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I wanted to start of my final blog post by saying thank you to all of you and Professor Kane for this great class this semester. For my first blog post this semester I wrote about my initial perceptions about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Facebook is great with keeping connections, Twitter keeps us updated to the minute with news and sports, and Instagram has revolutionized the way we take and share pictures. I was and still am fascinated by the way our day to day lives have changed because of these platforms.


After taking Social Media and Digital Business, one of my biggest takeaways has been the speed at which changes happen in the technology industry. And as a result, we get to see new products quicker than ever. However, companies who are unable to keep up with the rate at which the top tier companies move forward are left without profits. In just the last four months we got witness how Amazon, Facebook, and Snapchat, have revolutionized their business models. Amazon has added so many crazy features like their new grocery store, as we slowly watch them takeover the internet and beyond. Facebook’s Marketplace feature, and direct food ordering will change their identity as well. Snapchat’s glasses (Personally not a big fan) are also receiving many praising reviews. We witnessed the automated driving competition really pick up and attract players from various industries. This is just to name a few of the amazing topics we were able to cover in class. It shocks me at how many innovative activities happened while we were in this class for a semester.

The Dark Side

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One of my biggest takeaways as also been “The Dark Sides of Social Media,” which we covered in our penultimate class. The Sherry Turkle video “Connected, but Alone” deeply resonated with me. Before taking this class I always thought about the idea that technology has affected our lives in some negative ways. Such as, our inability to have conversations with our friends face to face after depending so much on social media interactions. However, now after watching Turkle’s video and also discussing it in class, my perception has changed a bit. I agree with her and believe that people have trouble being alone. People have become so reliant on constant communication throughout social media that they have trouble having time to themselves.

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Another concept that really stuck with me from the video is that people go to work and no longer socialize because they are too busy on their emails or their computers. This really affected me since that’s not what I would want my future work place to be like. Turkle was right when she argued about the fact that people in society no longer feel like they have a conversation when they can just text people. She says people feel like they can’t control what they say. As a result, I feel like people are more comfortable typing something out because they can go back over it or edit it. However, while speaking to someone they can’t go back on what they say. Personally, that scares me that some people feel like that. However, those are the consequences when we rely so much on communication through instant messaging.

Autonomous Driving

During this semester the autonomous driving industry really picked up. There have been so many players in this competition such as Apple, Ford, and Tesla. Before this class I never really paid much attention to this industry because I thought it was too far out to even be considered. I was so wrong!

I recall that during the Twitter discussions we would always bring up a new player in the industry. Thus, I realized that tech companies will do all they can to enter into a new and lucrative market. And now, nuTonomy will soon start testing autonomous driving cars in Boston. Cleary we are not too far away from seeing these cars become more and more common on the streets of every city. Hence, this again relates to the speed that is involved in the technology industry. Those who can’t keep up will be out of the race quickly.

This class has really made me think about our generation in a whole new light. We are faced with so many changing aspects to the way we go about our daily lives. Soon we won’t have to stand in line for groceries or have to drive cars. Say that to me ten years ago and I wouldn’t believe you. I like the way in which technology is helping us progress and I can’t argue with technology making many activities easier for us. However, I think we still need to take into consideration the negative social aspects that come with reliance on social media. As long as we can control ourselves to an extent, we are headed in the right direction!


  1. Nice conclusion, and good image/GIF use!

  2. ikechukwu_28 · ·

    Nice final post. You did a great job summarizing many of the interesting topics that we learned about or discussed in class. I too was very surprised at all of the advances in social media and digital business in just a short semester. That just got to show how rapidly this space is changing.

  3. Nice conclusion, especially the section on the dark side of social media and the effect in the workplace. Avoiding real conversation by hiding behind screens can cause more problems then it solves – it’s important to keep the human relationships human with the people you work with, especially considering how much of your time is spent with co-workers.

  4. Loved reading, Rohan. I think you hit on some key topics we saw all throughout the semester and will continue to see for years to come. In regards to your point about speed, I wonder if there will ever come a time where the pressure to continually innovate will eventually cause problems for those that work at tech giants like Google or Facebook. Although unlikely, I think there is a huge need nowadays especially to innovate quickly. If you don’t, someone will take your lunch. In regards to your point about the darker side with the Turkle video, what can be done to avoid this kind of society where we need to constantly be connected? I think as BC students, I’d like to think the idea that technology stops us from having the ability to communicate affects us less because we have so many students here who are extraverts who are energized when they are around other people. Hopefully the next generations do not have be taught how to speak effectively rather than always be behind a screen. Thanks for sharing.

  5. jagpalsingh03 · ·

    Great post Rohan! Coming into class, I had similar preconceived notions as to what social media is. Also, not unlike you, the effect that social media is having on the workplace worries me. I still have a few years before I graduate and so much can happen in the next 2-3 years (as we have learned) but I don’t want to be in a work environment where my coworkers are synonymous with screens and conversations=email chains. Getting to work in 3 years could also be radically different because of driverless cars, something that I thought was not going to affect me for at least a decade. You summarized our class really well and I think one of the best lessons that we all took away from this class is to be aware. If I wasn’t in this course, I would have never realized how big of a deal that companies from all industries (Ford, Apple, Google, Uber) were investing so heavily in autonomous cars. I would have never stopped to think how Snapchat’s $25 billion IPO would have a huge influence on the valuations of Uber, Airbnb, and tech in general. Being in class allowed us to be one step ahead of the curve as we were discussing filter bubbles and echo chambers before the public published 100000 articles about it. Great summary and hopefully our awareness of the breadth and depth of social media/digital will allow us to be smarter moving forward.

  6. Great post! It especially resonated with me that people now have a lot of trouble being alone, and have a desire to feel connected at all times, even if it really isn’t necessary. I know this from personal experience – I had to delete Instagram off my phone because I would literally scroll for an hour while lying in bed, instead of trying to fall asleep. I also liked that you pointed out the speed at which technological change occurs. So many changes have been announced in the past three months; at this point we just have to wait and see the speed at which they are widely adopted, which is both and exciting and scary prospect.

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