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One of my favorite things about Boston College and its Jesuit education is the idea of reflection. Always with anything, good or bad, we are trained to take a step back and look at everything we have done. I believe it’s one of the most beneficial ways to grow and learn from what you have done in the past. Now that the end of class is nearing with finals approaching, it is definitely bittersweet to look back on this past semester. This class has been such a joy and definitely nothing like any other class at Boston College. This entire semester has flown by so quickly, especially as a senior. I’ve noticed that the vibes in classes have shifted tremendously to a much more interactive and thought provoking environment. And this class was a prime example of that, with half the class essentially being led by us, the students. Although the first class was very intimidating, I am definitely glad to have stuck through it all. Not only was it was my first time being in such a discussion heavy class, but also it was my first solo presentation in front of an entire class. It’s funny because I have given so many presentations being in CSOM, but it wasn’t until senior year that I had to give a solo presentation. All in all, this class was very enjoyable and unique, but also extremely thought provoking. We tackled ideas within the technology world that we deal with everyday but looked at it from a uniquely different perspective.


Influences of Social Media and Digital Business

How does social media impact our lives? This is the first question that I hoped to address through taking this class. What I have learned is that there are countless number of ways. It has transformed how businesses strategize, how we live everyday, and how we perform day to day tasks. There have been so many positive influences such as allowing for businesses to take advantage of many marketing techniques. For example, Amazon just released a new video of Amazon Go, where Amazon would open up grocery stores for easy payment and ease of checkout. First revolutionizing the online shopping industry with prime and its own distribution warehouse network to a one click checkout system, Amazon has really built itself based off of the digital industry. Cutting edge technology has allowed for a lot of development in the Internet of Things.


Internet of Things

With Aditya (TA) starting the class off with his individual presentation on the topic of Internet of Things, I was able to really start to grasp what this class was about and the importance of this in business. One of my favorite things about this whole shift in technology is this new transition into the Internet of Things. Several of my blog posts dealt with this topic, such as the Smart Stadiums and the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball. Both of these having so many aspects and niches that connect the technology and equipment to a mobile device to transmit information. I believe that this technology will continue to drive this industry. Additionally, within the Internet of Things, I am confident that healthcare will be most impacted next. There is so much potential from this industry where so much information can be derived from certain technologies. I anticipate a growth in wearable technology that gathers health related data and can transform this whole industry.


Individual Presentation

The individual presentation was easily one of the best parts of this class. Given that I had never done one in my 4 years at BC until now, I was extremely humbled and grateful to have had the opportunity to. It definitely gave me a lot more confidence to stand in front of 40 students and talk for 7 minutes on a topic that really interests me. I learned a lot in terms of my presentation skills and what is required from myself in order to prepare well enough. The topic of robo advisors was something that I believe will grow tremendously over the years. I am extremely glad that there was so much flexibility in choosing a topic for this presentation because I had the chance to marry my other concentration of finance to the information systems world.


Favorite Speaker

The presentation on online harassment with Dr. Rob Fichman from the information systems department was definitely my favorite of the guest speakers. He was so animated and passionate about the subject while integrating the students into his presentation with a survey. He touched on so many different topics like: Who’s responsibility is it to prevent harassment? Who’s responsibility to prevent trolling? What is considered news? What sites can we trust?

We discussed various social media sites and looked into how we can improve their information security and validity. Reddit is a company that intrigues me so much because of the population of the users of this website. The site is predominantly run by our generation bringing many younger and liberal views on any political or social topic. So can we really trust this as a form of writing, but also a platform for news?



Social Media Election

What really got me thinking ‘How much does technology actually influence our lives?’ This election was such a concrete example of how much technology influences our decisions and thoughts. I truly believe that this election was so heavily influenced by everything social media. Donald Trump was able to really utilize this extremely important facet into his campaigning. The election polls were very skewed and showed a favor towards Hilary through it all, while in fact people were just afraid to express their true feelings due to the pressures of social media. This pressure is fully a negative aspect of social media, where so much criticism and bullying can come in, but regardless, it has so much power. That is what I realized, social media is so powerful.



This is easily one of the best classes I have taken at BC over my four years. Professor Kane proves time and time again to be such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable professor in this field. Thank you everyone for the wonderful discussions, reading my tweets and blogs, and being such positive sports. Lastly, thank you professor Kane.


  1. I’m glad you were in the class. You know, part of the reason I keep the individual presentations is because several students have told me that it’s the only one they have had to do at BC. I think that’s a real shame, because it’s a skill that only gets better through practice.

  2. Great post! I think you did a great job of really hitting some major highlights of what we learned throughout the semester! What really grabbed my attention when I was reading your post was at the start when you mentioned that this was your first solo presentation at BC. I thought to myself that crazy, no way! Then I realized it was my first solo presentation at BC as well. I have done so many group presentation, but this was the first time I had to stand up in front of a class alone and give one. I did do this during my study abroad smelter in China, but never at BC. I really loved that this was part of the class! I also agree with Professor Kane’s comment above that this is something that truly only gets better with time. I really loved getting all the comments back from people on my solo presentation. I think it was very valuable to have all this feedback on points of strength and improvement for future presentations! Great job!

  3. Great post! I liked that you hit on Dr. Finchman’s speech. I hadn’t thought to discuss the speakers during this reflection. I did not go into that particular class thinking I would be immersed in the topic but came away very interested in the causes of online harassment. It was a truly compelling class.

  4. Great post! I also really loved Professor Fichman’s talk; he was one of my favorite guest speakers this semester. He was approachable and animated and facilitated a great conversation, always keeping it open ended so that students could continually make interesting points. I’d thought that online harassment was an old topic, but there were so many facets to it that we ended up discussing, including how each type of platform should go about preventing harassment. I also do appreciate the individual presentations, as this is only the second class at BC in which I’ve had to do one. While I’m not the best at public speaking I do think that that assignment was really helpful and also kind of fun, since we were able to speak on something we were truly interested in.

  5. mashamydear · ·

    Really great conclusion! To add to your thoughts about the internet of things, there’s actually cribs being developed that monitor an infant’s heartbeat and other vitals in the fight again sudden infant death syndrome! It’s comforting to know that the increasing digital environment will give us better data about our well being and how to improve it. We actually share a lot of similar conclusions! I also was really grateful for the individual presentations, because like you, I never had to do a presentation all by myself even though I have been in CSOM for almost 4 years now. This school definitely has a focus on groups, so it was a very valuable experience to be able to pick almost anything I wanted to talk about (within the social media and digital business realm) and present about it – no matter how nervous I was leading up to it! I also agree that Dr. Rob Finchman was a valuable addition to the class, I really enjoyed how he made the class think of possible solutions to the problems social media platforms face.

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