Monthly Archives: May 2017

The Future is Happening Now

The end of this semester felt more like a philosophy class than a social media class. Big concepts of technological innovations with the potential to completely uproot the economy and daily lives can be difficult to grasp. It’s hard to picture a world driven by Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing, and literally driven by self-driving […]

So long, Farewell

I’ve never been good at goodbyes and frankly I’ve rarely say goodbye to a course or class or professor its usually more aligned with “see you never”. But this class was different. It was a created community, but in the classroom and outside as we were constantly connected and communicating through this blog and over twitter. This […]

Final Thoughts on Social Media

When I first signed up for this class, I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t have a twitter account, I had never blogged before, and wasn’t a huge social media user. I was actually pretty intimidated by our blog posts assignments at first, but they quickly grew to be my favorite […]

it feels good to be human

someone tell me how it’s may 2017 already??? I showed up to Stokes 195S on the first Wednesday of the semester hoping that I’d make it onto the roster. I saw a lot of familiar faces (although most of them dropped out after the first-day warnings feat. prof Kane) and just really wanted to explore the […]

Final Thoughts on #IS6621

It’s overwhelming how my perspective of social media changed since the beginning of the course. I decided to take this class because on the last semester of my college career I decided to drop the management and leadership concentration to start the entrepreneurship concentration. Many of the requirements from management also applied for entrepreneurship so […]

Brilliant Jerks of Uber (Not My Last Post)

Do psychologists have a duty to help and protect the public, or are they free to take advantage of a free market and use their talents to do whatever they would like to make money?   There is a trend in the video game industry, specifically the mobile game industry, where gaming studios are hiring […]

Loving Social Media

Well, I suppose it’s finally that time! This will be a bit of an abridged final post, as this is technically my 8th time blogging. I messed with the system just a little bit last week when I blogged out of order with a post about Shared Media and Vivoom. Now, allow me to take […]