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Social media is something that whether we would want to admit it or not has come to run our lives.  Whether you are a child of the “tech generation” brought up by each detail of emerging gadgets, or you are a “baby boomer” trying to understand the technology growth over the years, social media that covers numerous platforms truly runs our lives.  As a 21 year old girl that is involved in numerous groups on and off The Boston College Campus, I openly admit that I am constantly using social media and that I really cannot imagine a true time without it in my life.  The major players in the social media network for me are Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter.  As I sit aimlessly scrolling and posting on these platforms they are constantly changing and growing. One reason that I really engaged in taking this course is although I use, or maybe even overuse social media, I know it is constantly changing and that there is much more to it then I even know.

I discovered that there’s more to social media than I thought last year when I became the Campus Ambassador at BC for Coca Cola Company.  This is a job that is interactive with a manager from Atlanta, Georgia and numerous students nationally, from about one-hundred diverse college campuses.  To keep us all in the loop and able to efficiently work together we use the platform that was mentioned in The Deloitte talk last Thursday entitled, Slack.  Slack is a way that we can talk instantly in either a group setting or one on one.  Our manager can also send out assignments, calendar events that sync to our phones and documents such as power points and excel spreadsheets that can easily download to our phones.  Prior to this position with Coke I truly had no idea what Slack even was and now as I continue to be the representative for BC, Slack has become a huge part of my daily life and I truly cannot imagine life without constantly checking the app.

This summer with my internship in audit, social media even showed its significance.  If you asked anyone they would never think that internal audit would be an engaged job position to hold.  When I told my mom it was something I wanted to pursue for a future career she expressed how she imagined it would be a boring behind the desk job of “crunching numbers”.  This proved to be inaccurate all to the power of social media.  While numbers are definitely crucial to the position it was highly interactive!  I spent the summer using Wells Fargos’ video streaming platform which was powered nationally in the offices to connect me with my team.  This allowed  us to see virtually each other face to face to get our work done efficiently.  We also used a “link” system which was a form of instant messaging communication powered through our company computers.  This really intrigued me how social media has really become important across all forms of my life.

Last Thanksgiving when I returned home for holiday break, I remember my father sitting at the dinner table informing me about his new interactive social media platform that his office is using.  Taking a step back I will mention he is a cardiac surgeon so it may be skeptical what sort of messaging they could be doing, or why they would even be doing this.  But with the increase of technology they actually have a software now that in their offices and surgery rooms is a board that their secretaries and nurses can message them about appointments, medications etc.  I found this extremely intriguing, especially how he told me he can respond back through an app on his iPhone/ Apple Watch.

To many it may be scary, but to me it’s truly enlightening how social media and technology can truly control our lives.  If you try to refute this think again.  My freshman year in perspectives, we were told to go 24 hours without technology and social media and reflect upon it.  I thought it would be easy but during this 24 hours I realized how much of my life relied on social media.  I had to email a teacher a question, text my mom about a flight home to NJ, FaceTime my brother from across the country and I simply could not.  Again this shows how important social media is in our lives.

With this I will leave on the note of how social media runs my life and intrigues me each day.  I know that my engagement across social media helps me connect with new people, stay in touch with family and update the world on what’s new in my life.  However, there is more to that and I am excited to see and learn all there is more to the fascinating world of social media!



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  1. mikeknoll98 · ·

    In high school one of my teachers challenged us to do the same 24 hour challenge. When he challenged us I thought it would be simple, but like you experienced I overlooked how much vital information is communicated via social idea, over the course of a day. Great post Jacqueline!

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