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Have you registered to vote?

As I was skimming through social media this week, one common theme popped up on my social channels and the messages were all the same; Register to vote. Each channel of media pushed it in their own way. At first, I did not notice it, but once I was looking the messages were everywhere. I decided […]

One Weird Trick Companies Use To Get Your Attention!

Clickbait.   If you’re unfamiliar with this term, you probably haven’t been on the internet long. While you may know what it is, the definition of clickbait isn’t exactly clear. Buzzfeed’s founder Ben Smith defines it as an article that doesn’t deliver on its headline’s promise, while others define its criteria as an article that misleads, sensationalizes […]

Social Media Saving Lives!

Intro As evidenced by everyone’s initial thoughts on social media, there is a spectrum of uses and opinions on the value of social media. Many people discuss the impact of cyber bullying, depression from constantly comparing yourself to others, and lack of connecting offline with people. The benefits of social media are often overlooked, it’s […]

Hi, I’d Like To Buy 10,000 Followers

In the age of social media, our popularity and worth has become more public and the subject of scrutiny by peers across these social media platforms. On Instagram and twitter, your ratio of followers to following as well as you absolute number of followers is a key indicator of how popular or successful you are. […]

Tidal: What Could Have Been

The music industry has seen quite a bit of change with regards to how users consume their music; it has become more and more digitalized. Long gone are the days where you see people running along with Walkmans in hand. People have since converted to using MP3’s to listen to their music. However, this area […]

E-commerce and Retargeting

E-commerce has come a long way since it became a popular and socially acceptable way of purchasing one’s household items and clothing. Although it was pioneered in the 1980s as a Business-to-Business prototype by Michael Aldrich, e-commerce did not take off as a popular B2C activity for a few decades. Years later, it is almost […]

The Power of the Finsta

Finsta: For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a Finsta is a fake Instagram. The first time I made a Finsta was as a joke with my friend. We didn’t follow the conventional method of posting outwardly embarrassing photos, but we did post a collection of photos we didn’t want to purposely show others. We […]

Connecting with Nature

The other day as I scrolled through my Instagram feed, wasting my spare time in between classes, I noticed a National Geographic magazine cover (shown above) amongst the stream of Saturday’s tailgate and Oktoberfest photos. Beneath the cover was a brief description. National Geographic is looking for millennials to share photos of themselves at a national park or enjoying […]

Why Pin It when you can Buy It? (I’ll tell you why)

“This is revolutionary!” is what my coworker exclaimed when he first heard about Pinterest rolling out Pinterest’s Buy button back in June of 2015. The concept was simple – let people purchase products featured in Pins straight from Pinterest. “Everybody browses on Pinterest, and letting people purchase straight from Pinterest is brilliant. It removes the […]

Portland’s Trail Blazer

After Damian Lillard dropped a buzzer beater for me right on fellow 6621 classmate Doug Rossi’s head in NBA 2K17 the other night, I got to thinking about why I liked Lillard so much in the first place. His marketing team does a good job with him, and they make him feel “authentic” in a […]

How Social Media Can Help Your At-home Fitness

During my 20-minute commute to my morning workout at Barry’s, a boot camp style class that marries treadmills with weight lifting, I thought about how much easier it would be if I could work out at home.  It would be much more affordable than the outrageous $30 a class price tag attached to Boston fitness […]

An Unlikely Alliance: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics & Uber Technologies Inc.

At first glance, the partnership between Bobbi Brown, a premium cosmetics company, and Uber, a digital business transportation platform, may seem ridiculous; however, their alliance was strategic for both parties and proved to be widely successful. WHAT IS BOBBI BROWN? Bobbi Brown, a professional make up artist from Chicago, founded Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in 1991 […]

Blogging the Downfall of Musical Creativity?

I was scrolling  down my Twitter timeline a few days ago and clicked a link posted by one of my favorite music blogs. This blog happened to be called Dance Rebels  and they had just posted a new song by an up-and-coming artist. While I enjoyed reading the bio about this new artist and listened […]

The Perfect Recipe For Success

Food is universal. We all love food, and it if looks good, even better. In some sense, food isn’t just food, it can be culture, traditions, fond memories, a reason to gather with friends, family, and loved ones. We all eat to live, but the thinking seems to have shifted to “living to eat.” Though many […]

One Tweet at a Time

Twitter has been in the news a lot lately for its possible takeover, live streaming, changing character limits, etc. Seeing so many things changing with Twitter, I started to wonder what it is about this platform that keeps me coming back to it. I think the reason Twitter is my social media platform of choice is […]