Monthly Archives: February 2017

Humans of New York: Captivating an Audience

A few years ago, my mom recommended a Facebook page to me, the first time she had ever done so. I knew it had to be important or she would have never mentioned it. What I came across was a series of some of the most emotional posts I have ever come across on social […]

And the Oscar goes to… Amazon?

There are many benefits associated with Amazon Prime, faster shipping being the popular reason why someone would subscribe to the service. However, as non-traditional viewing habits continue to increase, the best reason may actually be Prime Video. Amazon’s service is similar to that of Netflix, offering a large library of ready to stream movies and […]

#WedTech and the Wallet of the Digital Bride

Following up on some questions about wedding costs that I received in response to my class presentation, The Digital Bride, I decided to do some deeper digging. The most common question I received was asking whether or not using wedding planning websites, such as WeddingWire or The Knot, has decreased the overall cost of weddings. The average […]

VR Therapy

My experience with virtual reality is very limited.  My brother switched from the Apple IPhone to the Samsung Galaxy in early December.  He did not particularly like Samsung or dislike Apple.  He just switched because Samsung would provide a free VR headset if he chose to switch smart phones.  When I visited my brother forChristmas, […]

The Blog/Social Continuum: Boosting Readership

What does a blogger need to keep in mind when attempting to maintain a successful and gainful career as a blogger? What does it take these days to gain visibility as a new author, in this age when the market is flooded with content and there are so many ways to deliver it? These are […]

Weird Twitter

Ever since I was a young lad, I have always loved big cities. Some people hate big cities and think about everyone living on top of each other, the pollution, the smell of pee on a hot summer day, and the never ending noise. However, I like to focus on the different personalities and neighborhoods […]

Road trips in the digital age

Airline tickets are reasonably affordable but for some reason I still enjoy a road trip. Maybe it’s because I’m a little nostalgic of family trips we took when I was a kid or the sense of adventure in being able to stop off somewhere random and see something new. It’s one thing to see the […]