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Have you ever felt yourself being swayed in one direction because of something that you read online? If you answered yes, you may have been a victim of online groupthink. In my Strategic Management class last week, we learned about the various sources of common decision biases and traps. One of the sources that we […]

Social Media: A Path to Academic Failure

I was distraught when three of my professors this semester said computers were not allowed to be used during class. “HOW am I going to survive these classes without my computer” I thought. Taking notes on a computer is way more efficient than hand writing notes. I can type way faster than I can write, […]

Goodbye Grocery Stores?

Clearly after reading all of the ISYS6621 blog posts and from the popularity surrounding snack time, our class loves food. One common trend that I’ve noticed is increasing in popularity is the meal kit delivery services such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. I remember first hearing about these and thinking how genius it was—it […]

Keeping up with the Kardashi-Trends

America’s “royal” family? The most famous-for-nothing celebrities on the planet? That family with big drama and even bigger butts? They have been called all of these things and plenty more, but whatever your opinion of them, the important thing is that you know who they are. Not only that, but you probably also know some […]

TBH, you’ve never heard of the #1 app out right now: tbh

Remember Yik Yak, the anonymous posting app in which your posts went to a Twitter-like feed and were up-voted or down-voted by others in your area? While there were some funny posts, there were many that were targeted attacks on specific individuals posted behind the mask of anonymity. Now, imagine that someone created an app […]

My Addiction to Social Media Ads

“No company better exemplifies the internet-age dictum that if the product is free, you are the product. Facebook’s customers aren’t the people who are on the site: its customers are the advertisers” (Lanchester). Ever since I read John Lanchester article, ‘You Are the Product’, I have not been able to get it out of my […]

The Digitization of the College Experience

As I was sitting around this past week trying to find a topic to write about for this week’s blog post, I paid particular attention to everything I was doing online, hoping that I would find something that would inspire a blog post about digital business. What I noticed, when I tracked what I was […]

It’s All Your Fault!

Many people (mainly {exclusively} historians) claim that you must learn about the past in order to prepare for the future. In every required history class I have taken, and even the one I “elected” to take, there has been some common themes throughout time. One of the most prominent themes is that if something goes […]

L8r Taxi, Welcome Drone

As I watched Snapchat stories, Instagram posts and my Facebook feed become inundated with posts from friends’ voyages to Clemson this passed weekend, very little of me felt envy, it was more relief. From my standpoint, and it is limited as I was relying solely on social media, it seemed the consensus was girls fly, […]

Social Networks & Video Games

In the eyes of many, video games carry a negative stigma. When I was growing up, my parents would often scold me for playing video games, calling them a waste of mental energy that distracts you when you need to be productive. However, with the rise of social media in the past decade, video games […]

Social media taking hurricane relief by storm

This past weekend, I stopped home for Sunday night dinner and it happened to turn into a bit of a family reunion, with the addition of my sister’s boyfriend, and my brother’s girlfriend and her family. My mother, of course, cherishes these moments and points out that our family has not spent time all together […]

The world of the Digital and Mobile Payments.

Mobile payments are in people’s everyday lives. You can find it in ApplePay, AliPay from Alibaba, WeChat Pay and Tencent (in China), Paypal, Venmo, Braintree, Square and also, now Amazon (who would have thought right). Today’s blog is an intro of what I will talk in my Wednesday presentation. Rather than having to bore you […]

The Reason Why You Can’t Stop Watching the Video of “How to Make Ice Cream Churro Bowls”

Chocolate Cream Cheese Stuffed Monkey Bread. Biscuits and Gravy Bake. Pesto asparagus and sun-dried tomato pasta. Go ahead, take a second to pause and stop drooling before continuing on. It’s a fact: we’re helplessly addicted to Tasty videos. Maybe it’s because as college students, we justify our obsession by convincing ourselves that watching another video will make […]

“Unlimited” Wireless Data is Back — For Good?

After a half-decade hiatus, unlimited data plans are back on our nation’s four largest cellular carriers – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Did you notice? If you’re anything like my roommate, you might not have noticed the sneaky games these carriers have been playing over the years. “These phone companies capitalize on people’s inability and […]

Millennials and CSR

Fortune 500 firms currently spend more than $15 billion per year on corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities – a number  that researchers say is rapidly rising. Whereas companies generally used to have very small CSR divisions, these teams are growing and taking on more responsibility within their corporations. While the core tenet of increasing value for […]