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What a semester! So much content and so many interesting discussions that have taken place in the classroom, on Twitter and over the comment section on blogs. It is hard to analyze the whole semester, so instead I have broken it down into the parts I found most meaningful and have decided to reflect upon those one at a time.

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Class Presentations:

My favorite part of IS6621 were the class presentations. I learned so much from both graduate and undergraduate students about everything from how social media works in Cuba to making money off of Instagrams of dogs to mental health awareness in Canada. It was a great opportunity to share my own knowledge and experience on weddings as well as learn what others are passionate about and have come to care about on their own.


Blog Posts:

In the beginning of the semester, I would stress out about what to write about for my Tuesday blogposts and worry that I would run out of topics. As the semester went on, however, I realized that topics would come to me as I was inspired by different things I read about or saw. I was excited to write about the Boston Marathon after watching it in person allowed me to put more into my writing than if I had just searched generic topics on the internet. I also feel I learned how to add substance to my writing by incorporating scholarly articles and research into my posts. Blogging is something I hope I will be able to do again in my future – whether it is working for myself or writing on behalf of my future employer.



I have always had a small social media presence but only for social purposes on Instagram and Facebook. This class really pushed me to incorporate social media for an academic purpose into my everyday life. It has made me realize that I actually do enjoy following news stories and being aware of what is going on in the world around me. I promised myself at the beginning of business school that I would read a newspaper every day. That has not exactly panned out as I had hoped and was not the most realistic goal. With this class, however, I have learned that getting daily news can be easier and faster by using Twitter and following reliable news sources. I feel that I have had a lot more to add to conversations with friends and family member and am much more informed than I was back in January prior to using the hashtag #IS6621 daily to share findings on Twitter.


Remaining Relevant:

I often find myself sitting in lectures during business school and thinking, “Will this really even be a relevant technology or topic in five years?” Professor Kane has changed my rather pessimistic outlook on the utility of my degree by placing such a strong emphasis on how it is now in our hands to keep what we know relevant and make sure that we are in the know of technologies so that we do not become obsolete ourselves. I have realized that continuing my education and keeping myself informed of different trends in marketing and in social media will be imperative to making sure I am as successful and marketable as possible in the future.


It has been such a pleasure discussing, tweeting, listening and presenting to the class this semester. Thank you for great feedback and unique insight. Best of luck to all of the graduating seniors and graduate students! I hope to see you all back on social media in some capacity or another in the future.



  1. Great post, really nice way to wrap up the course. I too have come to more fully appreciate social media as a practical and necessary tool for surviving and thriving in the modern business world. I also sympathize with your initial worry about the blog posts and your belief that blogging teaches some really valuable skills. The human mind tends to underestimate itself, only to exceed those expectations if thoroughly pushed. Finally, I agree that the presentations were definitely an amazing part of class… cheers to you for volunteering to present so early on in the semester! I definitely picked up a few good tips from watching you present.

  2. ItsUlker · ·

    Loved your post and your structured approach! I couldn’t agree more with your point about promising myself to read news and not keeping up on that promise until this semester, I think learning to enjoy Twitter in this professional capacity was one of the biggest takeaways of the course for me too. And just like you, I loved the class presentations, the variety of topics, and the insights they provided into others. Thanks for being one of my friends in this class ;)

  3. jordanpanza29 · ·

    I really loved how you broke it down by every section of the class! I agree I learned a lot from the individual presentations and the blog posts. i think that is because we all come from such different backgrounds- undergrads, grads, business and non business, so the selection of subjects was incredible. I feel as though I would not of known about most of these things without this class. So many of the presentations were on such unique topics I don’t think I would of ever just googled those subjects.

  4. diiorion · ·

    Like yourself and others, I had the same unrealistic goal of reading the newspaper every day as well. Sometimes I’ll even pick it up and just walk around with it in my backpack and never get the chance to read it. But now that I’ve started to follow more news accounts on Twitter, I’ve found that I’ll end up reading about most of the interesting topics/articles the day before they’re in the paper. This was a big improvement for me this semester that I hope I can continue with after graduation.
    I also agree that one of my favorite parts of the class were the presentations. Having such a wide variety of students, both graduate and undergraduate, domestic and international, provided a large range of topics, all of which were extremely interesting.
    Great post!

  5. Great final post! Just like you, my favorite part of this class was watching everyone’s presentations because I was able to see everyone’s passions about technology/social media come alive. And I’ve also not been great at keeping up with the news, but tweeting each week has helped me stay ahead of the curve and also add more insight to conversations I have with others (I do not plan on deleting my Twitter account anytime soon). Thanks for your great insights in class discussions, and best of luck to you as well!

  6. cjprall · ·

    Great post, I definitely share some of your highlights. Whenever someone asks me what I’m doing after school I tell them I’m going to adopt a puppy and make it insta famous with my marketing degree (don’t tell my parents). At $10,000 per sponsored post who wouldn’t? Plus I’d have a puppy. You brought up the concept of staying relevant with all this new technology and I started to notice small social media trends among the freshman in my comedy group at BC that I hadn’t known about before and already started feeling old. And worse than that is all the technology I’ve used and learned with in my four years at BC could be outdated by next year. This class definitely gave me a lot to think about!

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