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why are you white?

So I was bored last week and took a Facebook quiz that popped up on my timeline. And this is what happened: to which some of my friends responded with sarcastic comments on the whitewashing of Hollywood. And this reminded me of some online movements and discussions from the last few years that aimed to dissipate a long-standing trend in American film […]

Before and After A “Digital Interview”

Before There’s no doubt that the digitalization of business has had a great impact on how companies recruit their employees. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Monster, or even ZipRecruit have taken over how talent gets discovered and eventually hired. But rather than focus on how technology has changed the exposure in the process, I wanted to […]

Broadway’s Not Throwing Away Its Shot

Growing up, I have always been a fan of the theater even though I have no acting or singing talent of my own. But coming from a theater family background (fun fact: my grandma was Sandra Bullock’s high school drama teacher), I have enjoyed going to shows with my family at least once a year. […]

The Virtual Town Hall

During my senior year at BC, I had space in my schedule to take a few electives. Instead of just choosing Living Earth classes that were easy A’s, I decided I should use at least one of those slots to actually learn about something other than the rules of accounting. Besides, that’s what a liberal arts […]

Oh My Yeezy

In 2017, if you were to walk into any given public area, filled with people, and asked the simple question of “Do you know who Kanye West is?”, you’d not only get a majority vote of ‘yes’ but you’d also get a wave of different responses with regards to opinions of him. Kanye, (also known […]

Stand with Standing Rock

I thought it would be beneficial to use my blog post as a follow up on the stand with standing rock presentation I gave yesterday in order to show everyone the videos associated with the movement and more examples of social media posts. As I mentioned during my presentation, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe believes the construction of […]

You can now send drinks over the internet

Yup, you read that title right. You can now send drinks over the internet from one user to another. When I saw a video of this technology on Facebook, I did not believe it. I thought it was an early April Fools day prank or some weird fake news article. So I did what anyone in […]

Spotify has a ‘Rainy Day’ playlist? I should pack my umbrella today.

Weather plays a huge part in our every day life. From deciding whether (ha) or not to wear rain boots to trying to find a way to start a conversation, weather affects each of us all the time. However with the development of social media and increased digital usage, the access to weather info and […]

Closing the Digital Divide in Developing Countries

When thinking about social media and digital technology in our class, it’s likely that most of us first think about them in the ways that it affects us: autonomous cars limiting the need for car ownership or how that new geofilter will make your next snap look amazing.   Next, we probably think about the way […]

Is Technology Ruining Your Eyes? The Answer May Surprise You!

During class discussion a few weeks back, I casually commented that I have noticed more and more young people wearing glasses recently, and that increased use of personal electronics may be the cause.  But is there concrete evidence of this observation? I decided to do some research and find out. As it turns out, there is substantial evidence […]

Digital Newsletters

Every day, I receive an abundant number of emails from so many different companies that are attempting to better engage their customers through newsletters.  Unfortunately, nearly all of those emails get moved straight to my “trash” folder, and I rarely ever open any of them (although there will be the occasional subject line that actually […]

What makes you stop and look?

As my business grows, I’m finding that the imagery and graphic design elements in my posts are WAY more important than I ever could’ve thought. It makes sense, though. In my last post I talked about the importance of an eye-catching blog title, and I would apply the same level of importance to images and graphics. Luckily, there […]

The Other Side of the Internet, The Dark Web

I was listening to a Reply All podcast the other day and part of the conversation touched upon the Dark Web.  Yes, I am an avid podcast listener, and yes I am guilty of speaking too much about podcast content in casual conversation.  If you are not listening to podcasts, I strongly advise you too.  […]

Cut The Cord?

Disruption of the traditional cable TV market has been inevitable for a long time. People are always complaining about how high their cable bill is and the commercial advertising for cable companies almost always focuses on undercutting the prices of their competitors’ bills because of just how high the average cable bill is. 2017 could […]

The Evolution of Job Searching

Some of you may be lucky enough to already know what you’re going to be doing next year. Whether you’ve already landed that oh so coveted full time job offer, or you’ll be returning to BC to finish your undergrad or MBA program, you fortunate ones don’t have to have your parents on your back […]