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Social Media has been a big part of my life growing up and it will keep evolving and changing in order to stay relevant. Many people who do not like social media are just scared to adopt it because of the volatility that comes along with it. It’s like driving a car or learning how to ride a bike, once you understand the rules of the road you no longer fear (social) death. There are definitely many Do’s and Don’ts of social media platforms and I think taking this course has made me a wiser social media user.

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I started off the class scared about the horrors that can occur on social media and expecting to see more. As a millennial, I take pride in my social media use but have never realized that I have never truly dived into it completely or used it to its full capacity. First of all, I deleted Twitter from my phone two years ago and thought that it was just another dead platform, but honestly using it again helps me feel more in the loop and can get the stories the quickest. However, the problem with that has been the “fake news” that you have to filter through. It is easy to read a tweet and automatically believe something happened and start telling people.


But the important thing is that you have to do your own research. THERE IS ALWAYS MORE TO THE STORY. We have to take everything we see and hear with a grain of salt because social media is the new tabloid- and people are there to just sell a story and get it trending. If there have been any really intense moments in this past semester online I always made sure to read up on more of the story: a) to be more informed b) to not sound stupid when I tell my friends and c) to actually form and opinion from the correct data.

Even though there have been some great insights into the use of social media and the great wonders we can do with it…you also can never avoid the stupidity. There will always be people and companies saying things they should not online and then trying to back track to cover it up. But as we all know- whatever is posted on the internet stays on it FOREVER. Even if a company has a long well thought out process for an ad or an event it doesn’t always mean it will be successful, and the internet trollers will be the first to tell you! (*cough* Pepsi *cough*)


Even this post could come back to haunt me one day if someone uses this rant about social media against me. We all know to make sure our social media sites are clean and appropriate for future employers and our mothers, but there are still people who can hack us or take our words out of context. It is a cruel cruel world out there and we shouldn’t give people ammo to use against us.

This course hasn’t only been about social media, but also digital business. Although we have had some deep and scary discussions about AI and robots taking over the world someday, it has made them more realistic and helped the class understand what is really happening in tech and the business world around us. From Snap’s IPO, to Bitcoin, and self-driving cars, this course has shown us a piece of the future and the chance to tell my friends that I knew this was coming before they did. It also helped me look at news and understand the repercussions or the benefits of small innovations. Even though I still need to wrap my head around the idea of Bitcoin and figure out where to get one and how to really use them, I am still ahead of the game by getting the chance to learn more about them.

All in all, #IS6621 that is a wrap and so is my college career…Unknown-1.jpeg


  1. laurenmsantilli · ·

    Funny you mention that you erased your twitter app two years ago – me too! I had stopped being active on it and didn’t see the value in it again until this class. Of course, I’m using this Twitter for a much different purpose, but still, the value is definitely there. I agree that there’s always more to the story on social media – which has been particularly interesting in the current political climate. Good wrap up, and I always loved reading your blogs this semester!

  2. Great post! The hash tag you mentioned is a really cool find. Also, thank you for the reminder that it is important to remember that social media can easily sensationalize something without telling the whole story – I feel like that is an aspect that can easily be forgotten.

  3. Awesome post! Similar to you, this class helped me to see some of the value in Twitter as a news outlet. Even if some of what is posted can’t actually be trusted, sifting through the fake news isn’t all that hard if you know what to look for. Staying up to date and informed about the world of digital business has definitely been beneficial, as it allows us to prepare for what ever comes next.

  4. cjprall · ·

    Nice post. The combination of social media etiquette and the ability to spot fake news has really turned into a necessary skillset for surviving online. Whether its a poorly supervised corporate Twitter account or the average person sharing a baseless news article online after only reading a juicy headline, the possibilities for misuse of information online can really have devastating effects on people’s careers or lives, as we’ve seen in this class.

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