Turns Out, I Know Nothing…

I’m sure I’m not the only person in the class that was utterly confused on the very first day of class. Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely overwhelmed and baffled at the thought of remembering exactly what Professor Kane expected of us weekly and throughout the semester, but that wasn’t the real reason I was caught off balance. To be blatantly honest, Social Media and the Digital Business is absolutely nothing what I thought it would be. Turns out, I know nothing.

I’m taking this class through the lens of a marketing major. In business, I see social media used as a marketing and advertising tool that can transform your brand and allow companies to interact with consumers across the world on a personal level. This class is technically also a marketing class, being classified as “ISYS6621/MKTG6621”, so I know I’m not alone in my original assumptions. I incorrectly assumed that we would learn how to manage an organization’s social media, maintain an online presence, communicate directly with consumers, and how to successfully create original marketing content and campaigns using the digital world. I thought it would follow roughly the same path all of my other CSOM classes have so far.


But that was false. It’s very clear to me how far off from the reality of this class I was, I have been able to gather my thoughts about what this class could be for me. I entered this course thinking that it would expand my knowledge about using social media as a marketing tool. Now I know it’ll do much more than that: I’ll actually learn something valuable about a topic I don’t have very much experience in.

Quite frankly, I don’t know very much about digital technologies like collective intelligence, or what blockchain is, or how to shift your business strategy to reflect the evolving digital world. There are students in this class who are well-versed in those areas, but that’s just not me. Good thing I’m gonna learn about all of that.

What do I know about social media and the digital business? Not much on the digital business side, but that’s okay, it’ll come.

Just like everybody in our class, I know how to use Instagram, Snapchat, Pintrest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Whenever I’m bored, I go on my phone and I scroll mindlessly through my social media apps. I read articles about topics I’m interested in, send some Snapchats to my friends, and online shop. free-icons-1024x648

Taking a class about using social media would be rendered practically useless with the amount of time I spend on social media. It would’ve been a class I could’ve coasted through without much thought.

What else do I know about social media? I know that I would love nothing more than to make a living off of social media. I have a couple of dream jobs, like working in the NHL doing sports marketing, moving to Nashville and marketing for Warner Music Nashville, or making my living as a YouTuber. That’s right, one of my dream jobs is working from home as a YouTube influencer in the cosmetics industry.

I used to be embarrassed to admit how passionate I am about all things beauty, but to be honest, it’s the entire reason I took this class. It’s crazy to me that people can sit in front of a camera alone, creating content about what they love, and getting paid to do it. tumblr_m8zd86902u1rpza0oo1_500People can turn social media into a living, and one day, I hope that I can do that too. The beauty world is so immersed in the world of social media, and hands down watching YouTube has become my favorite thing to do. I’ll talk more about that later though…

From the first two classes, it’s clear to me that this class isn’t going to be a walk in the park. It’s going to take a lot of effort to be able to handle and control the workload for this class. How am I going to remember to tweet 4+ times a week, and remember to read and respond to my classmates? Twitter is my least-used social media app. It’s been on my phone for years and I hardly open it. I’ve never understood the point of Twitter, but that’s about to change. On top of tweeting, we have to blog, comment, and catch up on all the readings to be prepared for discussion. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but without time management, it’ll be easy to get lost in the workload.

I’m looking forward to this semester. The class wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, but I’m starting to realize that we can make it whatever we want to. I’m also well aware that this blog post is incredibly scatter-brained, probably terrible, and it’s clear that I’m new at this. While that may be true, I’m excited that this class will force us to “learn outside the box”.

Typical cookie-cutter classes that simply follow the syllabus are great and all, but most of the time, I walk away with just basic knowledge about whatever I was learning; I’m never truly forced to think deeply, or interact with my peers on a level other than saying ‘hi’ in the hallway. I think that this class is going to be whatever we make it, but I’m excited to try something different for the first time at BC.

I knew nothing coming in, but I can’t wait to see what’s to come!






  1. Nice, honest post. Frankly, knowing nothing is a actually a whole lot easier than knowing the wrong stuff. I don’t teach the basics of social media marketing because a) I really don’t know much about it and b) whatever I can teach you would be obsolete in 18 months. Instead, I hope to help to teach you how to think about social media critically, so you can handle the changes that will await you when you leave BC and think proactively about creative ways to use social media. I think/hope you’ll like what we have in store, though!

  2. Colby, I really like how Social Media is a way to constantly immerse ourselves in our passions. I love to fish and Instagram allows me to stay connected with an entire community 365 when I’m on and off the water. It’s a great outlet for creativity within one’s hobbies.

  3. alyssacasale4 · ·

    Colby, your passion about all things beauty seems very similar to my passion about food. Popular YouTube accounts can make over 10,000 dollars per 100,000 views, and Instagram accounts can make well over 9,000 dollars by posting one photo. I definitely agree that this is an interesting, cool career path!

  4. juliasmacdonald · ·

    Hi, Colby! Isn’t it the weirdest feeling to have what you think you know completely flipped on its head? One of my favorite quotes by Maya Angelou is “I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn.” It’s the only thing of which I’m sure!
    I admire your confidence in sharing your passion for beauty and aspirations of being a YouTube influencer. I have to say, I have daydreamed of what that would be like as well but have never been so open about it. I wonder if there is a stigma around some of these new and alternative career paths that have been created with new social media platforms. Needless to say, I’m eager for your presentation already!

  5. Anna Copman · ·

    Great first post, Colby! Love hearing about how passionate you are about the beauty industry, and your interest in getting involved through social media influencing! Like prof Kane said, the less you know at the beginning, the more propensity you have to learn throughout the semester. In future posts, consider using the header function to break up the content a bit, but great use of photos and memes!

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