Our highlight reel (lots of gifs!)

The time is here, folks. Looking back on this class, we looked at highs of social media, lows, the future, the past, and everything in between, and also current events and happenings. As a senior, I couldn’t imagine ending my 4 years here with any other class, since this has given me a great outlook for what’s coming in the future.

Taking a moment to look back on the stars of the ISYS6621 semester.

Scandalous golden-globes-roundup-012.nocrop.w529.h307.gif

As a reality TV lover, I’m a sucker for some good drama. We got to take a look at plenty this semester. Firstly, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the incredible Justine Sacco story – and, since I didn’t remember her name, I had to look it up – turns out, no one else will forget either.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 4.12.23 PM.png

From there we’ve seen United absolutely fall into a PR black hole. From the passenger being carried off, to the bunny (?) these guys are still working their way back up. Uber, also, had a tough semester with ISYS6621, as CEO comments, company actions during the immigration craze, and exposes are being circulated around social media. These messages really drill into our head how important and delicate brands need to be on social media, and as managers, we need to keep control over what people are saying and how people are acting.


And trolls? We know not to even give them the time of day.



Like everyone else, I think I am still pretty confused and mind blown by the technologies we have learned about in class, and how they will affect our future. Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, Blockchain, self-driving cars, and so much more are becoming a closer reality than ever before, and it is great to have some knowledge of them.

I found myself having late night discussion with my roommate about AI the other night, and I realized how much I had learned about it in this class. While I still might not be completely knowledgeable of the technology, I notice it’s use in the apps I use, and see the potential for greatness.

Sharing is caring


With the continued popularity of Uber and Airbnb, it is obvious the sharing economy is present and growing. We heard TED talks about the possibility of eliminating big platforms all together and that sharing economies can run our society. As people begin to open up more of their lives and continue to get comfortable with strangers, the sharing economy might just be what opens up jobs or provides income for people who previously didn’t know where to look. WOO!

Trump who?

Just a quick moment to say I’m proud and relieved that our class discussions weren’t dominated by Trump’s Twitter activity. Because as juicy as it is, I think we learned so much more from the implications of his actions rather than from the question of whether he should be allowed to run his own Twitter. So, thanks guys!

Also, we learned how social media platforms like Facebook can really shape our opinions and politics. So being aware is key!


I had too much fun looking for these…


Grads vs. Undergrads

Before the presentations started in class, I really had no expectations of what a mixed grad/undergrad class could bring to the table. The result – varied perspectives that taught all of us more than we could’ve learned on our own. I remember reading a blog post about dating apps, which in the comments section turned into a generational discussion of how dating has changed, but how it has truly stayed the same at the core. While us undergrads want to say that social media is ruining the dating scene, the grads (and prof kane!) gave us a little boost of encouragement.


I really enjoyed learning more about how certain platforms and social networking has evolved from the grad students, and wanted to say I think this really enhanced the class!

Daily Life & Future Thinking

So is this class “life changing”? Truthfully, I think yes. All of us will start to use social media different and be more aware of future digital technologies than many people around us will be. Not only on our own platforms, but in making decisions for our future and our careers, we are able to see the different implications of certain actions, and many directions we can go in. And more and more of these topics are legal issues that are being discussed and addressed in court. From going viral, to silly Twitter mistakes, to entire companies collapsing, social media is a maker and a breaker.

Lastly, wanted to say thank you classmates for always keeping things interesting in the #IS6621 world, and best of luck to everyone. Professor Kane, thanks for everything- this class and the knowledge you brought to us definitely leave me much better off going out into the real world.

It’s been fun!



  1. fayehubregsen · ·

    GIF game on point @erinfitzpatrick123 ! These are some really solid highlights, and I completely agree that this class altered my perspective on social media’s reach. After taking IS6621, I now understand why so many professors at BC consistently follow #IS6621 because not only does the class Twitter forum stay on top of all major developments, but also offers up a mix of viewpoints.

  2. Awesome post! Gif usage super strong. I really liked the way you outlined this the semester in this post–you really did hit most of the highlights. It’s crazy to think how far some of these brands have come (for better & worse) since the beginning of the semester: we basically got to watch the week to week demise of one the most popular apps in the country (and internationally). I’ve loved the chance to get to keep up with current events with such a diverse class; not only do I think I learned about a lot of events I otherwise wouldn’t have, but I truly think I was able to analyze the social media sphere much better by incorporating the views and insights of the rest of class! thanks for being a part of it :)

  3. clinecapen · ·

    Nailed it…. Great Gifs and your summary was spot on. This class definitely helped us all put a different lens on how social media and technology impacts our lives. I think we all are looking a little more into the future and trying to anticipate what changes will come.

  4. I, too, am pleasantly surprised that Trump didn’t dominate our social media discussion.

  5. I would agree that this class was definitely perspective-changing! Great gifs, and I like the way you phrased that social media is both “a maker and a breaker.” Thanks for the great highlight reel!

  6. ItsUlker · ·

    This was such a fun post to read thanks to all your GIFs, great job! I also thoroughly enjoyed discussing PR disasters (or a little more rare positive activities by companies too), and it was fun to keep on top of all things tech as a class requirement (it’s a good habit to form and keep). I also like how you recognized the importance of the future perspective that the class brings – it will definitely prove to be a good profesisonal boost. And I agree, it was fun!

  7. isabel_calo1 · ·

    Loved the recap of the class and you really hit every post!! I totally agree this has definitely changed the way I utilize social media and which ones I even us more. Twitter was not one of my dominating social medias but now I think I am going to continue using just to look for the relevant topics that we learned so much about. loved reading your post this semester and great gifs

  8. benrmcarthur · ·

    I have to admit that the GIF-friendly format is the reason I first read this blog post. And to be honest, the fact that you can use GIF’s to pretty much create an overview of our semester says a lot about how we like to communicate ideas. It’s like there’s a sense of GIFology that is now presently known to people our age. We can relate to GIF’s, we can establish relationships through GIF’s, and we can honestly bring the best human emotion through GIF’s. Even my online text editor says the GIFology is a word so I guess that proves my point there. GIF’s are everywhere and it’s almost like a new way to express ideas beyond words.

  9. cjprall · ·

    Awesome post. I literally did the same thing when I wrote my last blog post trying to remember Justine Sacco’s name but shout out to Google for coming up big. I think the fact that you’re able to have an interesting discussion on a topic like AI just goes to show how important this class has been to make us more comfortable with all types of technology. Before this class, I’m also not sure I would have been able to just talk about things like blockchain or AI, but it turns out just talking about it like in our class discussions and hearing everyone’s take it so useful in building an understanding of something that’s new to all of us.

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