I don’t know what this is yet …


I need to share something with everyone here. I know its not a popular opinion around these parts but I think its important for everyone to know – especially in this class.

I don’t like social media. I think it’s (generally) a giant waste of time with outlandish opportunity costs.

I’m glad I got that out of the way. It feels good to get that off my chest! So what am I doing in the class? Great question.

I’m not sure who to attribute this quote to but I often think about it: “The guy who doesn’t get it doesn’t realize that he doesn’t get it.” Somewhat relatable, there’s a great NPR podcast about the Dunning–Kruger effect and I think it, and the previous quote, applies to me here a little. As I get older the more I try to be aware of my blind spots and knowledge gaps, sometimes with good results and sometimes not. I always sort of assumed that my knowledge of social media was on par with all social media users … now, I’m just not so sure. In thinking about this post I’ve come to realize how I use social media; I consume only. I have Facebook but I don’t post anything. I have a personal Twitter account but I’ve never tweeted. I have Snapchat and Instagram but I’ve never shared a single picture. I follow interesting people and publications mostly and use the various platforms for information and small amounts of entertainment. I used to be very active on social media (*ahem* (MySpace)) but after years of sharing and consuming pictures and thoughts, fatigue has set in and I no longer share anything anymore. What I have no idea about is social media’s role in business applications. I roughly get the marketing point of view with number of impressions and such, but I have no idea what else is out there. How can a business leverage social media to improve knowledge, efficiency, products, production, HR, strategy ect? Can they?

The title of this course is Social Media & Digital Business. It’s that second part that I’m very interested in. I think the course description says it the best: “This course will continue to evolve to keep up with changes in technology and how these changes will affect business strategy and your career.” How will these emerging technologies define and transform the business environment that I’ll be placed into? What knowledge can I gain that will help me stay relevant? Can I use this knowledge to push initiatives and projects that create value? This is what I’m really excited about exploring.

I was apprehensive about the format of this class. Blogging, tweeting … actual interaction with other people! I’ve never blogged before. And as I mentioned earlier, I’ve never tweeted. So this is not normally the kind of class I would choose but maybe we’re on to something here. In our first reading of “Wisdom of Crowds,” we learned that individuals can be outperformed by crowd knowledge. I think the way this class is structured, we will all get to experience different points of view and ideas we have never thought about before. I have already read though several blog posts and I’m impressed with the quality and different view points. I’m glad we have an open structure and can explore the space.

I think what I’m really trying to say here is that I have no idea what I’m doing, but I think I thought I did. Social media nor digital business is a world that I live in but I can recognize the importance going forward. And I think I need to know more.



P.S. After reading some initial blog posts from my classmates, one thing is for sure. I’m going to have to step up my Office GIF game if I want to stay relevant.






  1. cgoettelman23 · ·

    I actually laughed out loud at the end of your blog post when you added The Office gif because that’s one of my favorite Kevin quotes, so that was definitely appreciated. On a more related note, I liked how you started your blog off with the honest truth, because I agree with you. Social media is a huge waste of time, but I, like you, recognize how important it’s becoming in our world of instant gratification. I like that you’ve never really used social media–it gives us all insight into different perspectives!

  2. briandentonbc · ·

    I said something very similar in my initial blog post. Not necessarily social media, but navigating the online community as a whole is something that is going to be very important going forward. I came away with the same impression that you did after the first few classes. Should be interesting going forward!

  3. Haha. Given the office GIF, I think you’re going to do just fine. I haven’t lost a student, yet! For the record though, my job isn’t to make you LIKE social media, it’s to help you understand it. Theres quite alot I both like and dislike about social media myself, and those things have changed over the years.

  4. britt_hopkins4 · ·

    This was so refreshing to read. I totally get both sides! I too have never blogged or really tweeted before, so once it was presented to me, I was hesitant. Businesses are definitely using social media to its advantage to get to new consumers and I think it can either go really well or really badly. I agree that I think as long as we keep our minds open we will learn a ton. Excited for the rest of the semester!

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