Last Will and Testament of @gkhanlon

Last Will and Testament of @gkhanlon

I, @gkhanlon, presently of #IS6621, being of sound mind and disposing memory and not acting under duress or undue influence, and fully understanding the nature and extent, do hereby make, publish, and declare this document to be my Last Will and Testament of Social Media and Digital Business.


Article I: Preliminary Declarations

  1. My Digital Business Bucket-List
  2. Customizing the Consumer Journey
  3. NO°5 Challenges for Luxury
  4. When Your Mom Thinks She’s a Millennial… 
  5. Can’t Steal My Style, But Maybe We Can Share It?
  6. Mean Girls: Digital Edition


Article II: Executor

IMG_6696.pngI appoint Professor Kane of #IS6621, as the Executor of this my Will; with the powers to maintain, continue, repair, dissolve, sell or dispose of any of my #IS6621 content, without liability of loss of such awesome content. This right is given to Professor Kane in gratitude for all he has taught our class and me this semester. I was to thank Professor Kane for one of my most interesting and insightful classes at Boston College.

After three semesters of TRYING to take this class (but not being able to get into it), I was finally able to. It was 100% worth all of the hype. Though the intimidation factor was high on that first day, I think workload ensures engagement and current content for connected, student-based discussions. There is so much to speak to when it comes to digital business, but, noIMG_1920.png matter the topic, Professor Kane seems to be a near expert on all. Outside of class, I talk about this course and its respective topics more than any other course I have taken. I think it is challenging to keep students engaged for two hours and twenty minutes on a Thursday night every week. Professor Kane does not only this but makes those two hours fly by incredibly fast. I’m sure we can all agree on how great of an educator Professor Kane is on these topics and, for that, I want to thank him in my final thoughts about the course. 

Article III: Beneficiaries

IMG_5206.pngTo my classmates, the beneficiaries of this will; I leave my gratitude and thanks for such an amazing semester and quality of conversation. While the readings and Professor Kane’s teachings provided the class with content and structure, 75% of the conversation and content each week came from all of you. From your interesting twitter posts, to your incredible blogs, to each an every amazing presentation, this class would have not been complete without the students. IMG_7837.pngI was able to learn so much about current events or random topics such as the PayPal mafia, Social Media and CSR, and the changes in travel or dance due to the digital world, all because of you guys! Therefore to all of the students of #IS6621, I leave my overwhelming appreciation for taking this class to the caliber it was.

Article IV: Final Thoughts

In this, my Last Will and Testament of Digital Business, as I know many of you are concerned, I want to address whether I was able to accomplish my Digital Business Bucket-List before I move on.

  1. I want to discuss current events as they arise throughout the semester and how they affect our learning of social media and digital business → IMG_2704.png
  2. I want to learn about cultural and behavioral changes caused by social media that are re-shaping our society and the way we function→ IMG_0476.png
  3. I want to learn about recent trends such social commerce, real-time engagement, and data-driven social media decisions→ IMG_3207.png
  4. I want to discuss the potential of hot topics such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, and block chain and how to prepare for these changes in the future→ IMG_0040.png
  5. I want to learn how to handle drastic changes in digital by studying those of the past, and how we can anticipate and predict these changes in the future.→ IMG_1727.png
  6. I want to master how to use social media to build my own brand and learn new tools (such as wordpress) to do so.→ IMG_2357.png
  7. I want to learn from not only my professor, but my peers and professionals.→ IMG_8563.png
  8. I want my twitter game to be #strong and my blog to be #lit. → IMG_2700.png
  9. I want to give a killer presentation!→ IMG_3879.png
  10. Mostly… I JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!→ IMG_4381.png

My Digital Business Bucket-List is completely checked off and accomplished, and due to that @gkhanlon can officially sign off in peace.

As a prelude to my bucket-list, I had said, “I anticipate that this class will help us to understand where we have been, where we currently are, and where it looks like we are going, in order to recognize patterns and understand the next big thing.” While I stand by the fact that the class has helped us to understand where we have been and where we currently are, I think I underestimated the ability to understand where we are going… because in digital business that is quite the impossible feat. We have learned that as much as we can try to predict and hypothesize about the future (i.e. the election), in our ever-changing, technology-driven world, the future is not clear.

In an anecdote from my first blog, I made the statement: “I felt that I had not only mastered this “real world” thing, but I had also began to master the “digital world” as well.” As I have 100% not mastered the real world, and I do not think mastering the digital world is even truly possible. Even the most intelligent of leaders in the technology, the Mark Zuckerbergs, the Elon Musks, the Jeff Bezos’, and the Jack Dorseys of the world, cannot handle every challenge the shifting digital world throws at them. All of their companies have come under fire at some point this semester for different scandals or problems, and while none of them are going anywhere soon (well, possibly Jack Dorsey), this just shows that no one truly has the digital future all figured out. This class has taught me that digital is changing and shaping and reshaping our world faster that we can even comprehend or keep up with it.

The main point I made in that first blog is that “the line between “the real world” and “the digital world” is disappearing. There is no “digital world” versus “real-world” anymore.” In my presentation, I explained how brick-and-mortar stores can no longer ignore digital. It must become an integral part of their stores and business models. In Alessandro Acquisti’s TED Talk “What will a future without secrets look like?”, we now see that there is no hiding on the internet. The data about you is out there and it becomes hard to even comprehend what companies truly know about our lives. While stalking has not crossed the line from being okay in the digital world to being okay in the real one, we have seen examples throughout the whole semester of the two coexisting, perpetuating and enhancing the other.

This class has helped to confirm not only my choice of major, but my choice in career path next year. IMG_5926.pngI feel more prepared to enter a career in digital business. The discussions in this class have distilled an air of excitement for what is ahead for me…. unfortunately, for @gkhanlon, the future is not so bright.

As my semester comes to an end, so does the life of @gkhanlon on WordPress. My twitter may remain alive for the purpose of news, but my blogging days seems to becoming to an end. Therefore, I found it necessary to write this my Last Will and Testament.

I confirm and execute this instrument as my Last Will and that I willingly execute it as my free and voluntary act for the purposes expressed in it, and that I an 18 years of age or older, of sound mind, and under no constraint or undue influence.

IMG_7065.png Signed,



  1. Wow!! I loved this! It is so creative!! I have to admit I was a bit confused when I first read the seemingly morbid title; however, I love how you incorporated your bitmoji throughout the entire thing! I think it really gave it that personal touch! In addition to the creative idea, I think the flow of the article is incredible. I liked the legal language and the way it was broken into articles. I love article IV! Great wait to hit multiple takeaways in a creative and insightful way. I also really liked how you went back towards the end and reassessed what you wanted to take away from this class and the new knowledge you came out with! Overall, great job! Very enjoyable read!

  2. gabcandelieri · ·

    Awesome post, Gab! This was an extremely creative idea, although very sad, yet appropriate for your untimely WordPress demise (love the use of bitmojis). I agree that this class truly gave incredible perspective into the span of social media from the inception of Facebook to the current introduction of self-driving cars and artificial intelligence. It is true that we cannot guess the next best things, but can only accurately conclude that the next big thing is unpredictable. The unique part about this course is that we are able to pause and really reflect through blogs, twitter, class discussion, etc. amidst all of this social media madness we are becoming conditioned to accept. As you stated, there is no boundary between ‘the real world’ and ‘the digital world,’ but what we have been able to do is step back and realize how this world is changing human behavior and preparing us for what is to come.

  3. katieInc_ · ·

    As always, great post! I love the way you structured it as a final “will and testament.” How creative! I think what made this class so special, like you said, was the intertwining of Professor Kane’s knowledge, the assigned readings/videos, and student-driven content. I am most surprised by how much we learned from each other. From the in class presentations, twitter activity, and blogs, I was amazed every week by the wealth of information we provided and challenged each other with. Though we are saying RIP to our blogging days, I hope we continue to stay attuned to the growth and changes in social media and digital business.

  4. Truly great final post! Well done and thank you for the compliments. Good luck next year at Deloitte. I’m sure our paths will cross again!

  5. Great final post Gabby! I have loved reading your blog posts each week so this one of course did not surprise me. I feel you have a great grasp on this course and all it had to offer. It is certain that you will flourish in your career post graduation. I loved your inclusion in graphics and all the points that you made. It was so kind to thank us all and highlight fully each week and aspect of the course!

  6. rohansuwarna · ·

    Amazing final blog post! This has to be one of the most creative blog posts I have ever read! Good luck with everything after college! You’re right about mastering the digital world, in that we never truly can. The technology industry is so ever-changing and so fast paced. As a result, new ideas are always coming up and we will see new products every week or so! So, no one person can truly learn everything there is to know about his industry. Awesome job!

  7. Really creative and thoughtful post! I had so much fun reading this post, and I can’t agree more with your analysis of the semester. It was truly a comprehensive look back at this semester and the different topics we have covered and those that still perplex us, as well. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment that the line between real life and technological life is quickly fading- that was something I mentioned in my initial blog post as well and definitely something I feel I have a better grasp on after taking the course. That being said, I don’t feel anywhere near as proficient in my analysis and hypothesizing capabilities as Professor Kane… but I suppose that’s why he’s the teacher. Again, incredible post- just like all of your blog posts this semester!

  8. olearycal · ·

    I loved the will and testament! I think it’s so true that we have no idea what’s to come and not even experts can say what will be the new craze. I think the best way for digital to move forward is not to replace experiences but to integrate seamlessly into ones that already exist like you described in your presentation.

  9. ikechukwu_28 · ·

    Amazing post Gab! You always bring the heat whenever you blog. The will and testament was a fantastic idea. I definitely agree with you when you talk about how technology is changing so fast and so rapidly that we can barely keep up with it. In just one semester of taking this class, we saw numerous developments of how the digital landscape is changing right before our eyes, and I am very excited to see what is going to happen in the future. This is probably my favorite blog that I’ve read this semester, great job!

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