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The New Era of Social Media

Today is January 31, 2017 and it is a time of great change in the world. Through the help of various mediums including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, thoughts and ideas are flowing more freely than ever. People who previously did not have the opportunity to share their ideas have been given the chance to […]

Social Media Intentions- The Fear Of Missing Out

My Facebook account has been around since 2007, wrote my first tweet in 2008, created my first Instagram account in 2012 and sent my first snap in 2013. There was one motive behind all of these actions. I did not want to miss out. My friends were on all of these social media platforms. I […]

My Social Media Experience

My first foray into social media was in the third grade when my brother set up an AOL Instant messenger account for me. The gesture was nice, but I don’t think I actually used the account until a few years later. It was only a year after that that I first heard about Facebook. Although I […]

Social Media & I: A Cautious and Evolving Relationship

In general, I have always been relatively conservative with my use of social media.  While my friends and peers have poked fun at my limited online presence, I have found it to be somewhat of a valuable asset. I first registered for Facebook as a High School Sophomore in 2011, at which point the vast majority […]

Social Media = Double Edged Sword

In 2008 I created a Facebook account and entered into the world of social media for the first time. Most of my friends had already made one, and like most other middle school kids, I figured I would be missing out if I didn’t make one too. At that time Facebook was all about how […]

The Overwhelming World of Social Media

My initial reaction to social media thus far is that it is extremely overwhelming. The newsfeed on my shiny new Twitter account refreshes so often that I could sit here all day and read it and the comments from my limited number of followers just to stay on top of what everyone is saying and […]

#TruthIs I Ran the Family Cell Plan Up $500 in 7th Grade Because of Data Usage

I’ve always thought of myself as being an early adopter of technology. Maybe it’s because I had an iPhone before Apple made it available to all service providers (only good thing about AT&T), maybe it’s because I’ve been called a tech loser a few times for I read blogs about new digital technologies on occasion. […]

Isn’t Google the Internet’s Card Catalog?

I’ve never felt more like an old fart than when in our first class Professor Kane asked which of us knew what a “card catalog” was.  As I sheepishly raised my hand, it was at that moment that I realized I grew up in a different time technologically than the majority of the other students […]

Social Media- Out of balance

The scales have tipped Social media is a powerful tool and applications seems limitless with new opportunities being uncovered almost daily on how to harness its power. What began as a way to connect people has transformed into a media giant that commands more of our attention daily. My initial thoughts about social media is that […]

“Everything the Light Touches”- The Social Media Kingdom

I want to reflect on the role of social media in our lives because it has completely changed how we interact with one another, for better or worse. Social media has opened up so many channels for learning, discovering, and sharing ideas, but those new opportunities don’t come without risks. The Advantages of Social Media […]

From AIM to Now

My thoughts and feelings towards social media have changed throughout my life.  I clearly remember the first time I engaged in an early form of social media/networking.  It was 1998, I was 11 years old entering the 6th grade.  On the first day of school, my friends could not stop talking about AOL Instant Messenger […]

Pics or it Didn’t Happen…

Most of us can admit to hearing, or even saying, this phrase at some point in time. Said with a smile or a laugh, it was obviously meant as a joke. Or was it? We live in a society that if our lives are not documented they seem to have no worth. If you can’t […]

My Social Media Game Peaked in High School

I have no memory of what my initial thoughts on social media were when I first joined facebook in 7th grade. I had a very distant relationship with social media at this point because I didn’t have a smart phone or my own computer, so I rarely used facebook. I really didn’t see the point […]

Leaving home was not as tough as expected – thanks to social media

    Back when I was finishing up my high school, I had a tough decision to make. I did not know if I wanted to stay back in Costa Rica where I grew up or take up on the challenge of starting my college career in the U.S. Of course, the only thing holding […]

Growing Up Social

When talking about my initial thoughts on social media, I feel I must reflect upon my humble beginnings with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Because, to me, these are the contents of the not so holy social media trinity. This enticing tale of a young lad with the world at his fingertips also must include the devices […]