The End.

So that’s it. A great semester over. While I am sad about this class ending, my emotions are more with the fact that in less than three weeks I will be a college graduate. WHAAAATT. How did that happen? I think back to four years ago when I had just found out I got into BC. I had just finished work and walked out into the parking lot and my family was waiting for me. A giant BC envelope in one hand and flowers in the other. The first thing I did (once I stopped crying tears of joy), was make a Facebook post. Boston College Class of 2017.

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It’s kind of funny how my BC career started with a social media post and it will end with one as well. While it literally is a full circle, the path to that circle has been anything but a straight line. I’ve changed my friend group, my major and my life plans a few dozen times. The one thing that has been a constant is social media.

And my social media has grown with me.


By this I mean social media has been constantly changing. The popularity of certain sites have clearly changed over the past four years. RIP Yik Yak. A social media site platform that had so much potential but fell short. Instagram, a small following when college began has quickly become something similar to the popularity of Facebook. Phrases like “I need to insta that” have quickly become a popular saying in moments that are worthy of Instagram.   Social media has also been surprising- did anyone think SnapChat would actually become successful? Or how about Facebook? The site that never goes away but instead continues to expand to all generations (Shout out to both my parents for getting on “The Facebook”). And honestly I did not predict any of those successes/ failures.


Through this class I learned that social media is rapidly changing. No one can really guess why one piece of social media takes off while another one falls short. It just happens. Who knows if Facebook will be able to read our minds in 5 years? Technology will be forever changing. It seems as though these creators are in a race to create the next big thing for technology. The question truly is do we need it? For example Bitcoin, (still have no clue how it works) was it a necessary creation? I feel as though we could survive without it. But what do I know? It truly might be the future of all currencies.




My usage of these sites have also changed. I no longer make statuses on Facebook, twitter had become a thing of the past for me and Instagram receives two posts a week instead of my constant posting of photos. I think this comes with self-confidence that I have gained throughout college. I bet my usage will continue to change. Regardless of what my usage is, or what sites it is on there is one certainty, the popular social media sites will change once again. I hope Facebook stays around solely because all my photos are saved on the site.

This class has also helped show me how social media can be more than just a random post. There is the creation of many different emotions and actions that occur off the screen. Airbnb and Uber has helped create this sense of trust. It is okay to get into a car with a stranger. These two types of businesses could help move our overall community/world into a more trusting society. Maybe I am just wishful thinking but I truly hope that this could be the start of a more trusting community.


Then there is the twitter component of this class. I probably got 80% of all my news this semester from Twitter. It actually is pretty reliable, is easy to navigate to the top things happening and gets straight to the point. I wish that more of my classes had a twitter component. I was able to gain confidence by tweeting about relevant things going on in the world. I am one of those people who does not like raising their hand and answering questions in class. So this gave me a chance to have my voice be heard.


I am extremely grateful that I took this class and wasn’t scared off during that first day. I was able to see the benefits of social media and learn a lot about different types of apps/technology that I had no clue even existed. Thank you all for a great semester!!




  1. duffyfallon · ·

    Great post! Interesting observation that your BC experience is coming around full circle in terms of social media – starting with a post and ending with a post. Given the way that many people use social media to post about milestones in their lives, coming full circle on social media in that sense is becoming more and more common. our point regarding the change that we’ve seen across social media in our time here is also very true (the Yik Yak phenomenon freshman year was outrageous) – I don’t think there’s any question that the general social media landscape looks much different to day than when we started.

  2. lesleyzhou · ·

    Great final post Jordan! I agree, prior to this class I never really gave a second thought about Uber and Airbnb since the two platforms already felt so integrated into my life, but now after my 4 years I think back and realize that in freshman year I was still scheduling Yellow Taxi cabs to come pick me up from Newton to drive me to Logan! Boy, has time changed and so goes with it the evolution of social media platforms that we either religiously use everyday (aka Instagram) or abandoned long ago (Tumblr and Lookbook??). Prior to college I never, ever could reason myself to start using snapchat because I thought it was the stupidest idea ever…why would you want to send pictures to your friends that just end up disappearing? Funny how I find myself using Snapchat everyday now and that the company decided to pursue its IPO the semester I decide to take IS6621.

  3. cjprall · ·

    Awesome post. It’s pretty crazy how all these apps snuck into everyday conversation. The fact that when something cool is happening everyone now understands the dilemma of making it their story or recording a longer video with their camera app, I think, just goes to show how fundamentally different this generation’s way of making memories is. Reading your post made me realize that I also don’t have copies of most of my pictures since I made a Facebook account and if one day I can’t access them that whole part of my life is gone. Really puts into perspective how much of our lives we’ve invested in technology, especially since freshman year at BC.

  4. zfarkas17 · ·

    Great final post. I think your discussion about how your use of social media has changed is particularly interesting. As the generation that is almost growing up with social media it will be interesting to see how our use of SM changes as we age. I think what has been fun was that we have had a front row seat to the creation of so many of the platforms we still use today.

  5. I loved how you mentioned that you opened and will conclude with your BC experience on social media. I too am amazed at how things have changes and become so much easier, such as with Airbnb and Uber. I hope these two will expand to more international countries in the future, as I really love the idea behind them which is instilled on trust. I think there is so much more to expect from technology. Regarding Twitter, I thought it was a great tool for class too, and am hoping that other classes at BC will be able to integrate it into the curriculum.

  6. mikeward7 · ·

    Interesting final post! Your first paragraph made me sad though because I hate thinking about having to graduate soon! It’s really interesting seeing thinking about how your social media usage has changed over the past several years and I think this class was awesome in making us realize that. I also couldn’t agree more with your opinion of twitter. I didn’t use it at all prior to this class but I’m definitely going to continue using it in the future.

  7. Great final post! I really agree with what you said about how your usage on different social media sites has changed. I would like to believe that Facebook will not be going away anytime soon because of its extensive network reach and constant innovations, and I can’t wait to see what other new popular social media sites will come into play. I also agree that Twitter has helped me keep up with the news, and I hope to keep up with it even this class ends!

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