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The Future is Happening Now

The end of this semester felt more like a philosophy class than a social media class. Big concepts of technological innovations with the potential to completely uproot the economy and daily lives can be difficult to grasp. It’s hard to picture a world driven by Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing, and literally driven by self-driving […]

So long, Farewell

I’ve never been good at goodbyes and frankly I’ve rarely say goodbye to a course or class or professor its usually more aligned with “see you never”. But this class was different. It was a created community, but in the classroom and outside as we were constantly connected and communicating through this blog and over twitter. This […]

Final Thoughts on Social Media

When I first signed up for this class, I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t have a twitter account, I had never blogged before, and wasn’t a huge social media user. I was actually pretty intimidated by our blog posts assignments at first, but they quickly grew to be my favorite […]

it feels good to be human

someone tell me how it’s may 2017 already??? I showed up to Stokes 195S on the first Wednesday of the semester hoping that I’d make it onto the roster. I saw a lot of familiar faces (although most of them dropped out after the first-day warnings feat. prof Kane) and just really wanted to explore the […]

Final Thoughts on #IS6621

It’s overwhelming how my perspective of social media changed since the beginning of the course. I decided to take this class because on the last semester of my college career I decided to drop the management and leadership concentration to start the entrepreneurship concentration. Many of the requirements from management also applied for entrepreneurship so […]

Brilliant Jerks of Uber (Not My Last Post)

Do psychologists have a duty to help and protect the public, or are they free to take advantage of a free market and use their talents to do whatever they would like to make money?   There is a trend in the video game industry, specifically the mobile game industry, where gaming studios are hiring […]

Loving Social Media

Well, I suppose it’s finally that time! This will be a bit of an abridged final post, as this is technically my 8th time blogging. I messed with the system just a little bit last week when I blogged out of order with a post about Shared Media and Vivoom. Now, allow me to take […]

Off Into The Digital Future

It feels like just yesterday that I was stalking the newly created BC Class of 2017 Facebook group in summer before my freshman year – looking for a glimpse into the lives of people I’d be surrounded by for the next four years. For those of you in the Class of 2017- if you’re looking […]

The End.

So that’s it. A great semester over. While I am sad about this class ending, my emotions are more with the fact that in less than three weeks I will be a college graduate. WHAAAATT. How did that happen? I think back to four years ago when I had just found out I got into […]

ATTENTION: Do not read until 2037

Time has flown by…I remember our first Wednesday night thinking that maybe I should drop this class based on the first forewarnings and lists of assignments. But boy am I glad that I didn’t! What I have learned this semester is both invaluable and applicable for all us moving forward, many thanks to the eye-opening presentations, Twitter […]

iBorg, YouBorg, Our Kids will be Cyborgs

It has been a fantastic ride this semester with ISYS6621. As we look back on what we’ve learned, we are also necessarily looking forward at what is to come. Because after all is said and done, while we did learn a thing or two about marketing in the digital age, the takeaways that will really […]

Where Do We Go From Here?

When we started this semester and the guidelines to the class were given to us, I didn’t know what to expect.  At first, I questioned my own abilities.  While I felt relatively comfortable with my own ability to navigate technology and social media, I was still on the older side of being a millennial, where […]

What comes next?

I have often found the the question “what comes next?” frequents milestones. In this case, it has to do with graduation coming in just a few weeks. I could give you the plain answer, that I am going to do a cross-country road trip and then take a few weeks to relax before starting work […]

More questions than answers

In reflecting on this semester’s Social Media and Digital Business course, I feel like I am walking away with more questions than answers. I mean that in a very positive sense. What I have taken from this class is not all of the answers about how social media and digital businesses will affect our identities and societies in the future, but instead it has instilled a curiosity and inquisitiveness in me to continue to think about these issues in the future.

Final Thoughts: From Skepticism to Endorsement

Twitter Throughout this semester, my opinion on Twitter has shifted quite dramatically.  For years I avoided the social media network as if it were a plague.  To me, the character limit promoted simplified thought to the point of turning the site into a ranting page for lazy people.  Additionally, I was terrified that joining another social […]