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The assignment title said “initial thoughts” so I’m going to try to write this without thinking too much, because my other two drafts ended up not genuine at all. So here goes my third attempt; I want to describe how I got here and what I expect to get out of this class so that I can laugh at myself when I revisit this post at the end of the semester. Oh and by the way, the title of this post is what I say to everyone when they ask me what I’m doing after graduation. I’ve been saying that as almost an automated response but now that I’m really running out of time, I thought I’d give it a second thought.

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After I sat through the first day of prof Kane’s class, I calmed down from the hype I had built up about OMG social media class!!! and had to start thinking about why the subject got me interested in the first place. Why do I obsess over social media? Is it the entity itself or the idea of it? Moreover, what makes me think that I want to, or even can get into this as a career? Ok, I’m kind of panicking as I ask myself these questions, so I’m going to start with the easy stuff.

Well, I’m a social person and I like interacting with people both in real life and on screen. Most of My friends enjoy my virtual presence, and I have fun writing stuff or taking photos and coming up with ~really creative~ captions. It’s fascinating that we get to come up with a semi-realistic avatar of ourselves and interact, observe, express through it, often to extents not ethically acceptable in reality. I also like social media because it’s liberating— it makes us forget time and space are a thing. Millennials, members of generation-y, or whatever else people call the digital natives my age, were born into a world where communication is not bound by geography or directed by things like airtime, we are used to interacting across time zones whenever we want, basically free of physicality. The world as we know it has really been small after all! Would ya look at that! We are so #blessed.

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Moving onto the second question of why I want to work in the social media world, I found a less elementary answer which is the introspective insight it offers us. Looking at social media trends and behaviors, we learn about what we find interesting, valuable, threatening, upsetting, just to name a few. It’s 2017 and social media is more or less universal across cultural dimensions, but what’s most noteworthy about its omnipresence is how it evolves incessantly in form and function in response to its social context. It’s only the most relevant thing to our day-to-day. Among the many many cultural differences I notice going back and forth between Seoul and Boston, social networking systems are the most unnoticed yet central influencer of lifestyles. I plan on dedicating a separate post to this subject later on because I think it’s worth discussing.

Going back to working in social media, I really want to contribute to this powerful channel that simultaneously shapes and reflects our personal and societal tendencies. But as great as it sounds, I still don’t know how I plan on carrying this grandiose plan into action. I think the most specific I’ve ever been was content creation, I think. In other words, I know what I want to do, but I’m clueless to how I’m going to approach it. 

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I’m hoping this is where the digital business aspect of the course to come in and help me with the overwhelming ambiguity of my #careergoals. I want to know what other forces are at work aside from the pure power of contents and how to best incorporate them in order to best reach the larger audience. I mean, I’ve had a lot of internship experiences and leadership roles on campus that involved social media and marketing, at least according to my resume; I manage multiple accounts, create and distribute images, produce and advertise videos… and all of this on the World Wide Web! But if I were to ask myself candidly whether I knew “how to do” business on social media, I’m not sure if I would have a lot of hopeful and positive feedback. Yeah ok, I fulfilled my role as whatever manager and director for social media, but how well will I be able to do this as an individual and not a student/intern? IDK. Mind you, I still stand by the title of my post and the things I said about wanting to be a useful member of society and all, so I’m really hoping that I go beyond my comfort zone during my last semester of college. Rather than tap myself on the back for “having come so far,” I’d like to explore all the CSOM-y areas I’ve been too intimidated to dive into.


  1. Nice start! I’ll be interested to see how you come back to this at the end of the semester. I’m not sure this class will teach you “how” to do social media for business, but get you thinking how businesses need to work differently as a result of social media and other digital tools. But knowing how to think strategically about SM is a key to a long-term career.

  2. Nice post! As someone who worked in and with SM, I couldn’t pass by it – I got intrigued by the title. It’s great that you understand the power of social media and know how to use it effectively. There are definitely more sides to social/digital media than just creating and distributing fun content. For SM specifically, be prepared for tons of spreadsheets and tracking metrics and effective budget allocations too. And of course, every single post has to be timely, on-brand, on-message, but also creative and engaging, and, most importantly, strategic. I think “strategic” is the key point you will be able to explore in the “digital business” part of the course – have fun with it!

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    I agree that social media is the one thing that can stay constant across the globe. Being able to snap chat you and stay in contact with you over break while you were in Seoul and I was in New Jersey made me feel #blessed. The connection between all the users is definitely an ideal goal, but it also does detach us from real life. Before we used to read books or talk with friends but now in order to get away from our daily struggles we check our phones and just stalk anything possible.

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