Intitial Thoughts

Facing the Facts

I have to admit, I was rather reluctant to register for this course. As a quantitative individual (I majored in Economics and Statistics), I’d much rather solve a calculus problem over writing a blog or tweeting. However, over the summer, I interned at Ocean Spray, a large CPG company, as an Assistant Brand Manager. Throughout the summer I learned the importance of social media and the large impact it has on consumers. Social media has the ability to grab the attention of consumers, communicate with consumers, and take advantage of word of mouth. As a result, I realized Social Media and Digital Business is a class that I will be able to utilize in the future.

Developing Skills

For our second week of class, we were assigned to read Aligning The Organization For Its Digital Future. The paper emphasizes the importance of talent development and the role it plays in digitally maturing organizations. It struck me that digitally maturing companies are better at attracting new talent due to their use of digital. This is a point that I had not considered in my own internship search.

However, upon my arrival at Ocean Spray, I saw that the company was extremely collaborative (all teams work cross functionally) and rely heavily on data to make decisions. My internship project involved analyzing data from numerous sources, as well as working with members from various teams across the organization. In addition, the company offered ‘101 Workshops’ for interns to further develop their digital skills. Moreover, Ocean Spray highly encouraged the interns to utilize social media throughout the summer. Interns were rewarded for posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter regarding their internship experience. Through this, I learned how to post professionally on social media outlets.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 6.34.28 PM.png

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Yet, I know there is a great deal more to learn regarding social media and digital business and hope to learn additional insights and skills that I can utilize after the completion of my MBA.

Learning From My Educators and Peers

With this class, I hope to learn from not only my professor but also my peers. This class is a combination of undergraduates and graduate students; and therefore, everyone will bring a different perspective due to factors such as age, experience, and major.

A MIT Sloan Management Review Article points out the differences between younger and older consumers of social media.

“Younger, new employees are often strong in procedural understanding of social media tools, but they need to be guided by a strategic vision.”

 I saw this first hand at Ocean Spray, in that, the undergraduate interns knew all the tips and tricks of the various social media tools, but lacked a strategic understanding. Fortunately, the undergrads passed on some of their knowledge to me – I even learned how to use the Snapshat filters.

I am very eager to continue to learn from my peers who have a better technical understanding of social media tools. I’m sure most of the undegrads had an easier time setting up their Twitter and WordPress accounts than I did. I am also looking forward to hearing from the guest speakers and what additional insights I can draw from their experiences. Lastly, I’m most excited to learn about the emerging technologies, data analytics, and privacy as these are always changing.







  1. Great post! I think you’re the only one so far who has used images and section headers. Nice work. Wouldn’t have necessarily thought of Ocean Spray as a digitally mature company, but it seems like your experience bears it out. Yes, this class is more humanities and less quantitative than others, but you’d be more than welcome to feed your quant side it the presentations/ blog posts. I’ve had lots of student use data generated by the class to do analytics, etc. You’re welcome to steer the deliverables in whatever way you want (that’s related to SM and Digital business).

  2. I found your post especially interesting since I had a similar experience like you did at Ocean Spray. I interned at a start-up and did the social media for them, and found that even though I knew how to use the sites and how to write posts, I really didn’t know much about strategy and how to best leverage social media. I also didn’t realize that Ocean Spray was active on social media! The post with the summer items is a creative way to display an Ocean Spray product without being boring or repetitive.

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