I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

Dear Myself in One Year,

Happy one-year anniversary of finishing IS6621! This Social Media and Digital Business course was one of the best classes you took at Boston College and you learned about more topics than there are United PR problems. I hope you haven’t had to take a flight with them in the past year…

I decided to write this to you so that we don’t forget about this experience. Your roommate recommended you take this class it was one of the best decisions you’ve made at BC. Let me remind you of a few highlights of the class.

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You learned a lot in this class and it really opened your eyes to a new way of viewing social media and its impact on business and society. I remember when you first entered this class you thought that it would be interesting but assumed it would most likely be a review what you already knew with some new examples. Wow- you were SO wrong!


This class completely opened your eyes to the business side of social media. You soon learned it was much different from your daily interaction checking Snapchat filters (is the dog one still there?) and double tapping to like your 5th grade best friend who you haven’t seen in ten years’ picture on Instagram. The world of social media and digital business has implications far behind our personal uses. You saw how it allows us to build collective intelligence, generate viral topics, create new business models with the share economy, and redefine what it means to work.

Here are some recommendations and advice of how to take what you learned in #IS6621 and bring it to the ‘real world’ where you now live:

1. Your perfect driving playlist might will become irrelevant… and that’s ok

You knew companies like Uber and Google were experimenting with autonomous vehicles but you definitely did not know the extent of the research or what it meant on a larger scale. A year later I’m sure there are still not self driving cars on the road but you need to start preparing yourself for a shift. Not only will things begin to change behind the wheel but in all industries. That’s a good thing! While there are many ethical questions and concerns surrounding this new technology (FYI you may have a 3D printed organ one day), you’ve learned about the countless benefits. Seek out the crazy ideas and learn about them. Even if a company is trying to get you to stay in a stranger’s house- don’t discount it, they could be on to something.

2. Adapt or Die

While that may be a little extreme, now more than ever there is need to be on the right side of the learning curve. Before taking this class you were out of date on what was going on in the tech world. This class showed you so much more about the advances happening right now and the many that will come. Paying attention to the news and following various companies is really important to staying aware of new technology and opportunities. You learned so much through #IS6621 Twitter conversation, keep that hasthtag tucked away to get the best news!

3. Keep an Open Mind

Arguably the most important thing this class did for you was show you that it is good to be welcoming of new ideas. Before this class you would often disregard some new ideas as “too crazy” or “never gonna happen.” That thinking will cost you to miss out on learning about and trying new experience. You had a great semester learning from your classmates and thanks to their tweets and presentation you now know about numerous topics from Cybersecurity to Slacktivism, Wearable Tech to Location Based Apps, Rating Inflation to Social Media’s effect on Comedy. Keep up to date on these topics and explore new ones. You saw how fun it can be to learn about tech and society. You would geek out to your friends after class and tell them all the new things you learn. You would debate with your Mom on whether or not we are going to be able to say, “Remember when we used to drive cars?” Don’t forget about those great conversation, in class and post class, and start bringing them up again. Keep learning new things!


A year in the future I hope you still remember the great lessons you learned in #IS6621. Who knows, maybe you spontaneously invested in bitcoin, made a lot of money and invested it in the next Amazon. Pretty unlikely, but if this can happen then I’ll keep an open mind! Thanks for the memories #IS6621 and Prof. Kane! It was great to learn, like, and laugh with you!


Present-day Molly




  1. clinecapen · ·

    Great post it was witty, funny, with just the right amount of nostalgia. You have a great point it is so important to keep learning and stay engaged, the world changes fast.

  2. lesleyzhou · ·

    Your post does a fantastic job of summarizing this semester’s class in a nutshell Molly! Yes, indeed before coming into this course I thought some of the ideas people were proposing like “self driving cars in 3 years time” or “AI overtaking the human race” was completely whack, but now I find myself debating with my roommates in the car about the possibility that we’ll never need to own our own car ever again because of efficient car services that Uber will be able to provide someday. And while the future is full of possibilities that can improve our everyday lives, I’d be lying if I were to say I’m not terrified of the implications and what that means for us as a race. Thus, I may aspire to open my own business someday, but I guess I’ll have to keep checking #IS6221 so ensure I’m not behind the learning curve by the time I actually make that initial investment.

  3. I really enjoyed the way you wrote this post! It was funny but also relevant. Also, what you said in your “adapt or die” section is something I totally agree with – I mentioned a similar concept in my blog post as well.

  4. viquezj · ·

    Great post! You summed up the highlights of the class pretty well. I agree that this class gives you a great perspective on the business part of social media, and it provides a perspective of how quickly the world around us is changing. Before the class, I used to think that advances such as flying cars, driverless cars, and VR/AR, were about a decade away, but after all the research and discussions I came to realize that they are already here. Which is why it is extremely important to keep an open mind and stay up to date in the modern world we live in.

  5. erinfitzpatrick123 · ·

    Loved the highlight photos Molly! They really summed up our discussion on memes, social media mess ups, and so much more. I think looking back in a year, I will definitely remember this class as one that impacted me as well. I will definitely remember to keep an open mind. As you said, we learned so many different topics and from so many different perspectives through the student presentations, that it was essential to listen and understand things are changing. Overall, glad to have you along for the ride and can’t wait to see where we both are in a year (looking back on this class!)

  6. ItsUlker · ·

    Loved your post! It was very engaging, insightful and your 3 points summarize it perfectly! I especially like the last point about keeping an open mind. It is so important to not only be aware of what’s going in the world of tech innovation, but also to be able to accept them. I think we all have heard of enough examples where companies or even individuals were dismissive of some technologies, only to find them displacing the old ways of doing things. Thanks again for a great post!

  7. aecharl · ·

    Love the format of this post. I like the idea of writing it so that it freezes the current moment in time. Things change so quickly and if you don’t remind yourself of even little things, such as the dog Snapchat filter or that the Instagram logo used to be a different color, you quickly forget. Really great content this summer in both your presentation as well as your blog posts and small group commentary. Best of luck after graduation!

  8. Very well written post! I agree with all of your suggestions. As members of the workforce, if we don’t keep an open mind to the changing world around us, adapt to technology, and keep learning, we can easily be replaced by someone (or something) who does. Education doesn’t end after school is over. With the speed at which technology is evolving around us, it is vital that we stay informed, and I think this class has prepared us well for just that.

  9. talkingtroy · ·

    Nice meme usage in your closing post. Maybe one day we’ll look back and say “hey, remember when memes used to be a little picture or gif” (I’m still not sure what they will become but my instinct says they’ll be different). Great post and I also appreciated your input in our small group discussions.

  10. CarbNatalie · ·

    This is a great post! I enjoyed that you summed up your experience as your future self. You hit everything that I could say and more about this class spot on! Thank you for all the gifs and memes (especially the bitcoin @isabelcalo hahaha)

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