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I always feel that the semesters fly by.  Who would of thought that my Fall Semester of my Senior year at BC was quickly coming to a close.  As I have a job lined up following graduation this is truly bittersweet.  I have one semester left starting in January before I have to truly enter the real world.  As the majority of my undergraduate classes while in The Carroll School have focused mainly on Accounting, this course truly stood out to me.  I found it intriguing to take a class that focused on Social Media and Digital Business.  This class opened my eyes to so many things


Professor Kane has done a tremendous job on educating our class on Social Media and Technology and how it has influenced the world.  I went from someone that only knew about Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to understanding the impacts and growth it has on our society.


I really enjoyed the presentations that Professor Kane had our class conduct individually in front of the class.  Each student had to educate us on a topic relating to Digital Business and Social Media.  Certain presentations such as the one on Barbour, were able to highlight what students do on campus and how Social Media engines such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help their campaign and get deals and sales out there around campus.  I  definitely was educated on more companies and aspects of social media from these presentations.  I had no idea what Slack was prior to this course and now use it for my upcoming job.

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The weekly tweets also aided my growth.  I found myself following news sources and tech companies and accounts.  This has allowed me to stay in the know.  I feel the first few weeks I really forced myself to conduct these but by the end of the semester it is habit.  I feel I am so in the know compared to before and really am understanding the world around me.  I was amazed at how Live Streaming was able to be conducted for the Debates and Thursday night football. Social Media and Digital Business are constantly growing and changing, and this course has aided me in understanding that.

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Something that always scares me though is the thought of when social media and technology will take things too far?  I remember one week reading a tweet about self driving cars, and about technology taking over for teachers.  These notions ultimately scare me and I get envisions of iRobot and Wall-e.  I know these are dramatized films but still it makes me wonder when will enough be enough.  It also allows me to wonder when privacy will be no more.  I mentioned in my last blog post in about 2002 my parents would never order online to give their credit card.  Now we have credit cards on our ApplePay and on Apps and cannot imagine actually shopping or paying in a store.

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I know my understanding of Social Media and Digital Business and tremendously grown.  I used to just do the bare minimum, and not really dive deep into these facets of the world.  As I see more and more of how they are shaping our world and who we are I am learning it is something I need to be involved with.  It is forever changing though.  I am wondering when we will get to a point where we will feel like the old people and there will be young people having to teach us like we do with our parents.  I actually felt that way last week when I updated my Uber application.  The app layout was so different to me I am still confused about certain aspects.  I looked at my roommate and said, “I officially feel old and confused”.  Though that was frustrating it also is exciting and enlightening at how at every moment of everyday something new and exciting is heading our way!


  1. emmaharney21 · ·

    It is so crazy to think that most of us are seniors entering the real world soon! I agree that I have loved the class and so much of its structure has helped me grow as a student. I really enjoyed the presentations as well because it helped to expand my horizons to entirely new topics I had not considered.

    One specific element of your post that I think is really interesting is the fear that social media or digital business will go too far. We talked a lot about the risks associated with self-driving cars. I think that these risks are things that we are going to have to deal with as a society sooner rather than later. I was recently talking to a friend about the video we watched in class about computer chips in the human blood stream. We were discussing how this could have unprecedented effects on our sociology as humans. We talked about the effects this could have on inequality and intelligence. I think that you are completely correct in that self-driving cars is our next big ethical question, I also think it is important to consider how far technology could potentially take us.

    Great post!

  2. francoismba · ·

    Great summary of topics that you found to be interesting and impactful throughout the semester. I agree that the student presentations were a great way to learn more about a range of companies and technologies outside of the required class material. As a graduate student, it was also fun learning about different clubs and internships that the undergraduate students partake in (talk about feeling old…). Like you, I find myself frequently checking my Twitter account and staying up-to-date on social media and digital business in the news. It will be interesting to see what’s going on this time next year.

    P.S. Enjoy your last semester of college…it will fly by!

  3. Nice post. I agree that the presentations have been unusually good this semester.

  4. finkbecca · ·

    This was a really good final post. I definitely feel like this course has forced me to keep up with tech news and I really love being in the know. It’s something I’ll continue to read about after the course ends. I thought it was nice that you pointed out how informative the presentations were. So many of the presentations highlighted things I didn’t know about and I really learned a lot from the students in this class. This is one of the few courses where there is so much student-to-student dialogue and you really get to learn from each other, compared to other courses where it’s a one way street professor-to-student. Enjoy the last semester of your undergraduate degree, it will fly by!

  5. As a senior it is kind of crazy thinking how much next year we will going into the real workforce world and have to actually come face to face with all the digital business, technology, and social media we have been discussing in this class. Just like you, this class has really allowed me to really look in depth into how I use technology and social media. I got to explore and learn about topics in every facet of this class and it will be interesting to see how much technology and social media will continue to change!

  6. daniellep2153 · ·

    Great Post! I also really enjoyed the presentations done in class. I feel that these presentations gave me the opportunity to see how social media and digital business can impact a variety of industry categories in different ways. Also, because we all have differing interests, most of these projects were focused around categories that I haven’t explored much myself. Good luck with the rest of your senior year!

  7. The presentations this semester were super cool since I’ve personally never had a class that explored such a vast range of social media topics deeply. I definitely did love engaging in the tweets; they were short, but always super informative and witty (kind of like how this entire class has felt like really). Can’t wait to see how social media is like in the real world for you post-grad and having an awesome remaining senior year!

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