I have a confession.

I was deliberating between taking this class and another one, but then asked my peers on social media (Facebook) whether they could recommend either one. One of my friends right away answered, “take this class with professor Kane,” there is no reason to deliberate!

My friend is a social media addict. Yes, she is one of those who walks to classes in the morning like this:looking-down-at-phones

She spends so much time using Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. So initially I thought she was biased, but so far I have to admit that I’m really enjoying this class!

I enjoy using social media, but I wouldn’t consider myself a social media addict (I mainly use Facebook). I was not very familiar with Twitter nor with Snapchat. I am from Israel, so that might explain it. None of my friends back home use Twitter or Snapchat, mainly Facebook and Instagram (and the latter not very often).

The fact that this class expanded my knowledge and usage of other social media networks, made it very exciting for me. I am already getting better at using Twitter (yet sometimes find it troubling not being able to express all my thoughts in 140 characters!).

Writing blogs is something that I have never done before, but was always interested in doing, and so I was very excited to hear that we will be doing a lot of that this semester.

As I am preparing for an interview this coming Friday, I downloaded an e-book called “The Interview Master Guide,” by Jeffery Gillis and Mike Simpson.The Interview Master Guide.png

The first chapter already talks about the importance of personal branding for one’s job/career. Companies also use corporate branding, and so this is not something uncommon. Thus, as individuals, we have a higher potential to get hired if we can develop a strong personal brand and market it to the recruiters. It’s simply a better way for others to get to know you!

The way we can do this is by writing blogs, and thus allow others to understand our thoughts and perspectives about different issues. It is a way for us to stand out!

Imagine talking to a recruiter and telling them, “you can check out my blog, just type up my name on Google and you can find all my blogs.” This applies also to creating your own website. Most likely, if an employer is really “serious,” he would want to check it out, and this would enable him to learn more about you.

Having an online presence is tailored to not only represent who and what you are, but also can be tailored to the jobs that you are interviewing for. Among so many candidates, it takes a lot to be different. Employers want to find authentic, professional and engaging information about their candidates.

Having a solid resume and a good cover letter is a great start, but in a competitive market, it’s easy to get lost in the “race.” Hiring managers have mountains of resumes and cover letters to dig through, and so it can be dangerously easy to end up at the bottom of a pile or even worse – become entirely forgotten. So why not simply use social media to leverage and market yourself?! It can prove to the employer that not only do you want the job, but that you’re doing the hard work it takes to get that job (without even being paid for it).

Even while not being engaged in the process of interviewing, you may never know who is looking at your website/blogs, and you may even find that employers are contacting you without making the first step yourself.

A question I often get is, “if you’re from Israel what made you come all the way to the U.S. to study here? Aren’t there good schools in Israel too?”

What made me come to the U.S. was the fact the I was offered a full athletics scholarship from the head coach of Boston College’s women’s Track & Field team, not to mention that Boston College is a great school academically. I had emailed coaches in the U.S. who, unsurprisingly, “checked me out” on social media. Googling my name (as of right now) brought up a steeplechase photo of mine from the European Games in Baku, and an Athlete Profile, which includes many of my records (which is what coaches are mainly interested in finding about you). Social media helped prove to my coach that the results I had initially provided him with were all authentic.


Social media can really open doors for so many opportunities. It is one of the reasons that brought me to the U.S. and to Boston College, and allowed me to have such an amazing and exciting experience!

Looking forward to more adventures in the future with the use of social media!






  1. Nice start, but we haven’t even yet BEGUN in this class! I hope you have the same excitement (or more) in May.

  2. Ciaran_Cleary · ·

    I’m excited to see you develop the skill of using Twitter and discovering all the knowledge it can supply. I think social media is a good thing, and you will be able to develop a personalized platform for yourself both professionally and personally! It takes everyone a while to get the hang of Twitter and its always changing! Thank you for your initial thoughts, and I’m excited to see how you view social media at the end!

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