TBH I got nothing from this class :/

So, you fell for it and started reading my blog post- I have mastered clickbait. But, at this point, you should probably know that my title is absolutely fake news and I can truly say that this was one of my favorite classes at Boston College.


I was very nervous beginning this class because 1) I thought MBA students were kinda scary (sorry) 2) I’ve never been in a class where the use of social media was so central to my education and 3) Prof Kane did a great job the first day warning us about this class. But nevertheless, I stayed because I knew it was rare to find a class where snacks were guaranteed every class and I thought it would be fun to go outside my comfort zone. Luckily, my decision to stay paid off.

What I Got From This Class

I think the way technology was used in this class really made it so all of us could be creative, intellectual, and engaging. This combination is really rare in my experience. After the first couple of weeks, I became very comfortable tweeting, blogging and interacting with people on Twitter. It was a strange feeling for me to engage with my peers on social media in an intellectual manner. Going from a world #TBT and #OOTD to Prof Kane’s world of #IS6621 was really beneficial for me personally and intellectually. Throughout the semester I was able to see how social media can be used in ways that can really enhance my education, rather than distract me from it. Expanding the interactions with my peers outside of the classroom allowed us to engage more in each other’s interests and learn more from each other.

I also found that I became more confident in my writing and researching skills. Many of the topics I chose to blog about were not necessarily well-constructed ideas. So, through research of vague topics that were much more unchartered than I was comfortable with, I was able to refine my researching skills to develop more concrete ideas. Additionally, writing about topics I was genuinely interested in allowed me to be more creative with my work. This level of creativity and flexibility is not common in the business school.

This class also made me moren19gz.jpg willing to learn about things I didn’t think I would be interested in or didn’t think that it was intellectually in my reach (@ blockchain). Going outside my comfort zone really paid off (surprise!) Through learning about topics such as AI, blockchain, and VR, all things that I had little to no knowledge of, I was able to see the importance of being informed. These are all really important technologies that will be a part of my life whether I learn beforehand about them or not. Being prepared for how these technologies may disrupt future business is essential to being relevant in the world of the future. Though I cannot say that I have a great grasp of what blockchain is or what AI may be capable of in the future, I am now informed enough to carry out a conversation about it or understand how it may impact our future.

Hopes For After #IS6621

I hope that I will continue to expand my knowledge about social media and digital business. This class has shown me how easy it is to learn and explore different ideas on twitter. Having the requirement of tweeting and blogging forced me to look into what’s happening in the world but I hope after this class I keep that motivation. Though it will be a bummer to not have 30 minutes devoted to what happened on Twitter during the week,  I will try to do my best to keep up with what is happening because it has been fun. As much as I will try to replicate what I love about this class, I will still be very sad once it is over.


Final Thoughts On Where Social Media and Digital Business is Headed

Social media and digital business will continue to be more integrated as we progress. My coffee pot will start brewing 30 minutes after my alarm goes off and when my coffee is finished brewing my car will start. Sounds crazy but hey, look at what Ikea wants a kitchen table to be able to do in 2025. I am excited for the changes to happen not only in the consumer realm but also the possibilities of what businesses will be able to do. We are living in a world where we are producing so much data and information because of what we share that there is a huge potential on the business side. Needs that we don’t even know we have may be met because of the information that we are sharing on social media. Some people may think it’s scary but I think it’s awesome. Who’s with me?

Thank You!

Thank you, Prof Kane and IS6621 classmates for a great year! This class was invaluable in my educational development and was a great course to complete my business/marketing degree.


  1. hahaha I couldn’t help but click into this post. I definitely agree with you that interacting with classmates on Twitter was one of the funniest parts of this class. I am almost upset that everyone has to stop tweeting because I found myself actually getting a lot of my news from the #IS6621 page on twitter. Hopefully we can all stay connected on Twitter and keep everyone updated on the latest news.

  2. Nice post, I could relate to much of what you said. I loved the fact that you mentioned the ability to use social media in class in ways that were more educational and intellectual rather than providing a distraction, and I think this was a great aspect of this class. I felt the same way as I learned so much from our use of Twitter, and really going through so much content that kept me up to date with the tech news, and it was also simply a great way to engage with our classmates. I felt that Blockchain and AI was also a little out of my comfort zone, but I appreciated all of our invaluable discussions in class, which facilitated my understanding of these topics.

  3. fayehubregsen · ·

    As my first joint undergrad grad class, I also was unsure of what to expect at the beginning of the semester. I think more than anything, the benefit of mixing is the diversity of experience that added a wider range of perspective during classroom discussion. When undergrads would speculate on facets of the working world, grads could step in to offer up their observations and analysis.

  4. Great post! I think one of the most beneficial parts of this class for me has also been the transition from a personal to an ‘intellectual’ social media account–though I’ve still kept my other SM accounts fairly normal, it’s been really nice to develop a more professional, business-oriented online personality. I definitely plan on trying to keep it up. I also will definitely miss our weekly Twitter discussions–being in this class meant I was always up to date on the news, something I’ll try to continue doing, but I know I won’t be able to educate myself the way this entire class can. RIP #is6621–we should totally make a #is6621alum feed or something, I would love a way to continue getting updates from the class on what they’re finding interesting in the news.

  5. mollyshields44 · ·

    You’ve mastered the engaging titles! You make some great points regarding a perspective change in regards to twitter and blogs. Coming into the class I was skeptical of those platforms as they were not part of my regular social media routine. I soon learned the many benefits and advantages of tweeting daily and sharing my thoughts via the blog. You are also so right about how this class helped keep us up to date on current events. One of my favorite parts of class was the twitter discussion and it gave me a new appreciation of the information Twitter can share with us. The Ikea kitchen table is a pretty big advancement and in 2015, when the video was published, I don’t know if I would have believed it. Now, after this class, I am much more open to the possibility. Nice wrap up of the class!

  6. dcardito13 · ·

    Definitely gained my attention with the title of your blog post! I was also nervous about beginning this class, but it was one of my favorite classes here at BC, and definitely paid off. I agree with you that I have definitely become more confident in my writing skills, being that I never wrote a blog before this class. At first I was nervous about writing my opinions and in such a casual tone, but it turned out to be an awesome experience that I can use in my career in the future. Great job!

  7. erinfitzpatrick123 · ·

    Very clever title gabby haha. I agree that this class opened me up to learning about things I didn’t think I could (or wanted to) understand like Blockchain – yes, so hot rn. While I still can’t understand it all fully, I think I will continue to be interested in it and build my knowledge as I move ahead. So sad to be leaving this class and the group we’ve formed on Twitter. Thanks for being part of it!

  8. ItsUlker · ·

    I might be super repetitive here, but great title :) I think the important thing about your post was the fact that even though you viewed the class as a step out of your comfort zone, you were eager to take that step – and you were able to learn so much from it. This class will give you as much as you want to take from it, and it’s great to hear that for you were able to walk away from it with new and improved skills. Thanks for all the great comments on Twitter too, I personally kep noticing them all the time!

  9. aecharl · ·

    Love your clickbait title. #Fakenews! I completely agree that it was a novel concept at the beginning of the semester to use social media for intellectual purposes rather than keeping up socially with friends, fashion and celebrities. I hope you do not find grad students to be too scary anymore! We are not too much further out of undergrad than most of you and only have a few years of work experience separating us. Good luck after graduation and great contributions this semester!

  10. terencenixdorf · ·

    Very clever clickbait title to start off a well done wrap up post. I came into this class just as nervous as you did because of Prof Kane’s warning message but I’m really glad it didn’t deter that many people. I learned so much about digital business from all of our classmates and I was constantly kept up to date with what was going on around the world thanks to our Twitter feed. Like you, I had no clue what blockchain was and I wasn’t really sure I was ever going to comprehend it (not that I do now but maybe a little bit). Your final thoughts on where you think the industry is headed is perfect and I really think that we’re not too far away from everything you just said and it’s those little efficiency advancements that make me truly excited. Thanks for sharing!

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