That’s All She Wrote!

I gotta say, truth be told I had absolutely no clue what to expect going into the semester. Reading through the description of the course, you think to yourself, “Okay, how is this class gonna be? It could easily be a knock out of the park, or it could be a HUGE miss because the professor could so screw us over.” Luckily, the latter was not the case and this has been one of the best classes I’ve had the opportunity of taking. There are so many directions social media can take you, the possibilities seems endless! Going through the semester, I’ve observed that social media is very fluid! Everyday, there is always something new developing. Watching silly little phenomena take over the internet is hilarious. At the end of February, we had the whole “Damn Daniel” deal going. Two months later, there’s a whole new internet craze started by two University of Maryland basketball players dancing to the 90’s hit “I Want to Be Your Lady Baby”. Just put up on Instagram as a video showing the teammates having some fun after a workout, these two were just having a little fun. I think that’s what makes the difference.


It’s light, it’s fun, and it’s a great way to display your silliness! I think these kind of instances capture what social media is all about in a positive light. Any little thing can spread, whether or not that was the intent, and leave a lasting effect on in the internet.

I’m really glad we were able to observe the every-day occurrences throughout social media each week. Going out and finding new articles each week or tweets that spoke on the advancement of digital business was a big aspect of the class I think got over looked because a lot of this class relied on our outside engagement! Between our community on Twitter and WordPress, every week there is something new you thought you knew about. Hearing more on this subject week by week only makes you wonder…  where’s the limit in this field? The growth I witness every day, and through the instances that we spoke on each class, keeps me very intrigued.


Professor, I want to thank you for this semester. This was a great learning environment and I would recommend this course to anybody. [I guess the snack was the best part. ;)] But sincerely. The set-up of the class absolutely A1A. Keeping up with current events in digital business through social media and class discussions gives the students a realistic feel of the interactions that develop day by day!

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  1. Hey, I agree with what you said in your post that it is good to see the social media related occurrences that happen each week. It’s amazing how quickly information gets transmitted now because of the Internet and it does create a lot of opportunities for business. I think this class has made us better prepared to take advantage of those opportunities.

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