Behind the scences: A Football Life

Everyone sees the end product on gameday. Fast and physical games that can take fans through a roller coaster of emotions. Football is exhilarating and attracts many fans, but most do not understand what goes on behind the scenes to get athletes prepared for gameday. With this blog post, I hope to give you guys a behind the scenes view into the life of a football player when it comes to body recovery and peak performance. Modern medicine and technology has allowed us to understand the human body, its functions and healing nature. This means injury prevention, faster recovery times and altered practice schedules, all in an effort to keep all athletes in the game. There are three advancements at BC that have directly impact me and are changing the game: Normatec, Humac Norm and STRIVR.

Normatec “Fresh legs faster”Drew.png

Normatec is a compression recovery system. I don’t want to bore you (and myself for that matter) with the science behind this technology so I will be simple. Think of varying pressure squeezing up and then down your legs to help flush out lactic acid after a workout, practice or game. This mimics a muscular massage. Normatec has gained great traction in the athletic world. Essentially, it replaces the traditional cold whirlpool. If you had the choice of submerging yourself in 49° F water for 10-15 minutes or putting two compressions sleeves on your legs for 15 minutes, I think you would choose the latter. That is the case for most of our football team. This technology helps reduce inflammation and muscle soreness while promoting faster muscle recovery. Normatec has gained great notoriety in the athletic community for its easy use and lightweight design. Many Professional athletes have endorsed this product.lebron.png


Humac Norm

The Humac norm is an Isokinetic testing machine. The machine works by testing the strength of certain muscles. Throughout the entire motion of the muscle, the machine maintains a constant speed. It measures how much force you can produce throughout the entire muscalar motion. Trainers are able to gauge what parts of the muscle are weak and need to be strengthened. This is useful for athletes rehabilitating from an injury because it allows them to focus on the specific parts of the body that are affected by the injury.humac norm.png Humac Norm is also useful for injury prevention by measuring musclar imbalances. For instance, if you have a difference between hamstring and quad strength you are at risk for an ACL injury.


Let me first start out by saying STRIVR is the coolest technology I have seen since I began my collegiate football. STRIVR is the result of virtual reality and practice film. This technology changes the way we watch film. Instead of analyzing film from the third person, we are able to get a view from the first person. STRIVR films football practice from a Gopro camera tripod. This allows the company to develop the 3D film experience. They also use the Oculus rift technology to emerge us in the film. From practice film teams can develop realistic defense, pressures and coverages. With this 3D film, a player can restudy practice from a different perspetive.  Everything that they see is lifelike. As a result,  a player is able to increase his performance and ability without taking actual phyiscal reps. We learn better from practice than from theory, and this technology revelotionizes the way the game is being played. Watch this video of the Stanford football team to get a better understanding of how STRIVR is changing the game.

Importance to Digital Business 

Football is a business and like any business they want to increase revenues, cut costs and improve internally. Teams are measured on wins and losses. Players’ health is a significant impact to their team’s record. Aside from reported connections to CTE, football coaches and medical staffs are constantly looking for ways to prevent and rehabilitate injuries efficiently to gain a competitive advantage. These medicals advancements I have mentioned are the future of the game. Normatec and the Human Norm are great for injury prevention and rehabilitation. STRIVR is the most important innovation that will be continually developed. The impact that this technology will have on the game is immense. Teams will practice differently. 3D immersive technology will allow players to get the ‘reps’ of practice without having to exert their bodies. This will decrease injuries from practice and allow teams to have more of their players healthy for games, where it matters most.


  1. I had no idea BC football was using these kinds of technologies. I enjoyed reading your post. The VR STRIVR is like the flight simulators for the football players. The video said it will dramatically help freshmen players coming in, so they can learn the playbook much faster. You look good in the Normatec; does it work for old guys who did too much on the weekend?

    1. Ha! Thanks for reading. I am sure Normatect could be beneficial for you! Fun fact: the orignal product was created to help people with poor blood circulation.

  2. rohansuwarna · ·

    Great post! I’ve been learning a lot about the way colleges and professionals are using technology to advance their respective sports. I have seen many athletes across all sports using Normatec. However, do you feel like technology has gone too far in sports? For instance, I’m sure Bill Belichick is not a big fan of the Surface Tablets. I think they are amazing for off the court/field rehabilitation and preparation but they go too far during the game. I feel like they are really risky since a technological breakdown in poor weather can affect the teams as well.

  3. I think there is a fine line. I think it is great for prevenative and rehabilitive means like I mentioned in my blog, along with altering how we practice. When it comes to on the field tech like Surface Tablets, I believe it is up to the disctretion of the coaching staff. Tablets have well noted pros and cons. It will be interesting to see how the sports continue to implement technology.

  4. Cool post about the life as a football player. I was especially struck by the capabilities that VR can play in a football players life. The other day I saw something about it on college gameday, and the effects that they showed were amazing. Watching film is a great way to get better, but to actually relive plays and see where u went wrong from your own point of view has to be a better way of teaching. It’s great to see Football embrace these types of technical changes that can only help the athletes. Hopefully, we keep seeing advances in this type of technology to not only help improve the players abilities, but to also keep them safe.

  5. Super great post! It was really interesting to read all cool tech being used off the field in football to help players improve their performance on the field. I wonder what tech will come for concussions and to help players with that, as it has been a lot of scrutiny these past few years. It will be cool to see how tech will further enhance the game and player health!

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