You won’t believe these three lessons I learned, no seriously you won’t

Well the time has come… my final blog post as a member of the #IS6621 community. We have had a great journey friends, but like any epic tale that has come before, we must conclude. Don’t fret though, just as one door closes another opens in its place. While many of us will no longer blog about the impact of social media and digital marketing, the knowledge we have gained will be invaluable going forward. In thinking about how I wanted to officially end my participation in the blogosphere, I struggled with coming up with the correct format for my magnum opus. Do I go back to my Irish roots and write in a stream of conscious fashion a la James Joyce? Perhaps get in touch with my inner child and create a cartoon of my adventures? Or maybe sellout and write a young-adult fantasy romance novel? As I was grappling with these potentially life-altering decisions, I stumbled across the right answer. So in the spirit of click-bait and everything Buzzfeed I decided to make a list of my favorite lessons from class. Here goes nothing:

If you ever get a lawyer in the room that isn’t on your dime, ask as many questions as possible.

So maybe this wasn’t the main purpose of having Professor Chang, but some of the best lessons learned are those that are more subtle. I mean any of us could find out about the legal issues surrounding Trip Advisor or Yelp, but how often do you get to ask those deep down questions to a lawyer you aren’t paying for? I’ll tell you what; the IRS is going to be upset at the number of loop holes I discovered during post-class Q&A. Sure it was interesting learning about the first amendment, fair use and all that other legal jargon in class but none of that makes an immediate impact on my bottom line.

Disclaimer: This is a satirical piece, no answers I was given constitute legal counsel.

How to get posted on BC’s Instagram

Look anyone can learn about how universities and other corporations use social media to leverage their brand but what I think everyone learned that day is how to get reposted by BC social media. Very sly move by Professor Kane to invite a guest speaker under false pretenses, it is clear he was just trying to figure out why his selfies weren’t being reposted. Sure, it was interesting learning about how companies respond to current events and interact with them on social media, but even more interesting than that was seeing who the face of BC Instagram was. Am I going to bribe them to use more of my content? Legally I am not at liberty to discuss this, Thanks Professor Chang.

It’s not you, it’s the app

And for the most important thing I learned while in this class, astroturfing. I thought I had bad experiences with Astroturf after that nasty turf burn in middle school football, but that doesn’t even hold a candle to the burn dating apps have given me. You can only swipe right so many times without a response before the rejection hits home. For all those guys out there swiping right on fake profiles, it’s the app not you. Well, honestly it’s probably mostly our fault but hey when you can shift the blame somewhere else, why not? Also very sneaky move by Professor Kane using Bumble for “research”; my ex-girlfriend used the same excuse and now that’s why I changed her contact in my phone to “don’t call unless sober”.

So there you have it, three unconventional lessons from an unconventional class. In the words of Porky Pig, “That’s all folks”. Unless I get a job blogging about social media, in which case it’s more of a “see ya later alligator”.

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