Surprise… I’m Twitter famous

All this time we’ve spent in Social Media & Digital Business together, and you had no idea. Yes, my fellow #IS6621 colleagues, it is true. I have had the distinct and honorable privilege of being recognized as one of the great influencers of social media as we know it, and now finally I am sharing this side of my identity with you. How is it, you may ask, that I have managed to simultaneously summit the mountainous terrain of the Twittersphere, navigating my way through the avalanches of wannabes, haters, and trolls all while maintaining the guise of an innocent social media newb in the classroom? The answer is:

I haven’t. I’m totally lying to you (FAKE NEWS!). But if I’ve learned anything this semester, it is the power of clickbait, and the various ways to swindle unexpecting browsers into reading your content. Watch out, Prof. Kane, you may have unknowingly just imparted your knowledge and expertise on who will become the next generation of internet trolls and social media evil-doers.


Well, actually, only partially lying to you. I am not a social media newb, and I actually have been on twitter for the past 6 years or so. However I am not an influencer, nor does anyone particularly pay attention to my real twitter account @annacopman. It mostly consists of insignificant tweets pertaining to my stream of consciousness, sports updates (Skol Vikes), musical preferences and funny memes. That being said, there was a time in my life, about two years ago now, when I enjoyed a taste of what it might feel like to be twitter famous. I am not proud of my brief time in the spotlight, so please don’t let the following tweet let you change whatever view of me you may currently hold…

Okay, so relative to the world of Twitter, this tweet didn’t receive THAT much love. But it is to date the most recognition I’ve ever gotten on social media, and therefore, reason enough to swindle you into reading about the takeaways I will bring with me after leaving Fulton 415 one final time tonight. This tweet originated from my obvious disbelief at statistics that I learned while watching Shark Week. Like I said, please don’t let this final blog post change your perception of me. As a committed annual consumer of Shark Week broadcasting (a Shark Week Fin-atic as some call me), I will now devote the remainder of my blog post to the IS6621 lessons I have found to be most influential and noteworthy. As there are seven days of Shark Week, I will outline the seven greatest lessons:

Day 1: Megaladon’t underestimate the power of digital


One of the main things I allude to in my Initial Thoughts blog post at the beginning of the semester was that the digital has changed the entire landscape of both the social and the corporate world. While I didn’t know the extent of the truth of this statement at the time, it has become clear over the course of this semester, both through assigned readings as well as unexpected events (lookin at you President-Elect) that the digital atmosphere is truly unpredictable. And not only is it unpredictable, but it is absolutely essential to the success of corporation, both from an internal maturity perspective, as well for external marketing and public interaction.

Day 2: Shark (Click)Bait

32Just like the title of this blog post, the internet is filled with mass amounts of false advertising and creative publication ploys to grab your attention and your money. To be an uneducated user of the internet is to put yourself in dangerous waters as today’s digital environment is filled with exaggerations, misrepresentation of information and mass acces to false data. Take caution in which links and portals your trust on internet, and employ necessary precautions to save yourself from deceptive lures.

Day 3: Privacy & Predators

imgres-2It has been glaringly clear throughout the semester that privacy is one of the paramount issue when it comes to digital content and information sharing. From Hillary to Yahoo, privacy is important on more than only a personal dimension. The communications and private content that is entrusted in the internet is both helping us to be much more efficient and effective employees and executives, but with that power also comes incredible risk for security breach. The assurance of locking up confidential information is more pertinent than ever, and even if we think we aren’t sharing information that allows a window into our personal lives, the internet of things and digital marketing is proving to us that the information we do share allows for significant insights into our day-to-day hobbies, shopping habits, aspirations, and even pregnancy status.

Day 4: The Killing Game: Technologyimgres-4.jpg

From self-driving cars, to disappearing messages, to glasses with smart capabilities, to environmental friendliness, the deep ocean isn’t the only place that sees its fair share of ruthless competition. The goal of introducing the next big thing in the world of technology has tech company sharks thrashing in fierce waters. Teeth bared and phins charging, it is imperative that strategy is not lost, proving to tech companies that the game is in the timing, the image and the final execution.

Day 5: Valuable Enterpreys

imgres-5.jpgOur investigation this semester into digital maturity in enterprise and how it has become the essential hinge which companies must sway, is proving to be the future of business. The research that professor Kane has conducted lends itself to the notion that companies who refuse to embrace the digital landscape are dooming themselves. A lack of flexibility, agility and vision for the future is what these companies are destined to experience, creating a deep, dark void that only becomes harder  and harder to bridge, the longer the company waits. In order to succeed in today’s corporate landscape, the only option is to embrace the unfamiliar digital waters.

Day 6: Theimgres-3.jpg Little Sharks

Technological and digital advancement isn’t all threatening. The advances being made on the educational front is incredibly inspiring and groundbreaking. From tools being used to communicate with students on the Autism Spectrum Disorder to technological corporate initiatives striving for ASD inclusion, digital advances are the vehicle on which we can propell all members of our society into the future on an equal surface.

Day 7: The Shallows of Social Media

Social Media, although an incredible tool on most dimensions, iimagess threatening to change the human social fabric. The ways in which we connect and experience vulnerability with one another has been morphed by the introduction of this form of communication. Whether or not it is for worse or for better, moving forward with social media, it is imperative that we don’t lose sight of the irreplaceable nature of consistent human interaction and face-to-face conversation.

This has been truly an incredible semester as a student in IS6621 and I would like to thank Professor Kane for pushing us to think analytically as well as trusting us to engage in our own right with the content that we truly connect with. The freedom given in this class has made it all the more enjoyable, and I will miss every week taking on the persona of @copmania12. Thanks Prof. Kane!


  1. bishopkh1 · ·

    Great job with this post! Disclaimer, I did click because I thought you were Twitter famous, but hey a one-tweet wonder isn’t too shabby either. Loved how you touched on different points of our class this semester and enjoyed the puns that went along with it. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs this semester – thanks for sharing!

  2. Haha loved your post! ^ Guilty I did click because I too thought you were Twitter Famous. But HEY you definitely are successful in hooking in readers. I loved your final post! Thanks for sharing this with us. Your theme really stayed true without and I loved your conclusions and all you took from the class!

  3. Great blog post! I’m honestly very impressed how you managed to incorporate so much shark AND so much of the social media class into just one blog post, but it does a great job of getting the point across while being light and humorous. I think your Day 7 really encompasses what Professor Kane was trying to convey. He provided all of the information and different perspectives that we needed and wanted us to come up with our own conclusions.

  4. Incredible blog post! you really like sharks! Wile the metaphor is super cool, I agree with you in the day 4, the race in the tech business is making them loose strategy. In a way I believe this is inevitable, but controllable you need to be a middle point between Nokia and nowadays companies that pay billions for everything they see on the market. This middle point is hard to find, because I think that the sea has a lot of sharks nowadays and if you don´t keep eating fishes hoping to get bigger and stronger, another shark will eat you or you will end up a skeleton in the bottom of the sea (did i get well the metaphor? hahahaha)

  5. Lol really loved the fake news intro to this story -– very topical. Sorry this post won’t make it on to Twitter or Facebook though 😕

    As another Shark Week fin-actic I particularly enjoyed the theme on the rest of your post as well. Nice analysis of the smaller tech changes that are still making tremendously important impacts on peoples’ lives. Another blogger reflected that one of the best parts of this class was all of the meaningful things that our peers were blogging about — I would’ve completely overlooked many of these small, beautiful advancements without everyone sharing what they knew of the “little sharks”.

    As a closing thought, I completely agree with your take on the changes social media is making on the fabric of society. One of my biggest takeaways from the semester was that it isn’t about the platforms and day to day noise, but its about the enormous changes we’re going to face as digital business continues to disrupt the marketplace.

  6. vicmoriartybc · ·

    I love this post! No big deal or anything, but I am also kind of Twitter famous – I’ve been retweeted by my favorite band, All Time Low, and replied to by Jack Falahee, an actor on “How to Get Away With Murder.” But back to your post, I never considered sharks as metaphors for social media’s impact! This post really made me laugh – you should consider continuing to blog after this class ends. Also, you’re clearly good at enticing people to read your article – this “click bait” title worked on me!

  7. What a great post! I’m glad it got the attention even though accidentally late. My wife and kids are big shark week fans, so this one was particularly fun to read! Glad you decided to take the class!

  8. magicjohnshin1 · ·

    Awesome last post! Such a great way to organize the whole thing! I absolutely loved the Shark Week format. I’m glad you did learn something, aka never trust fake news, or any news in that matter. One of my favorite parts about this class was the amount of freedom that we got. It seriously made this class so much more enjoyable and much much much more interesting. Getting to integrate what we wanted to into each blog post was absolutely amazing. I think it gave personality to our classmates, learning little by little what was truly hidden behind each profile. Cheers!

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