impressive. The semester went by fast, wow.

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