Final Thoughts on #IS6621

It’s overwhelming how my perspective of social media changed since the beginning of the course. I decided to take this class because on the last semester of my college career I decided to drop the management and leadership concentration to start the entrepreneurship concentration. Many of the requirements from management also applied for entrepreneurship so everything worked out well to finish the concentration on time before graduation. I sat down with professor Mary Tripsas who is in charge of the entrepreneurship concentration and she pulled out a list of the electives required for the concentration. Unluckily for me, all the classes were full which meant that I wouldn’t be able to fulfill all the requirements on time. However, she told me to pick the class that I was the most interested in, and she would personally talk to the professor to try and get a spot for me. Next day I checked my email and sitting in my inbox I found a forward email where professor Kane was accepting to open a place for me. Looking back, changing my second concentration was the best decision that I have made throughout college because if it wasn’t for that I would not have taken this class.

That said, I would like to state my main key takeaways form this class:

  1. Social media has radically changed our interaction with society: We are always connected to the digital world, and there will be a time that we will be connected 24/7 to these SM platforms (if that is not the case already)
  2. The future is now: many technologies that seemed to be science fiction just a decade ago is already a reality today. There is even plenty of inventions which we think are still years away from been invented but if you pay attention to giant tech titans you realize that they were already invented and are simply waiting to be incorporated to society gradually.
  3. The implications of social media in business: technology is changing the world in which we live in and consumers/individuals have more power each day. Conflicts that would be undermined years ago, could now make a public company lose millions of dollars with a scandal on the web.
  4. Ethics: There are also responsibilities that come with the power of social media – for example – knowing how to release features like facebook live and avoid people using it for the wrong reasons. Reducing the number of trolls who might hurt a person verbally and even threaten others behind a fake account. These are only a couple of examples, but ethics is present on everything that you do online, and social media platforms should ensure that their platforms do not get infected with unethical behavior.
  5. My favorite topic during the semester was Blockchain: If the concept of shared economy already seemed disruptive and modern, now try to imagine how quickly the world is moving that just in the few years, platforms like airbnb and uber might become obsolete once society enhances the technology of blockchain to organize these services ourselves. A prefect economy in which we are all connected and we keep track of all assets at all time to prevent hacks.
  6. The future of social media is virtual reality/augmented reality: I am biased because this was the topic of my presentation and I have been for several years a fan of Zuckerberg’s vision and innovation, who is heavily invested in the idea of creating virtual reality content and making the experience more immersive and social. I am definitely looking forward to conducting a meeting in a virtual world with someone on the other side of the planet.

I would like to continue the routine that this class has taught me – for example – research what is going on (trending) in social media every week and learn how the world is gradually changing with the release of new technologies. The material covered in this class will completely change by next year or even next semester, so it is most important to stay up to date with the current events. I would definitely recommend this class to other peers since it made an impact in my college experience.


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