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Ever since I was a young lad, I have always loved big cities. Some people hate big cities and think about everyone living on top of each other, the pollution, the smell of pee on a hot summer day, and the never ending noise. However, I like to focus on the different personalities and neighborhoods that make up a great city, I like to think of the never ending options of entertainment, and I like the thought of sharing experiences with a bunch of strangers who only those in the big city will understand. I think of Twitter in the exact same way. Twitter, in a way, is the biggest and best city I have ever been to filled with endless neighborhoods. I would like to take you on a trip to my favorite neighborhood in Twitter’s massive city limits, which is Weird Twitter.

Weird Twitter is impossible to define because there are so many aspects about it, but in summary there are hundreds of Twitter accounts run by people, some anonymous and some not, who post crazy, strange, and often hilarious stuff with the purpose of…well…I’m not really sure, but often it’s to make people laugh, which is why some of these accounts have thousands and thousands of followers. I found Weird Twitter freshman year at Boston College when one of my friends showed me @Dril.

Dril is, in my opinion, the funniest and most important member of Weird Twitter. With the name “Wint,” and an avatar of a somewhat skewed Jack Nicholson, he is my favorite follow on Twitter, and I think he is a genius. screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-10-03-22-pm

This was Dril’s first tweet, and it is currently his pinned tweet. We all remember our first time using Twitter, and the difficulty we had navigating the platform, figuring out what to post, retweet, and who to connect with, etc. Dril gets on and has the presence of mind to write “no” then creates a persona, which makes this laugh out loud funny content. His tweets are bizarre, often filled with expletives, and the moment you think you “understand Dril” is the moment you stop understanding him. To get a better taste of his personality and type of humor I will attach some of my favorites.


Dril tweets gems like these EVERY SINGLE DAY. He has accumulated over 500,000 followers, and no one knows who he is. Unlike other members of weird Twitter, he never advertises for sponsors or uses his amount of followers for profit. I truly believe he is a new brand of comedy with which he is king. For almost a decade he has been carrying on the most bizarre persona creating a somewhat famous character with original content and no visible monetary gain. It is incredible.

Although Dril is the Godfather of Weird Twitter, there are others who have found a home in this neighborhood as well. Unlike Dril, many will accept interviews and talk about their beginnings, Eric Turtle who goes by the Twitter name of “@dubstep4dads” works at home, and says this is a way for him to express himself in a creative way. He is just a normal dude with a normal job, and he has found a home in Weird Twitter to be a different person and escape to a world more entertaining than the won he is in 9-5. Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 11.01.10 PM.png

Another man who is often considered one of the early founders of Weird Twitter is named Jon Hendren, but goes by “@Fart.” When interviewed, he talks about how the space of Weird Twitter was less about being super funny, but the camaraderie of everyone being a little different and a little weird together. It is an Internet family of sorts as they all have people who got them involved in the community of Weird Twitter. They all have those that inspire them to make a home in the neighborhood, those that inspire them to contribute, and those that inspire them to be themselves or whoever they want to be. Jon Hendren talks about his love for Dril and Rob Delaney who were the two members of Weird Twitter who really inspired him to create and share. It’s not a joke for Jon when talking about those that inspire him because they created a space where he belonged and inspired others to follow in suit.

Rob Delaney is a the final member of Weird Twitter I feel the need to highlight because he is one of those pioneers, like Dril and Fart, who made this space a special place, and he happens to be a standup comedian who uses his actual name. With over 1.35 million followers, Rob is the most famous member of the neighborhood and brings a lot of attention to the culture. However, he truly is a product of his environment as many, me included, discovered him on Twitter. He sees Twitter as a platform to truly create content and express oneself in the funniest, weirdest ways possible. He has just as much respect for those in the Weird Twitter community that make comedy and a community of being different fun and acceptable as he does those who perform in comedy clubs around the country with him.


Weird Twitter makes me laugh, think, and often very confused. However, I believe it is a truly special place that makes the Internet and Twitter awesome. You don’t have to be a comedian in LA or NYC on the Tonight Show to be funny or get your voice heard. Weird Twitter is not a physical location but a state of mind where people from all over can come together and be different. A place where being different, unique, and absurd is not only accepted by necessary. A place where regular people from all over can make thousands laugh and escape from whatever real life issues they may be facing. I use Twitter for all kinds of things like news, sports, and friends; but sometimes I need to escape reality and laugh – which is why I go to Weird Twitter. Maybe you should too.




  1. benrmcarthur · ·

    Interesting post! Is Weird Twitter a well-known title or is that just what you refer to this part of the internet? All in all, I think you’re touching on a great part of the internet. Spaces such as weird twitter embody that quirky sense of human nature that simply wants to laugh and challenge their brains. Weird twitter has some major contrast to the people that show off what they’re doing. It’s actual content (despite how nonsensical it is) compared to the superficial nature of other parts of twitter. I might have to dive into Weird Twitter now and explore the bounderies a bit.

    1. Ciaran_Cleary · ·

      Weird Twitter is the name I was introduced to it as, and there have been other articles referencing it. I’m sure they would probably call it something else.

  2. This was such an entertaining and informative read. The only reason I use Twitter is for #IS6621 so I can’t tell you which accounts I’m a fan of, but I remember following some accounts in the weird twitverse (I think it was just called “tbh no”). What I usually use for some laughs are meme accounts on Instagram, but I definitely think tweets are more impactful with one-liners and context-specific commentaries. I’ll be scoping around for updates from dril from now on.

  3. Entertaining post, definitely one of my favorites. Similar to weird Twitter, there are also weird channels on Youtube and weird forums on Reddit. We sometimes forget how massive the Internet really is. Weird Twitter really is a great place to get a good laugh and escape reality. I am a big fan and will be sure to follow some of the accounts you have mentioned above.

  4. Fun post! For a second there, I thought a plot twist at the end was going to be that you are secretly @Dril….Great mix of being entertaining and informative. I for one did not know about Weird Twitter or these three accounts, and I think it’s interesting how they use imperfect punctuation and grammar to in a sense combat the serious twitter users. I also think this is a good example of social media being a connection of networks since these three different accounts are supposedly unrelated and simply only connected by being part of Weird Twitter. Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be sure to check out these accounts!

    1. Ciaran_Cleary · ·

      I wish everyday I was Dril!

  5. mollyshields44 · ·

    Loved this post! I think one of social media’s, and Twitter’s, strengths lie in providing resources and spaces for niche communities. Weird Twitter is a perfect example of this. In a world without social media, people who thrive in this of- beat environment would not as easily be able to communicate or share their weirdness with others. Normalizing the satire of society in a ranting, running train of thought kind of way while also posting an irrelevant picture is something that the world never had before Twitter and I definitely agree it is a good escape from some of the other more serious aspects of our lives.

  6. Nice post. I do confess that I do like Twitter’s quirky side. There are some great parody accounts and great hashtag trend game. My favorite recently was #explainamoviebadly, which was pretty hilarious for a while.

  7. I love weird twitter! @jomnysun and @tupactopus are my favorites. The thing that always boggles my mind is how all these twitterverses exist with little to no interaction between them. I joined Twitter in the summer of 2012 as part of the One Direction Twitter World. Comparing my experiences in the world of 1D, to my friends in “real life” Twitter, to the accounts I follow in “weird twitter,” to my professional IS6621 Twitter is wild. These worlds exist almost completely separately, and people behave so differently on each. 1D tweets are all in caps and ridiculously hyperbolic, real Twitter is full of self-deprecatory jokes and socially relevant jokes, weird Twitter is comprised of grammatical errors and inexplicable humor, and professional Twitter is all short insights and links to articles. You almost have to be part of the “in-group” to make it in each of these Twitter worlds. I’m curious what other twitterverses exist that I just haven’t encountered yet.

  8. mikeward7 · ·

    Ciaran, I’ve heard people around campus talk about how you’re a “pretty weird” guy, so it doesn’t surprise me that you like this aspect of twitter. I feel like you’re kind of my twitter mentor since I’m new to this whole thing so I’m going to take your advice and follow these accounts. I trust you as my friend and mentor and I will report back to you on what I think. I found these screenshots of tweets pretty funny so I think you truly just opened me up to a new world. <3

    1. Ciaran_Cleary · ·

      Michael, you are my mentor in life.

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