Have you heard about Jopwell?

“Job Opportunities Done Well” = Jopwell


Jopwell was started in 2014, as a way for black, Hispanic/latino, and Native American students and professionals to connect with companies. If you are unfamiliar with the company, this article is pretty helpful background information. Jopwell is similar to LinkedIn, but is intended for minorities to connect with employers and job opportunities more easily.


A friend referred me to the site and I made a profile so I could see firsthand what the site was all about. I received recommended jobs with options to apply, could see top companies that are connected with Jopwell, and an entire section on ‘your well’ which included professional tips + advice, different paths and perspectives, and a diversity section.

What is ‘Your Well’?

Your Career: Professional tips + advice

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 5.32.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-25 at 5.31.45 PM.png  It was really interesting to scroll through the pro tips and advice because all of the pictures were geared towards minorities. However, it’s important to note that the content was completely focused on professional advice and didn’t have anything specifically targeted to minority groups. There are tons of helpful articles for anyone.

Paths and Perspectives: A really cool category that allows users to see first-hand accounts from others who have been in their position. You can see “Day in the Life”  and “Coffee With” posts about what different successful people do every day. It makes the jobs seem more realistic and attainable for users.

Diversity Today: This section was the most interesting to me because it touched on issues of race and how it affected the workplace. These articles are sometimes hard to find and this website makes it easy to see both pros and cons of diversity issues at work. They aren’t all negative or positive, but a good balance between the two.

I was curious about the company and wanted more of an inside look so I interviewed a Jopwell ambassador from BC and here are some of the key points:

  1. Jopwell is a fairly new platform, similar to LinkedIn, that connects employers to a specific pool of candidates. Jopwell targets students who identify as Black, Latino, and/or Native American being that these three groups are the most underrepresented in what we generalize as Corporate America.
  2. They have the JCAP which is the Jopwell College Ambassador Program. The ambassadors are currently working through that program to recruit BC students who would benefit from this opportunity.
  3. The JCAP group works as a team, about 3-5 members, to recruit students on campus at BC. They are currently working on a new recruitment strategy and most recently finalized a simple template for their emails. Their bosses give them freedom as to how they market Jopwell and recruit students, allowing them to create custom events appropriate for their campus. At BC they can focus on different priorities than what other schools in other areas might be focused on.
  4. For the moment, on-campus they will be working primarily through the student-run heritage months. They are running tables at every event to increase sign up for the platform.

What are the differentiators?

  1. One of the biggest features of Jopwell is that employers DIRECTLY post job and internship opportunities on the website.
  2. These are some of the bigger companies (Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify, etc) and they’re directly posting job openings on a website that targets Black, Latino, and Native American students. This means that these companies are looking to diversify their application pool and hopefully employee base.
  3. More than that, it also attempts to reach more than just students. It really wants to connect much more experienced professionals to new opportunities. The “Jobs” section of the website gives positions at 4 different levels: internship, entry level, mid-level and senior.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 3.17.16 PM.png


The features are explained very simply to users. Jopwell is helpful because it wants to bridge diversity gaps in companies. They provide direct opportunities for minorities. In terms of recruiting, this is a helpful tool for companies who want to diversify their staff. It’s also helpful to minorities who want to target companies who place an emphasis on hiring diverse groups of people. Social media provides a good opportunity here to bridge some of the diversity gaps in companies. Jopwell utilizes many of the same features of LinkedIn and offers a chance for many of its users to make important online social connections.




  1. Austin Ellis · ·

    Really interesting post! I had not heard of Jopwell before, are you thinking of being an ambassador for BC? I think this website has very noble intentions, but I am not entirely sure about everything they are doing. It seems like highlighting articles that are specifically helpful for minority applicants might be more affective, in my opinion. But aside from that, I think it is good to know that companies are reaching out in an effort to be more ethnically represented.

  2. skuchma215 · ·

    Awesome blog post! After visiting Jopwell’s website, it really looks like a useful tool with a clean and easy-to-use interface. To me it looks like a mix of EagleLink and Linkedin for minorities. I was surprised that this service is not geared towards Asian students since they are a minority, but I guess they are not as underrepresented as Black, Hispanic and Native American students. Also, the “Day in the Life” section must contain some cool, personal stories that I’m sure are great reads.

  3. cmackeenbc · ·

    Nice post! This is the first I am hearing of Jopwell, and it sounds like a very useful and important platform. I think differences in employee backgrounds in one of the most important elements of a successful company, as this often leads to increased quality of approaches to problems or opportunities. I read a quick techcrunch article on the firm, and it mentioned that Magic Johnson is a huge investor in and proponent of the site–pretty cool! They also had a quote from one of the founders saying that Jopwell is very selective about which companies they partner with, which both made perfect sense and on the flip side was somewhat confusing to me. I understand that they would only want to partner with companies that took diversity seriously, but I am surprised they would not want to promote diverse recruitment as widely as possible. I am sure they know better than I, of course, and they should stick to whatever strategy they are using, as it seems to be working!

  4. emilypetroni14 · ·

    Great post! I had never heard of Jopwell and definitely have friends that would be interested in learning about it. There are still many companies struggling with diversity as many find it hard to attract a diverse group of candidates. Sounds like the companies that are recruiting on this site are top notch as well!

  5. Interesting. I always like it when students call my attention to platforms I’ve never heard of before. Good work!

  6. fernaneq4 · ·

    I’m curious as to how they market using the site to minorities. I am Hispanic and I completed a minority summer business program my junior year of high school. I truly believe that differentiated me in my college applications and my job applications. The LEAD Business Program markets heavily in Atlanta and South Florida and the alumni network is amazing. While Ambassadors are great at the college level, it’s hard to influence even younger than that (the middle school and high school levels). Do you know if Jopwell is taking any initiatives to reach these people at a younger age? Perhaps educating their parents to push them as well? I think only emphasizing at a college level would be a mistake! Great post!

  7. magicjohnshin1 · ·

    Awesome post Alina! I really enjoyed reading about this new platform that really focuses on helping underrepresented students achieve their goals and dream jobs. As an Asian student, I have definitely felt the pressures of being the only minority in the job room, or even being looked at just to fill an ethnic quota for the company. This is definitely an awesome platform and I loved reading about it, cheers!

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