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Social Media is something that I have always seen as beneficial, and even productive, but recently I have started to consider why I use social media and which outlets are actually worthwhile. Everyone knows that once you post something on the Internet, it is out there for all to see. I try to use social media to keep updated on the lives of my close friends and family, as well as photography.

The first social media site that I joined was Facebook during my freshman year of high school. I am embarrassed looking back on what I used to post on Facebook, but it goes to show how my use of social media has changed over time. Facebook has always fit my social media needs very nicely, so I’ve been very slow to branch out. Facebook’s newsfeed allows me to easily scroll through recent posts and photos to keep up to date with what is going on in my friend’s lives. The best part, in my opinion, is that posts are typically infrequent enough that I can check just once or twice a day to update myself.

I find apps and websites that constantly send updates extremely distracting, since I have ADD. In high school I wasted a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook and other websites. It got so bad that I downloaded an app called Self Control that would block Facebook and my other favorite sites for a set time, so that I would study without distractions. Social media is great because it allows you to stay connected, but it has grown so much that we are now able to connect with our friends in various ways on multiple platforms. I like that I can sit down once or twice a day and check all of my social media to update myself, but I have never been a fan of apps like Twitter and ESPN, where they are constantly sending you updates.

The only app that I check many times a day is Snapchat. I think that they have done an excellent job of providing users with what they want. It provides a platform where people can share content in a fairly private way. Since users are aware that others can screenshot a Snapchat and they can choose who to send Snapchats to, it allows users to share with certain friends without the fear of other’s judgments.


As for this class, I am not sure exactly what to expect, but I am excited by the prospect of learning and growing in an area that I know very little about. The presentation during class last week surprised me. I never really considered large companies would focus on their digital presence and specifically social media.   I found it even more shocking that large corporations are using social media to try to recruit the best talent earlier on. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I don’t seem to come across ads for many big name companies on social media. Occasionally something about a company will be trending on Facebook, but that is more of a news headline than an ad. I am eager to learn more throughout the semester about companies’ use of social media and how they leverage technology to achieve over competitors.


I have had two jobs that involved social media, but both were for very small companies. The first was as a real estate assistant. I would post property advertisements on the company’s Facebook page, which would have a brief description of the property and the photos that I thought best represented it. Although the company was fairly successful, they didn’t put a large emphasis on social media, thus this task was largely a waste of my time. Post would typically generate less than five likes. If the company were able to establish a more prominent presence on social media, I think it would have allowed them to dramatically grow their business by targeting a broader spectrum of clientele.


I am also a brand ambassador for Nantucket Buckets, which I have been doing for the past two years for fun. I purchased a hat from their website and saw they were looking for brand ambassador’s, so I figured I’d apply (hoping that I would be able to get some discounts in the future). I found out a few months later that I was accepted. I was given a discount code (“GetBucketsBC” in case you’re interested), which gets people 15% off. The company incentivizes us by giving us point that we can redeem on exclusive merchandise.   I use Facebook to post the link to the company’s website with my code when new hats come out. I have found this to be an incredible to way to reach out to a large amount of people with very little effort. My experience doing this has made me consider how interconnected social media allows us to be. When I first posted on Facebook for Nantucket Buckets, I tried to get my friends who purchased hats to share the post. The amount of people it brought in made me realize that if my friend shares my post, and then someone else shares the post from my friend’s page, I am able to extend my original post to well over a thousand people. The truly astounding part is that it doesn’t take very much effort. All in all, I think that the internet is fantastic, but it is not without it’s issues.


  1. dabettervetter · ·

    I know mentioning Snapchat was a small part of your blog, but I think your favorability of it is something that many people our age agree on. Do you think some of Snapchat’s success comes from the simplicity of the app? Sometimes I wonder why it is so highly used when we could just text pictures to one another. I do know the lack of permanence may be a driving factor, but screenshotting changes that. Additionally, I find that I tend to get sucked into the digital black hole and waste so much time on doing who knows what online. Do I hate it though? Probably now when Buzzfeed can tell me what job I would have in a RomCom and what kind of Mac and Cheese I identify most with.

  2. Overall, this was a really good read! I would say you have a lot of exposure to social media having worked 2 jobs involving it. I think adding some visuals or links (maybe to Nantucket website?) would freshen up the blog post but the content itself was good!

    Just a quick question, do the Snapchat notifications when people send you snaps not bother you like ESPN or Twitter? Is it different because the notifications are more personal or you’re more eager to see them? Lastly, were there any techniques or social media campaigns Nantucket did that you found surprisingly effective (help us out and give us some insider information)?

  3. My social media use it pretty similar to yours. Besides Facebook and Snapchat, I’m reluctant to branch out to other social media platforms, mainly due to the fact that’s its just too much to manage for me. Hopefully though through this class I’ll pick up some skills that will make social media beneficial to me.

    Also, I installed SelfControl on my laptop when I was in high school. I was a serial procrastinator (I still sort of am) and it was one of the only way for me to get my work done. Social media can be a terrible time sink.

  4. copmania12 · ·

    Hi Tyler- thanks for sharing! You seem to be pretty heavily invested in social media and appreciate the connections it creates and maintains for you. It is interesting to hear about the work you do with Nantucket Buckets- from what I can gather, without social media, your role with the company would virtually be nonexistent. It is so cool to see the extent to which digital business has revolutionized business, and in your case, created jobs that otherwise wouldn’t exist. It is a win-win for both you and the company. You get employed, and they get mass access to their target customer thru an insider on campus. I wonder, though, if you can think of an instance where you have disliked/not appreciated the presence of social media in your life, or maybe felt a need to disconnect? If so, what were the reasons behind that desire?

  5. Nice post. would have definitely been improved with some images, etc.

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