LiketoKnow.It Integrations and Partnerships

Last week, I discussed how LiketoKnow.It (LTK) is changing the fashion blogging game. However, I only had enough time to cover the main points. I’d like to use this blog to dive deeper into the topic and let you know what new developments are happening with LiketoKnow.It. Just in case you missed the presentation, here is a brief overview of the service.


LikeToKnow.It is a service that plugs into Instagram and allows users to browse their Instagram feed for products that may be interested in purchasing. In order to utilize the service, you first need to create an account on and connect it to your Instagram account. Once your account is created, you tap “like” on an Instagram post that contains the “” address in the description. You will then receive an email either immediately, daily, or weekly with detail information regarding the products featured in the photo. Originally, LiketoKnow.It only featured clothing, shoes, and accessories; however, the service has now expanded to interior design.


Home décor lovers rejoiced on August 10th when LiketoKnow.It.Home (LTKHome) launched. The idea for an extension came from the organic growth of the #LTKHome hashtag in order to indicate a new content category. This type of content was overwhelming; and therefore, stimulated the development of LTKHome.


Nearly 8,000 pieces of unique, ready-to-shop, home content [was] being published through the LiketoKnow.It platform and then distributed to Instagram, blogs and other social platforms.

The home extension was created for the influencers and audiences that grew up and are now concerned with designing and dressing the inside of their homes. According to D Magazine, LTKHome supports 4,000 retailers around the world and they continuously attempt to support their hometown businesses. However, “LTKHome also works with numerous influencers within the lifestyle space, from HGTV hosts Jillian Harris and Emily Henderson, to interior designers and lifestyle bloggers such as Becki Owens and Monika Hibbs.“


LTK will continue to grow its influencer network in the home vertical, so let your friends with an eye for interior design to become an LTKHome influencer.

Google’s Partnership with LTK

For this year’s Fashion Week, Google partnered with LiketoKnow.It. LTK account holders can search, for example, “black stilettos” on Google and a series of images of women wearing black stilettos will appear based on related media in the LiketoKnow.It database. Click on any of the pieces, and you are taken to the retail platform where you can buy the items featured in the photos. You can also find the specific Fashion Week designs and styles by searching “Fashion Week” or “Fashion Week + Designer.” In order to make this partnership possible, LTK bloggers have to upload at least 6 looks a day. Google’s partnership with LTK increases online sales for high-end designers and retailers.


Earlier this year, ShopStyle launched a similar service that directly competes with LiketoKnow.It. According to the Fashionista, ShopStyle currently has a “Collective” of 1,400 retailers and 14,000 online fashion influencers who use its products to generate affiliate relationships in the same manner as LTK. Unlike LTK, ShopStyle does not bombard users with emails and doe not require shoppers to register to participate. ShopStyle heard from some bloggers that the emails sent by LTK was impacting the number of “likes” they received – followers were tapping “like” less frequently because they did not want their inboxes to be filled with a ton of emails.

Dubbed the “Looks & Collections” widget, it’s designed to sit permanently in the link slot of influencers’ Instagram bios, allowing them to create a landing page where followers can see all of their recent Instagram posts, with links to buy the products featured therein.


ShopStyle’s widget also functions on other social media platforms such as Snapchat.

There is a real need for affiliate link workarounds like LiketoKnow.It and ShopStyle. It will be interesting to see which one ends up coming out on top.


  1. Very interesting article to read! I have never heard of LikeToKnow.It or ShopStyle, but I may be checking them out now! I really liked the structure of this post in terms of organization – you made it easy to read and easy to follow. A couple things I found interesting were the partnership with Google and the mentioning of ShopStyle as a competitor. I may have missed this, but do you think LTK will chill out with their e-mails? Very interesting that there is a correlation between the amount of e-mails and the amount of likes they get!

  2. Great post! I had never heard go LikeToKnow.It, but I will defiantly be checking them out now. I found that the flow of this article read very well and I liked the focal points within the content. Very interesting partnership with Google, makes me wonder how they are going to continue to innovate their business in creative ways to grow and attract more people. Will they partner with snap? Will they partner with an unlikely competitor like in my article with Bobbi Brown and Uber? Love the new information!

  3. mashamydear · ·

    Before reading your blog post I never heard of LikeToKnow.It (like the comments above me), but ShopStyle does sound familiar if that means anything. It’s interesting how a competitor can essentially mimic a product or service and just do a couple things differently to steal customers away. However, it does seem like extra work to register to become a participant of LTK– no wonder ShopStyle eliminated that step. This also reminds me of the app Wanelo, a sort of digital mall where every image is linked to a place of purchase. There’s something to be said about people liking to know where to buy things!

  4. Nice followup to your presentation.

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