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Before we dive into my thoughts on my initial thoughts on Social Media and Digital Business. I thought it be best to get to know each other, you guys will be reading me and maybe I’ll be able to read something from you. So just a quick background on me and what my blog posts hope to be. On me, I am a pretty simple guy, I enjoy watching sports, hanging with my friends, and dodging responsibility just as any other college Senior might. Wish I could say I was more interesting, but what I can say is that I have stories, and I hope to bring these personal tales into my blog posts. Making something that might feel bland, have a somewhat personal feel. However, some of you might come to my blog posts for solid, thought provoking, grammatically sound posts. As much as I want to say all my blogs will have those elements, some may fall short. And for me, thats ok. I might not be the smartest guy in the room, my SAT scores might not have been the highest, and I have definitely been denied from my fair share of jobs, but I’ll take what I know and the stories I have and try to fit them in these posts. My final thoughts…before I jump into the meat of this post, my blogs might not have the same polish that some of the others on this site, but I plan on bringing my thoughts, my stories, and my ideas to this page, which hopefully you all can enjoy. Now onto the blog…


What is Social Media to me. Now that’s a loaded question for any millennial. Social Media for me starts all the way back when I was maybe seven or eight years old. It all began with me overhearing my older cousins argue about who had the cooler Myspace page. I had no idea what they were talking about. I was too busy mastering Backyard Baseball and Pajama Sam, the internet wasn’t even something I was concerned with. But, then the conversation started evolving. Myspace and Napster left and some guy from Harvard built a website that could compare two girls and see which one was hotter. Well that website soon evolved into a multi billion dollar company called Facebook, and that was my first foray into the social media game. I got a Facebook account my first day of High School, that was the rule between my parents and I (Until my Sister got one the same day, parenting 101 I guess). I was late to the Facebook game, all my friends had it and being the last one to join definitely was not the look when trying to impress. But, alas I did survive, and Facebook became a big part of my life. Soon Facebook was followed by Twitter, and then Twitter was followed by Instagram, and then Instagram was followed by Snapchat. Those four main Social Media apps are what primarily take up the space on my phone or computer at any given moment. Some people may have more and some may have less, but these Social Media apps are what many of our lives revolve around. With just a click of a button, you and every single person you know can see what your thinking, what your doing, or what you just did.

Now a more professional look at Social Media. Social Media has an incredible power on our lives. It’s honestly mind-blowing how much time people spend glued to their computers or phones, scrolling through their Twitter timeline or refreshing their Instagram feed to see how many likes there most recent #Tbt got. These websites came from humble beginnings, and there’s no way that any of there developers thought that they’d become this big so fast. I believe the most interesting part of the Social Media phenomena is their ability to become a disrupter to forms of established norms. In a non business sense Social Media has been used as a disrupter of traditional governments that have lasted for hundreds of years. All you need to look at is the Arab Spring. Social Media potential for change has unlimited potential if tapped correctly. Social Media’s ability to spring change with the click of a button is something corporations, governments, and leaders have not faced before, and many of them are shaking in their boots thinking of the implications.

Social Media has been disrupting many established norms, leading to plenty of opportunities to be seized by Digital Business. Established industries such as transportation, lodging, news, and more have been affected greatly by the great lengths that Social Media and Digital Business have expanded in the last few years. Airbnb and Uber are two great examples of this, two companies that disrupted their respective industries and cashed in as a result. Business opportunities remain for many companies, as disrupters in established industries, and have the potential to be the next kingmakers in the future.


Twitter is actually my favorite type of Social Media. Even though they haven’t been able to monetize their app as well as some of their competitors, I still think it to be the king of Social Media. The main reason being Twitter is the best at one thing, and that one thing is getting the news. Twitter is the quickest way to learn about something, and is also the most up to date source. Last summer I saw something flash on the bottom corner of my computer screen saying their was a coup d’etat in Turkey. The TV and all major news sources had no coverage of the events. The only way I could get up to date info on the events unfolding in the Middle East was Twitter. It wasn’t until hours into the coup did the traditional news sources finally start covering the events. I was glued to my phone for hours, constantly refreshing trying to get new information as the events played themselves out. Traditional news took to long to cover the events, and I found a better alternative. Twitter has the power to change the world, if only their management could harness it.

(But that’s none of my business)

And with that my first blog is in the books. Maybe you enjoyed it, maybe you didn’t but all I can say is first blogs is always the hardest. The next one will be better then this, and the next one will be better then that. Just give it a chance, and I think you’ll enjoy these posts throughout the semester. And with that DJ out. giphy1




  1. adamsmea89 · ·

    My first experience with social media was with Facebook in high school as well, and it is interesting to see how much more integrated it is in peoples lives now that we all have smart phones. I am glad that I can remember a time when social media / smartphones did not exist but I am not sure what I would do without it now!

  2. polmankevin · ·

    Its funny how social media has evolved. From a mystery to something that has slowly dominated pop-culture. Very obviously seen by the adoption of Facebook by our parents. Its interesting how different groups of people use different social media sites. Facebook is great for reuniting with lost friends. Maybe that’s why our parents love it. I for one love twitter, I’m with you on that one. The best source for news.

    P.S. – Backyard Baseball. Great game.

  3. Twitter is my go top social media app, it us upsetting to me that more people do not use it. Like you mentioned, I get all my news stories from Twitter. I always reminisce back in lower school (1st-5th grade) when technology was simple. I can’t even image future generations growing up with all these technology exposures at such young ages.

    Otherwise, I really miss the Pajama Sam days.

  4. Aditya Murali · ·

    Great post! The best part about Twitter and social media in general is that users can put up their own content. News no longer needs to come from major media outlets. This is great news, since often times these media outlets like CNN and Fox News are biased and have tons of people behind the scenes telling them what to say and what not to say. With platforms like Twitter, we can get the full truth from millions of different people, who have no other incentive to post other than to document something they are experiencing and share it with the world.

  5. It’s funny to compare how parents have changed their views towards social media platforms and the internet as a whole. As you mentioned, your parents wouldn’t let you get a Facebook account until freshman year of high school and I had similar restrictions. Now, my 8 year old brother is always on his iPad browsing the web (mostly watching Youtube videos, fun fact the majority of Pewdiepie viewers are under the age of 13) and my parents are fine with it. As social media becomes more popular, it’s becoming the “norm”.

    When you mentioned the coup in Turkey, I immediately thought of the rebellion in Egypt where Twitter was their only source of communication. Social media is honestly so powerful on top of being able to convey news very quickly.

  6. skuchma215 · ·

    Pajama Sam was the best game ever! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I don’t know that many people that still use twitter regularly, or maybe I’m just out of the loop, but most of friends just get their news emailed to them. The only time I’ve seen it being used was for sports news, i.e. espn or barstool. After reading your post I’m thinking of using twitter again for my own personal news source.

  7. Ha. Usually the Obama dropping mic theme is saved for the last post of the semester. YOu’re just getting started!

  8. In high school twitter was my main distractor from doing my homework and definitely the media I used most, like you. But the interesting thing is I wasn’t using it to stay in touch with the news. I was using it because everyone from my high school followed each other on there. People tweeted about the funny things they saw, sometimes got dramatic and has passive aggressive tweets when they were fighting, or made a fake gossip account. Since high school my use of twitter has gone down because my friends don’t tweet as much. I had never really thought of it as a serious means of news because for me it was always a way to get some good laughs. It’s funny how social media platforms can have different uses for everyone.

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