Monthly Archives: December 2016

No One Said Goodbyes Would Be Easy

Coming into this class, I asked myself, “what am I doing?” I’m an accounting major who’s always preferred numbers over words (okay, I do love to read leisurely though). I’m passively active on social media; that basically means I just scroll through feeds to see what people are up to, but rarely do I actually […]

Now You’ll Never Get Nagged for Being Lazy

As a college student, I think I’ve gotten pretty good at being lazy. If I’m not lamenting about my academic woes of having procrastinated too much during the semester, I’m worried about not having a clean pair of pants to wear to class tomorrow. I’ve become so focused on “bigger things” (i.e. career goals, social relationships) […]

Amazon Told Me It’s Okay to Steal

1 in 11 people in America are shoplifters; I was once one of those eleven people. Remember back in the day, at your local CVS or Wal-Mart, there’d be a huge container of color bouncy balls in the toy aisle? Naturally, like any kid would, I used to grab one of those balls and bounce them […]

(Repost) My Initial Thoughts on Social Media

(This was stuck in personal wordpress and never made it to the class blog) To start, my thoughts on social media break down into two categories 1) my personal use and 2) utility for businesses. First, my personal use of social media. I both appreciate the utility of social media and have a distaste for […]

A Bittersweet End

The Class: Without question, social media & digital business has been my most enjoyable class this semester.  The autonomy that we are granted for our blog posts, presentations, tweets and class discussion allow us to develop our own insights and discuss current tech and social media topics that are impacting our daily lives.  I have truly […]

What I Didn’t Learn in Social Media & Digital Business

Going into my first Social Media and Digital Business class, I had no idea what to expect. I had been trying to get into this class for two years; I had heard nothing but acclaim for the class and BCpeps indicated that Gerald Kane was a professor you would be lucky to have. However, I […]

Surprise… I’m Twitter famous

All this time we’ve spent in Social Media & Digital Business together, and you had no idea. Yes, my fellow #IS6621 colleagues, it is true. I have had the distinct and honorable privilege of being recognized as one of the great influencers of social media as we know it, and now finally I am sharing […]