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I think I’ve tried at least 10 different workout apps in the past few months on my search for the best and most helpful app- it has not been an easy task. The workout app space has TONS of options to choose from, but so many of them are lacking features. Many cost money but a good amount are free (huge perk)! And then there are those that are free to download but only have two free workouts and then charge you for each one after. Consequently, the difference between paid and free in terms of content is usually pretty big. Paid apps typically allow more customization and access that the free apps tend to restrict. As someone who is always looking to find a way to avoid the gym but still workout finding the perfect workout app has been a struggle!

However, I recently discovered the Nike + Training Club app – available for no cost on both Google Play and the App Store. I am a huge fan of how it works and the content it provides. I try to exercise 4-5 times per week and the app is a huge help for me! Up until this year if I went to the gym I usually was too intimidated to venture further than the elliptical. Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 11.04.13 AM.png

This app changed everything about the way I work out and how I think about the gym. So why and how did this happen? 

  1. The easy accessibility: You don’t need a gym. Most of the workouts can be done without going to a gym if you have floor space. If you purchase weights and other random exercise pieces used in the workouts then there is no reason to go to the gym when you can do the workouts from your home. When you build your plan you can set all of the parameters to fit where, what, and how much you want to do.

img_90712. The variety of workouts: This reaches so much further than just one type of workout for one type of person. When you use the app it asks you a series of questions to gauge your level of activity and how you want to target certain workout types. I created a personalized plan that I update with all of my exercise activities (adding in random walks and games) and the app adjusts.IMG_9075.PNG

3. The clarity: To be completely honest, I am super awkward… especially at the gym. If I don’t know how to do something I feel so uncomfortable attempting to figure it out if I think people are watching. I think a lot of people fear doing something wrong and thinking others were watching. The app offers expert guidance videos that details and demonstrates exactly how to do each exercise. As someone who is definitely a visual learner, having these has been super helpful. The app even lets you rotate the image to observe every angle of the workout you are trying to do. I can watch them as many times as I want and really learn the form that is required for each exercise. The video is great to learn at your own speed! On top of that, the app is very user friendly and easy to get a hang of. It has a sleek design and appeal. It makes the experience so much more clear and encouraging.

The workouts offered right now have 100+ options with all different skill sets. After completing a workout it is very easy to track your activity and how long you spent on the workout. The app tracks dates and times so that when you look back it is easy to recall this information. I use a personalized schedule that helps me keep track of what I need to work on and how long I need to work out each day to meet my goals. You can easily update your workout schedule if you are looking for a change. You can add in extra activities that you do outside of your workouts to really keep track of all the physical activity you are doing.

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The app is perfect to do your own workouts, and it has a social component as well! You can add your friends to track their workouts, share posts, and see what the other person is doing to work on their fitness. It’s also motivating to help others and they can keep you on track as well.


The app is a great way to workout without ever going to a gym (if you choose). In this digital age, why pay for a membership fee somewhere when you can use personalized apps and connect with your friends for free and it only requires a smartphone? The app is helping grow the Nike brand and encouraging more physical activity for all users. The next time I’m stuck somewhere without a gym I don’t have to worry about not being able to get in a full workout!!


  1. polmankevin · ·

    Interesting post! It amazes me that no one has been able to win this space. It is an extremely crowded market and every player seems to have a different payment structure with varying features. Not only is this confusing, but it’s frustrating. Great job laying out the key features of the Nike + Training Club app. In my mind, they have all of the features to dominate the market. Convenient workouts, a large variety of workout, visual example to help perfect form, and social engagement for those who want to push their friends. Although I am not a huge fan of the social component, I think its a feature that adds value for users. This sounds like a great app, I hope they can gain some separation in the market.

  2. gabcandelieri · ·

    Great post! I actually just started using the Nike + Training app this summer! I also had a very positive experience and used its exercises to stay active in between my track seasons. I think this app is key to Nike infiltrating the digital space and appealing to millennials’ sense of convenience, accessibility and personalization. During my use this summer, I also noticed that pro athletes sponsored by Nike and celebrities like singer Ellie Goulding and Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson are featured in their very own workout tutorials. This aspect of the app adds a unique advantage for Nike to activate its various endorsement deals on mobile and adds credibility to the quality of the app’s workouts. This visibility adds to the Nike experience and causes consumers to relate to the brand’s message of athletic excellence. Because Nike is providing a free window into its sponsored, world renowned athletes (who consumers may seek to emulate to achieve similar body types, athletic abilities, etc.) and their training regimes, it creates another attractive element within the app’s value proposition.

  3. katieInc_ · ·

    Great post! At first, I was amazed by how much Nike invests into this workout app without generating a single cent of revenue directly from it. But, after reflecting a bit on it, doing so actually makes so much sense. To the consumer, Nike is not only a clothing and apparel provider, it’s a personal trainer. Though I do not use the app, I would be much more likely to purchase Nike products after using the app than before. Nike’s ability to leverage its intellectual capital and staggering revenue streams through the app greatly enhances its brand, promotes consumer loyalty, and ultimately drives sales.

  4. holdthemayo4653 · ·

    I completely relate the clarity aspect of the app. If I can’t figure out how to use a machine I give up really quickly so no one watches me look silly trying to use it. I like how you outlined reasons why this app was successful. It’s great to hear this app is free and still provides awesome services.

  5. Really enjoyed this post. I’ve been on the hunt for a good workout app and I think Nike + Training might be a good bet! The social component actually seems really cool, have you used it before? Thoughts? It might be a good way to share workouts that users liked with their friends, and vice versa. I think part of my reservation in using a workout app is that I’m not sure if I’ll like the workout. With a friend’s referral, I’d be much more likely to try the workouts (and hopefully like them!)

  6. sandytanny · ·

    Great post! As someone who is equally intimidated by the gym and also super awkward, this sounds really promising. For beginners, it’s nice that the app offers tutorials and video guidance for those who may not be as familiar with the right positions or equipment to use. It’s also nice that they offer a wide variety of options, so that the app could appeal both to beginners and those who are more seasoned. Nike just keeps on finding unique ways to expand their brand, and though the app is free, I’m sure this app will drive up Nike’s brand value for consumers.

  7. Nice post. I may have to check it out. I tend to exercise at home, but often get bored with the same old stuff. This may help!

  8. I really appreciated this post! I definitely undergo the same issues you do with wanting to switch it up at the gym without knowing how/without fear of not knowing what I’m actually doing. I have never tried this app, but it seems I’ve tried every single other app under the sun, and nothing has really stuck. The one feature that I find particularly interesting about the Nike + app is the connect feature that you mentioned. to be able to see what workouts your friends are up to functions more like a social media than an individual user app, however this is probably a good thing. Knowing myself, if I’m being completely honest, I could foresee myself getting really competitive on the app especially with the friend feature- but I suppose there are worse things to get competitive with than exercise! Great post and awesome explanation of the features- I’m going to have to test this out!

  9. I agree with the feeling awkward at the gym…especially at the Plex, where almost everyone seems to be partaking in some intense workout. This seems like a very comprehensive app and I’m definitely going to download and use it to help ameliorate my experience at the gym. It also totally makes sense since Nike is really trying to sell a lifestyle as opposed to products. Use the apps, wear the clothing, run in the shoes…it’s all a part of chic, stylish, and powerful experience. I am curious as to how diligent people are when they use this app – do they stick to it for a few months, and then trail off, or use it continuously for an extended period?

  10. olearycal · ·

    I’m someone that definitely gets bored at the gym after a couple of weeks so having so many workouts laid out in the palm of my hand is great. I usually switch between Nike Training App and Sweat with Kayla. The thing about Kayla is that there is a large and active online community in which people share their “progress photos” on Instagram and you really see the results that the Kayla workouts are doing which brings in customers. People like seeing rea life examples of how and when the workouts created results. I think Nike could benefit from real life examples. I’m not sure if that would conflict with their marketing technique of using perfectly sculpted athletic bodies but who knows.

  11. magicjohnshin1 · ·

    Interesting read! I have heard only good things about the NTC+ app, and have been slacking on downloading it. It was cool seeing the clean, sleek UI from your screenshots, and I will download the app next time I’m about to work out. It’s nice that the app will motivate and remind you to work out, and will keep track of your progress so you can clearly see how well or not so well you’ve been doing. I like the variety of the exercises, since we can so easily become complacent in our workout routines. Nike, once again, has proved their dominance, even in the digital fitness space.

  12. adamsmea89 · ·

    I agree with you that many people feel uncomfortable trying new things at the gym, so they end up doing the exact same work out over and over again. This sounds like a great app for when you do not have access to the gym, or to try out some new work outs in the privacy of your own home. It is a very good point that we live in a digital world, so why pay a gym membership if there are apps out there that can replace it at a much lower cost.

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