Just keep tweeting, just keep tweeting

“You’re on Twitter, don’t you have work to do?”

Ummm yeah, and I’m doing it. It’s called a social media class. #IS6621 has hands-down been one of my favorite classes at BC and it wasn’t just because of the built-in excuse of claiming that being on Twitter was productive to my homework efforts. And to be honest, I constantly used this class as a rationalization for my high-quality procrastination skills. I actually meant to start writing this draft two hours ago but got sidetracked because I went on Twitter for this class and never came back to finish my blog. But here we are and I think that two hour gap is pretty telling about how vast the internet is and how easy it is to get lost.


I thought I knew a lot about social media coming into this class but I was definitely proven wrong. I didn’t consider myself a Twitter expert but I have a lot of knowledge about the platform seeing as I use it to jokingly run two other Twitters (for my intramural ice hockey team & to troll my roommates) in addition to my personal one and the professional type one I used for this class. I have an absolutely new appreciation for Twitter and the way it’s transformed into more than just a sports news outlet for me on a daily basis – it’s now my go to news outlet in general.


Twitter was just the tip of the iceberg. Since the beginning of the semester we’ve seen an evolution on the other platforms we all know and love (mostly). Facebook becoming a monster by incorporating stories and then everything with their FB Live struggles. Instagram’s use of stories and the continual emergence of food posts/clickable sponsor ads. Snapchat’s IPO. Pandora launching a premium service to combat Spotify. Blockchain & bitcoin ATMs( mind-blowing to me). Lol @ Uber & United.


This class has been an absolute treat because everyone is able to be themselves and there’s no real stress with the exception of running out of blog topics, not knowing if a GIF is good enough or those nerve-wracking 7 minutes that you’re in front of the class presenting. All of the presentations were great and I learned something new and different in all of them!

Being in this class has really opened my eyes. I’ve paid way more attention to how different people use social media and I’ve paid way more attention to what digital companies are doing. Emerging technologies is a topic that gets me really excited and everyone else had that same level of passion which really made this awesome.

Some things I’ve noticed thanks to this class:

1.) I’m not the most conversational person but whenever I’m alone in an Uber I now find myself asking them about their thoughts on the company. A really interesting thing that I’ve found out is that a lot of them drive for both Uber & Lyft and most of them clearly prefer Lyft. I say mostly and not all because a driver that I had a week ago actually said Uber because Uber offers drivers promotions & incentives for hitting a certain number of rides in a day or a week. The driver actually claimed that he thinks Uber is too good to the drivers and pays them too much? I have a completely different impression of that, as I think most of us do.


2.) My dad, social media, and ultra runners. I almost dedicated an entire blog to this topic but decided against it. My dad does not have a Facebook and has no interest in connecting with people from his younger days. He does, however, have a Twitter & recently an Instagram. His reason for those platforms? To learn more about the people who engage in his new obsession – ultra running. Last year my dad bought himself a Smart TV and became obsessed with watching vlogs, mostly of these ultra runners. He sends me videos all the time or asks me if I’ve seen this really obscure race in the middle of nowhere. His obsession with ultra runners has forced me to be extremely interested in this strange sport of people willingly running 100 Mile races. Their lives and videos are even so cool that I contemplate whether or not I could do one (first we’ll see what happens at my first marathon in NYC this fall). Anyways, my dad decided to extend his obsession from YouTube to Twitter/Instagram and now he DMs me posts from his favorite runners. Weird fact: One of them is in Nepal planning to run up Everest in the coming weeks. Like what? People on the internet are crazy.


3.) I’m more interested than ever in the future of tech companies and how impactful their changes will be in our lives. Will Snapchat & Twitter find ways to make money and still be relevant in a few years? What is Amazon actually doing? Amazon has so many different projects going on at once and I’m not sure which is going to be the most evolutionary one. What does the future hold for Mark & Co.? Facebook wants to take over your life in every way possible and they want Messenger to be the only app you use on your phone. Is Google going to do something revolutionary? What’s Apple’s next move? In my opinion, these questions don’t even scratch the surface of the future of technology. Self-driving cars, AR/VR, blockchain. The future of technology is exciting and I’m incredibly curious where it’s going.


Closing Thoughts:

Prof Gallaugher’s Computers in Management class is the reason I chose Info Systems as my concentration because of the lectures on how technology companies were so successful. Prof Kane’s Social Media & Digital Business course tapped back into this interest in even more exciting fashion. It was incredibly fun to go to class each Wednesday to talk about the ever-changing tech world. This was absolutely an enjoyable experience and a perfect class to finish up my IS major. The conversations, in class and on Twitter/blogs, were awesome and I learned way more than I ever anticipated. Thank you all! Keep on tweeting and having fun over social media, I’ll miss #IS6621.

As everyone continues on their paths, whether that be more school or full-time employment, remember the advice of Coach Eric Taylor:



Unrelated note, the Mets lost 23-5 today so I’m reusing the Wilmer Flores GIF from my presentation to close out this post and my #IS6621 career. #CryingEmoji




  1. laurenmsantilli · ·

    Interesting points! I have heard from a few Uber drivers about their take on the company and have heard similar things – most prefer Lyft. I wonder why, then, consumers aren’t turning to Lyft. It seems to be just as cheap – maybe first mover advantage? Who knows. Cool paragraph about your dad! Love that he was able to find a passion/hobby via social media and is able to express his love for ultra running via SM.

  2. JoshLArtman · ·

    Really great final post! I agree with many of them – using Twitter for a class has been a very different experience, and one that has consumed a lot of my free time. I also have been getting into more conversations with Uber drivers about the company, and many that I have talked with seem unconcerned with recent headlines. Hearing about your dad’s renewed social media interest is heartening, as it shows that when everything on SM is user-generated, there’s truly something out there for everyone. Thanks for sharing your closing thoughts!

  3. clinecapen · ·

    Nice wrap up… I almost referenced the Met pitcher from your presentation in my blog this week but I ran out of room. I agree the technology topics in this class were so valuable.

  4. dcardito13 · ·

    Very nice final wrap-up. I agree with you that I now have a different thinking cap on in reference to how companies have been leveraging digital business. Now, I love scrolling through Twitter to see the very interesting articles and news reports. But I’ve stretched my focus to the tweets of specific companies, watching how they are trying to improve and revamp their brands and products. It will be interesting to see the progress of digital business throughout the years.

  5. Great post! I’ve actually been talking to Uber drivers for a while now, mostly because I often switch between Lyft and Uber and wanted their opinions. Many of them seem to be ex-cab drivers who like the work hours and pay at Uber or Lyft better, but seem to hate the company and Travis Kalanick. Like you, this class has opened my eyes to things going on in the world of digital business. I now find myself actively following the progress of technology like VR and blockchain to see how they could potentially reshape the consumer and business worlds.

  6. isabel_calo1 · ·

    Great post and loved your honesty! This class defintely makes me think about the world and social media differently and I also find myself asking uber drivers about their thought and experiences with Uber. This class has given us the intro and skills to look into social media and business technology in the future and I cant wait to learn more.

  7. As someone who’s enjoyed the class as well, I could really relate to some of the points you made. my conversations with people on topics like uber have become so much more interesting because I can refer back to class to compare what the company believes it’s doing with how actual consumers feel about it. I wish we could’ve read your post on ultra runners because it sounds fascinating!

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