I Hate Goodbyes

The time has come for my last blog post.  It is a refreshing and somewhat saddening feeling.  I am glad to be one step closer to completing my MBA, but I will miss the rich discussions that were brought up in class, tweets, and blogposts.  I will also miss the various snacks that were available at break.  By the way, the best snack was the tortilla chips and guacamole from El Pelon.   Can every course adopt this amazing ritual!?

Anyways, I clearly remember the first day of class when Prof. Kane read us the riot act.  In short,

  • This class will be demanding and different from any other class you have taken.
  • This class is highly interactive and you will engage in content through multiple platforms.
  • I expect that you will be overwhelmed and confused for the first month!


Once the riot act was finished, he reiterated his warning so that his words really set in.  I remember that Prof. Kane tried to insert humor into his speech with little reaction from us.  I think we were too stunned to have a sense of humor at that point.  I admit that after the first day of class I spent some time thinking if I wanted to drop the course and perused through my options on Agora.  I kept thinking about his warning and my current perspective of social media.  I was somewhat disappointed by social media because of the election.  I deleted my FB account and was thinking about taking a break from social media in general.  Instead, I stayed, downloaded Twitter, wrote my first tweet, began following various tech and social media accounts, and fully committed to experiencing a new learning environment.  I am glad that I stayed.  Below I will write about my final thoughts on this class and some takeaways.

I believe the most beneficial aspect of this class was the reading and writing the blogposts.  Throughout the semester, my fellow classmates writing ability, creativity, and humor has continually impressed me.  Not only were the blogposts extremely informative, but very interesting to read.  Throughout my MBA and past masters, reading peer papers was boring and repetitive.  My experience from this class was the complete opposite.  I believe the differentiating factor is the platform and the freedom in choice of topic that was given to the writer.  In past courses, students are constricted to writing on specific topics.  Professors have required formatting and writing styles.  My experience writing blogposts was much more enjoyable.  I was able to research something I was truly interested in and then write in a casual, fun, but informative manner.  I feel that many other students did this as well.  This is what made reading blogposts entertaining.  In addition, I was able to learn about a wide range of topics from the social media business of Hamilton to the future AR use in digital commerce.   Ultimately, this class has bolstered the respect that I have for BC undergrads and graduates.  Furthermore, writing the blogposts has reignited my interest in creative writing.  I have not been able to write in this manner in a long time and miss being able to write more freely. I feel will I start writing my own blog when I finish my last MBA course in the fall.


In my first blogpost, I talked about my complicated relationship with social media.  As a former school counselor, I saw what could happen when children are exploited to social media at a young age.  Additionally, I wrote about how the proliferation of fake news through various social media platforms made me frustrated and concerned for the future of politics.  This class allowed me to explore those frustrations and challenge my feelings.  To challenge my negative opinion of social media in schools, I researched social media platforms that are have positive of effects on student’s lives.   The research allowed me to see the benefits of social media in schools and explore platforms that have positively change schools.   I was able to even to share the information from my research to colleagues and school counselors and social workers who I currently manage.  Similarly, I conducted research on fake news to gain a better understanding of the motivation for creating it.  I was surprised to find out how lucrative the business was and how it created a means to escape poverty in Macedonia.  Although, I am still frustrated in the creation of fake news, I felt relieved that the sole purpose of creating fake news was not only to sway people’s opinions.  I am thankful that this class has allowed me to challenge my opinions that I have and change them for the better.

In closing, thanks to Prof. Kane for creating a new innovative classroom environment and thanks to my fellow classmates for providing informative, rich, and humorous discussions.  Good luck to those who are graduating!

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  1. fayehubregsen · ·

    Joe, completely agree that @geraldckane has introduced a new level of innovation to the classroom environment in a way that is informative, humorous, and encourages students to foster an elastic mindset. The way I see it, the class format, structure, and diversified sharing platforms we used accommodate what many innovative companies aim to provide for their employees in the form of 20% time – freedom to pursue personal topics of interest. I hope to incorporate aspects of the IS6621 forum in future group work settings because of the way in which it encourages heightened engagement and creativity.

  2. I agree with everything you said here! This class really challenged me in the sense that I have never been in a class that used technology so much. I have never really engaged with my classmates via social media with the exception of email and it really excites me that the classroom can evolve this way. I am glad for you that you were able to explore some of the aspects of social media and digital business that made you angry/uncomfortable. I was able to do the same!

  3. alexisteixeiraa · ·

    Awesome post that I’m pretty sure we will all agree with. This is definitely a class that is different than others. It is innovative and constantly changing as this material is also constantly changing. I love being able to take a class and then apply it in real life and we certainly have been able to do that in this class. Another brilliant and new aspect in this class that I hadn’t seen in others is the way we get to digital interact throughout the week; not only creating a community in the class, but simulating how social media should work. Great post!

  4. Glad you didn’t drop the course!

  5. ghakimeh · ·

    What a great post! As a fellow grad student, your post really resonated with me. It was a breath of fresh air to be able to express myself freely and not be limited to focused topics each week. It didn’t dawn on me until the second blog post just how much of a free rein I had for topics. This class was/is the only class in my BC undergrad/grad experience where I looked forward to class each and every day. Just the sheer quality of discussion was very inspiring and very much differed from a typical grad class where only a select few members of the class discuss topics regularly. I also can relate to your thoughts on being frustrated with social media as I too was thinking about taking a break from social media this past fall.

  6. diiorion · ·

    Great post that covers a lot of great aspects about the course. One of my favorite parts about the course as well was writing the blog posts. In the beginning, I was worried about being able to find topics to write about every other week. However after the first or second one, I realized how much I enjoyed researching something I actually was interested in and being able to share it in a funny but informative manner with my peers. It is definitely a feeling that I have not gotten in a long time from writing history essays and formatting balance sheets. So I would also like to thank you @geraldckane for creating such a great learning environment that inspires students. Great post and great class!

  7. cjprall · ·

    Great post Joe. First off, I’d like to echo your appreciation for the chips and guac from El Pelon. I think they played a pivotal role in our understanding of social media, and should remain a tradition going forward. I 100% agree that I was shook by the first day of class. I remember getting back to my dorm, opening UIS, and immediately starting to look for another class to switch into. But knowing how popular the class was and having a genuine interest kept me coming back and I’m honestly so glad I stuck with it. The class was so rewarding and you’re right when you say that reading and writing blogpost was an important part of it. I’m sure I’ll have to write a blog post or two for work very shortly and I think this class really helped me get comfortable with expressing my thoughts online.

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