Earth Day is the idea of a national day that focuses on and celebrates the environment. It occurs once a year on April 22nd.

What does this mean for Earth? preservation, environmental protection, and a way to show others that we care (and demonstrating it with some actions, too).

Hopefully, we can extend this celebration beyond just one day to the entire year, and increase our environmental awareness on a regular basis.

What does Earth Day mean to others?

For President Trump, it means more economic growth to enhance environmental protection, and preserving the natural beauty of the nation – and of course, more jobs.

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For Mark Zuckerberg, it is a moment to unite and make it a collective mission to better protect the environment. Zuckerberg focuses on the connectivity aspect, the use of technology to improve the lives of billions of people, and using resources wisely and conserving them.

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Celebrities Post on Earth Day – #EARTHDAY

What does Earth Day mean to celebrities?

Celebrities post pictures on all forms of social media. It is a way for them to show others how they celebrate this day, what they do for the environment, and they can easily influence our own actions to follow in their footsteps.

Some make it seem as a fun day, a way to reconnect with family members, and cherish the nation. Others try to influence us by bringing about an action and change.

For example, Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady’s wife, posted a picture with two of her children planting a tree together.


Tony Goldwyn, the American actor, alluded to celebrating this day with others you love, connecting it to the emotional sense, and enjoying the beauty of the nation with those that you care about.

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Bette Midler, the American singer and songwriter, influences others to make a move to preserve the environment, and perhaps even make others guilty – “if I do it you can do it too!”

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Drew Baryymore, the American actress, celebrates and honors the day with the celebration of her daughter’s birthday. In both years, 2016 and 2017, Baryymore posted a similar image of her daughter’s birthday – in 2017, she used Earth Day as a personification of her love to her daughter – “I love you and your sister bigger than the universe.”

MealConnect – Reducing Waste

“Together we can solve hunger” – in honor of Earth Day, Feeding America launched a new tech platform called MealConnect. The free service enables businesses to connect and donate surplus food, and can also be downloaded on the App store free of charge.

MealConnect lets stores and other donors — whether it’s a Starbucks, grocery store, or farmer’s market — to post when they have food that would otherwise go to waste. Then, the platform’s algorithms figure out the best local food pantry or program to pick up the extra food and distribute it quickly to those in need.

The goal of the platform is to advance the organization’s mission of solving hunger in the country by 2025 by tackling the persistent and often overlooked problem of food waste caused by businesses and food chains.


VerizonGreen – Recycling

In honor of Earth Day, Verizon is aiming to set up a location to donate unwanted electronics at Verizon’s Basking Ridge and Warren facilities in NJ. Verizon employees will gather up at these facilities to pick up the unwanted electronic items in order to preserve and sustain the environment. These Recycling Rallies are free and open to the public. They are also part of Verizon’s commitment to protect and preserve the environment by enabling employees and the public to be green at work and at home. Verizon’s disposing of the discarded items will adhere to Verizon’s zero-landfill objective, i.e. the materials will be reused or recycled so that they do not end up in a landfill.

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Earth Day means different things to different people, celebrities, and corporations. Some use it as a way to cherish the environment, some use it as a celebration with their beloved, and some use it to influence others to preserve the environment.

I think that social media and digital business has done great things for Earth’s Day. It’s a way to show others that we care and that we are acting. However, I feel that simply posting beautiful Earth pictures on social media shouldn’t annihilate our responsibility to the Earth, and we still have to take actions.

How did you celebrate Earth Day? Checking beautiful Instagram pictures of our Earth? Checking what celebrities are doing for the environment? Doing yourself something for the environment? Do you think social media makes us more inclined to simply post pictures and yet refrain from responsibility and action? Or posting pictures on social media is simply another way to commemorate Earth?

Would be happy to hear your thoughts!




  1. Nice post! The MealConnect video was a great addition to the post, and is for sure a great tool for Feeding America. The functionality of that service depends on the availability of local representatives, but it seems that folks at Feeding America have that in order. It was also really neat to see you write about the Verizon Recycling rallies. I am from that area in NJ and I believe my family has been to a similar Verizon hosted event (the one in Basking Ridge) in the past to dispose of our old technologies.

  2. mollyshields44 · ·

    I think you bring up some great questions! It is very easy to post a picture on social media and then have that be the end of your efforts, in this case, to help the environment. I think there is something beneficial to people sharing their love of earth and spreading its beauty on social media as it helps to generate feelings of love and appreciate for our world. However I think that runs on a very thin line of the slacktivism that @alexisteix spoke about during her class presentation. Around Earth Day I was able to take a trip to visit a hydroponic farm. It was so interesting to see the operation and standing inside the massive green house, looking over hundreds of rows of growing lettuce, I reached for my phone. One of my first instincts was to snapchat this view. Was I trying to do it to bring awareness to hydroponic farming and its overwhelming benefits….? Maybe that was partially it but if I’m being honest I probably just wanted to share a piece of this experience with others so they could see what “cool” things I was up to. I think your blog post centered on Earth Day touches upon a larger issue of individuals, social media, and our true motivation for posting and sharing experiences/information. Great post!

  3. Great post! I agree with you that posting a picture on Instagram is not enough (for earth day or for any other cause), because action is still crucially important. However, I will also admit that just posting a picture for other people to see is a start – before the rise of social media, a lot of people cared even less.

  4. dcardito13 · ·

    Very neat post about a topic that really needs more attention! I think this is a great example of the positive contributions that social media can have on society, spreading awareness about an important issue. I honestly would not have known it was Earth day if it wasn’t for all of the Instagram and Facebook posts about it. I really did enjoy all of the beautiful pictures and quotes posted about the environment, and think its a huge eye-opener to people that we need to protect our Earth, hopefully sparking more action rather than just talk.

  5. Great post about Earth Day! I think this year’s Earth Day brought with it more poignancy than in past years. When Trump tweets we should protect our planet, but also our jobs, Earth Day is a good time to point out that renewable energy employs far more Americans than fossil fuels. I attended the March For Science and the activism there gave a whole new meaning to Earth Day. It serves as a little shake for people to wake up and appreciate the world we live in. It seems as though the celebrities you mentioned are also trying to remind their followers to pay attention to what is happening to our planet.

    Verizon’s program is really interesting! It seems as if one of the biggest challenges for recycling is educating people about what you can and cannot recycle. By publicizing their recycling rally, hopefully they will empower people to recycle.

  6. duffyfallon · ·

    Very relevant and well-done post. This topic has been more and more on my mind since the last election. You’re totally right- the stuff we post online is going to be out forever, free and available to be used against us for the rest of our lives. I definitely posted some pretty stupid stuff as a kid (recently, too) that I definitely should not have – and it’s no good to think someday that could be rehashed. Both examples you touched on – NFL athletes and the Donald – really drives the point home. Our generation and the ones below us are really the first to have such an expansive digital footprint, and it will be interesting (and a bit scary) to see how that plays out in the future.

  7. duffyfallon · ·

    ^comment posted by mistake!

    Great post! I appreciated you touching on people’s different responses/perspectives on earth day – our President definitely missed the mark in his tweets. I thought it was interesting to see the different responses/initiatives taken by the brands I follow on my own social media. hadn’t heard about MealConnect but I’ve thought for a while that a concept like it should exist. The amount of perfectly good food that’s thrown in the trash is absurd- and I think this platform is a great first step in addressing that issue. Verizon’s recycling program is also a great initiative – generally, we should be thinking about better ways to recycle and reuse our electronics.

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