My Digital Business Bucket-List

My Digital Business Bucket-List: To Prepare me for the “The Real-Digital World”

large (9).jpgMy senior year of high school, each student had to complete a Capstone Project. This project required us to intern in “the real world” in a business of our choice. So, in the spring of 2013, I apprehensively sat on the train to New York City headed into “the real world.” I totally had my Carrie Bradshaw moment as I stepped up to the headquarters of Estée Lauder under the bright lights in the big city…


but fast-forward to the end of the day… sweaty and defeated on the train back home to the suburbs of New Jersey with numerous questions wandering through my head:

  • Is the “real-world” really this hard?
  • Do they know I’m only here for a month, why did they give me a year’s worth of work?
  • Are there really so many things that go into running a website that they need a whole department (or even an intern)?
  • Do people even look at and use the website?
  • And what in the world is an SEO? (Do they say Senior Executive Officer instead of CEO?)

If you couldn’t tell, I was placed in the eCommerce department. An amazing woman, the Director of eCommerce at ELC Online, decided to take this clueless 18-year-old under her wing for a month. At that time, the most I had known about digital was my year-old Facebook page, and the most I had known about business was that my dad did it. By the end of the month, I had mastered how to use certain tools to aid our SEO (by the way it means Search Engine Optimization, not Senior Executive Officer), I had put my excel skills to the test, and I learned how to use numerous digital metrics to conduct a competitive landscape analysis. At that point, I felt that I had not only mastered this “real world” thing, but I had also began to master the “digital world” as well.

Then I got to college. The “the real world” got scarier… but “the digital world” began to exponentially excite me. I took classes such as Computers in Management and Analytics and Business Intelligence, and continued to intern in ecommerce and digital marketing. By sophomore year, I declared one of my majors as Business Analytics. The more I learned about digital business, analytics, and social media marketing, I began to see its potential and how it is shaping the world around us.

Our generation has grown up living on social media, using it, and relying on it in our everyday lives (as many of my classmates have pointed out in their blogs). Although our dependence is scary, I am going to play devil’s advocate here and argue that this is also an exciting thought. The businessmen and businesswomen of today had to learn and adapt to these technologies, and look at all they have achieved with them. We, a social media and digitally dependent generation, are now entering the workforce. The potential value we can add to businesses is limitless.


In terms of business, the line between “the real world” and “the digital world” is disappearing. There is no “digital world” versus “real-world” anymore. The two are simply integrated and coexist. To succeed in one, you must simultaneously excel in both. That is where Social Media and Digital Business (IS6621) comes in…. Simply knowing about social media and digital capabilities is not enough to succeed in business nowadays. I hope this class can prepare all of us enough to optimize our use of social platforms in order to fully understand the capabilities of digital in business. I’m sure by the time we finish this class, there will be something new that is taking over the digital world and changing our real world. Regardless, I anticipate that this class will help us to understand where we have been, where we currently are, and where it looks like we are going, in order to recognize patterns and understand the next big thing.

So as a member of the Class of 2017… I can’t put it off any longer. In about 8 months I will be entering “the real world,” but I’m excited and apprehensive about the role that “the digital world” will be playing within that. Before I go and I am forced to enter “the real world,” I have a Bucket List of items I want to know in “the digital world.”


So here’s my IS6621 Bucket-List:

  • I want to discuss current events as they arise throughout the semester and how they affect our learning of social media and digital business.
  • I want to learn about cultural and behavioral changes caused by social media that are re-shaping our society and the way we function.
  • I want to learn about recent trends such social commerce, real-time engagement, and data-driven social media decisions.
  • I want to discuss the potential of hot topics such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, and block chain and how to prepare for these changes in the future.
  • I want to learn how to handle drastic changes in digital by studying those of the past, and how we can anticipate and predict these changes in the future.
  • I want to master how to use social media to build my own brand and learn new tools (such as wordpress) to do so.
  • I want to learn from not only my professor, but my peers and professionals.
  • I want my twitter game to be #strong and my blog to be #lit.
  • I want to give a killer presentation!




  1. Great post! I loved reading through your bucket list – definitely agree on wanting to learn more about cultural and behavioral changes that are caused by social media. It seems that a lot of posts so far on the class page have mixed opinions on whether social media poses as a positive or negative influence on our lives. I’m definitely excited to learn more about the topic throughout the semester.

    I also loved your point about how the digital and “real” world are combining, and to be successful, you have to excel in both. There’s definitely a lot to be said about business being taken online and regardless of the industry, companies are relying heavily on digital technologies. Hopefully this class will allow us to learn more about the digital world, and result in us being more successful in the real world!

  2. Aditya Murali · ·

    This was a tremendous read! The idea of the ‘digital world’ and ‘real world’ coexisting is a brilliant thought. I would even go so far as to say that there is no longer a real world without the digital world. It is very exciting to think that even over the course of this semester and this class, a new social media platform or a new technology can hit the market. It is totally possible and boy would that be a great topic of conversation for class!

    After taking a class like this, I’m really curious what your experience will be after you graduate and start working. Will people in the workplace be as enlightened about social media and digital business as you are? This is something I think about often, especially since many people will be older! I guess you will find out soon.

  3. First off, the bucket list is a phenomenal premise for sculpting this first blog.

    I was also particularly intrigued by your take on “digital natives” (those of us that have grown up with the internet and technology as a constant part of our lives). Most often when they (we?) come up under negative connotations. People assume this to be a disadvantage and makes us entitled, but I think you’re right about our potential to contribute.

    In my blog I expressed a similar desire to learn to read social media trends and to adapt business to the “next big thing”. I think this is an area where our generation will be particularly well suited to make a huge contribution to the business world.

  4. Honestly such a fun read, your story at the beginning tied in perfectly as a transition to the rest of the blog post and the bucket list kept the post light while also hitting the most important aspects of the class (personally am really interested in the “hot topics”).

    You mentioned playing Devil’s advocate siding with technology, do you think that there will be any major issues with the combination of the digital world and the real world? It seems like there could be a lot of problems, both legal and ethical. One that comes to mind is Google Glasses where it’s “integrated” into your daily life but can distract you from your daily life.

    PS: I agree, the real world is scary

    1. @evanryou thank you for the kind words! glad you enjoyed reading it!
      To answer your question… I completely agree! There are going to be (and currently are) many issues with the blending of our real world and digital world; legal, ethical, behavioral, and societal problems are all starting to develop with the collision of these two worlds. I think that many of our classmates have been able to touch upon these worries in concerns in their blogs, and they are extremely valid and true. But in playing “devil’s advocate,” I was simply intending to highlight the positive side to these world’s colliding. Both positive and negative… it is going to be very interesting in the coming year how we handle the adoption of digital as part of the real world.

  5. Really good post! I enjoyed how you vividly depicted an event from before college and kind of tied it and connected it to future events afterwards. I also agree with you that the line between the real world and the digital world is slowly fading away. I agree that these two worlds merely coexist and that this course and the teachings from each of us will allow us to see more clearly how the digital world influences business. Also thank you for sharing your bucket list!!

  6. emilypetroni14 · ·

    I love this post! And do not be afraid of the real world – it is so fun!
    Entering the workforce now as opposed to 10 years ago is drastically different – you can google info on anything about the industry you are in, look up your future bosses and coworkers on LinkedIn to see how they got started on their career path, join a LeanIn Circle, etc. And there are plenty of companies who value the younger generation that grew up in the digital age; they understand it and want employees that have their finger on the pulse of what is hot and what is up and coming. Business moves at a much quicker pace now with digital, and analytics is an exciting team to be a part of.

  7. This is a great post, and I really loved your bucket list! It’s cool that you kind of got to experience that “real world” digital life before you entered college, where social media is honestly more of a leisurely tool to chat up friends than to help create business. I wonder if it’ll be like a deja vu moment for you when you go back into the real world of digital technology, or will your perspective completely change with what you’ve experienced through this class and college in general; for both your benefit and the interest of your readers, I hope it’s the second one.

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