Examining New(ish) apps

There are so many apps out there, and new ones being created everyday, so I wanted to explore a few newer apps that might become mainstream in the next year or two. Everyone is on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. but it is always exciting to try to find the next big app. Let me know which app you think will make it (if any)!



Wanelo is like a digital mall where you can go to shop around for products that you might not find at your local mall. Users set up accounts, and they post different products and tag where you can buy them from. In 2014 Wanelo had 11 million registered users, over 12 million products posted by users from over 300,000 stores. Retailers are able to manage their own store page so they can engage with the users and see what products are popular. This site is great if you are interested in seeing what others are posting / buying and where you can buy it from. This is great from the stores perspective because people who own their products are recommending them to others. This is also great from the user perspective because people that have no personal gain are recommending products. It aggregates items on one page, so you can discover new brands as well as see what your favorite brands are offering. This is a great app idea because many people get bored of their local mall, and don’t know what stores to search for online to broaden their options. The fact that this is an app and not just a website allows for people to scroll through products throughout the day when they are waiting in line or on their lunch break.

Yik Yak


Yik Yak is a social media app that allows people within a 1.5 mile radios to talk to each other. It has news feed, and is like an online bulletin board. Users are anonymous, and you can rate / like comments so they move to the top of the feed or towards the bottom. Users can post pictures, and they can also “peek” into what other locations are talking about. Yik Yak has had some issues with cyber bullying mainly because users are anonymous, so they have used GPS technology to prevent the app from working around certain school districts. It also has received some attention for saving some users from committing suicide, again due to the anonymity. Users that were struggling were comfortable posting on Yik Yak because they knew no one would know who they were, and the positive feedback they received helped them. Yik Yak has “hidden features” that picks up on certain offensive words and asks the user if they really want to post it, even though it is offensive. This feature reminds me of Facebook’s feature where you can describe to a friend that posted an unwanted picture, how that picture makes you feel to hopefully persuade them from taking it down. Facebook has had success, so maybe Yik Yak will have similar success with reducing cyber bullying if they make the user think twice about posting offensive words.



The CEO of Hyper said his goal was to, “create the single best video app.” He sees issues with other video apps because often times you have to search around for awhile before you finally find a video worth watching, you may have issues downloading the video you would like to watch and poor quality, you use up a lot of data downloading these videos. He believes he is on his way to solving all of those issues with Hyper. Users sign up for Hyper and fill out interests, and what they like / do not like. Everyday Hyper will have a list of 10 videos that are chosen for each user, based off of what they said they are interested in. The users can watch a trailer for the videos and watch whichever they chose. All 10 videos are down loaded ahead of time through wifi, so the user should have no issues with downloading or with the quality of any videos they watch. This is a great idea because of the filter feature. There is everything on YourTube, from really awful videos that are not worth watching, to really great ones that you would love to watch if you knew how to find them. I believe this app has a lot of potential!


  1. emmaharney21 · ·

    Great post! I am a previous user of Wanelo but I stopped because the app was not user friendly. I am curious as to what you found if this was a trend with others. I also was interested in the Hyper app, how do you see this being useful and profitable? I also think Yik Yak is a good example because there has been a significant amount of issues with censorship here. Do you think people should be able to post things if they are offensive but intentional? There are so many opportunities for app creation and I think it is important to evaluate their potential. Great post!

  2. daniellep2153 · ·

    Really interesting post. There are so many people that pass the time by online shopping and I think Wanelo could be a great addition to the apps already being used. My one concern with this app is similar to an issue Yelp had. With platforms like this, it is very difficult to know which reviews are real and which ones are fake. If companies pay individuals to recommend products, it can become less effective and not trusted by consumers. It will be interesting to see what happens as it becomes more popular. I also think Yik Yak could be successful if they are able to eliminate the cyber bullying that is currently going on. Using GPS to restrict access in certain areas is a very smart first step. Once again, I look forward to seeing what other actions the company takes to prevent further cyber.

  3. Nice post! I thought the section about Yik Yak was pretty interesting. I remember Yik Yak being really popular my Freshman, Sophomore, and part of Junior year here at BC. There was some genuinely funny ones (esp. the ones about grass) but there were also definitely some that made me go uhhh. Bullying is definitely an issue with an app like Yik Yak, though. However I feel like Yik Yak has gone pretty down hill this past year. I don’t think you can arrange posts by most popular anymore and only most recent, so it’s hard to find the really funny posts. I recently deleted the app and so did most of my friends because we thought it wasn’t really interesting anymore. I wonder what they could do to try to bring users back to the app

  4. Nice post. It sure seems like Yik Yak has seen its 15 minutes of fame and is on its way out. In fact, I just tried to check it, but now they are requiring a phone # for verification. I suspect its so they can kick off abusive people, but the harm may have already been done. For me, it was a novelty that people got bored of pretty quick. Would have real problems monetizing too.

  5. skuchma215 · ·

    Great post! I had heard of Wanelo and even used Yik Yak a few years ago when it was big at BC. However I had never heard of Hyper, it seemed like an interesting concept so I downloaded the app. The videos that were presented to me were certainly interesting; they were about topics like microbreweries and bikes gangs. They downloaded in HD and were ready to play right away all in an easy-to-use and clean looking interface. However it seems less like a video app and more like a video magazine. The recommended videos are as good as youtube’s. Regardless, Hyper is a great way to waste some time and entertain oneself.

  6. It is interesting to see which apps stick now-a-days and why they do or don’t succeed. I thought this was a cool idea for a blog post. While I have heard of Wanelo and Yik Yak and, personally, do not think these apps will last in the long run, I have not heard of Hyper and was grateful for the introduction. In my interactions with Wanelo, it reminded me of Pinterest with a commerce capabilty. I will be interested to see if the fact that Pinterest has now implemented commerce from their platform, if this will harm Wanelo at all. Great post and can’t wait to go check out Hyper!

  7. cattybradley · ·

    Interesting post! I agree with @gkhanlon about Wanelo’s similarities to Pinterest and have the same concern regarding the Pinterest’s integration of commerce. I know Wanelo can be awesome for small companies who can gain popularity through the platform, particularly companies on Etsy who’s pages might not get a ton of daily views. I think Wanelo is also great to look for for gift ideas as you can see what is trendy and popular.

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