Initial Thoughts

Signing up for the course (did I make the right decision?):

After returning to Boston this summer and before classes started, I had a chance to sit down and read through the syllabus for this course and was able to view the Ted Talk done by Professor Kane. Based on the syllabus and Ted Talk, I determined that I would be able to gain a better understanding of how to use Social Media and Digital Business to my advantage upon entering the work force.

About a year ago, my parents bought a new computer (the first one in seven years actually) and they would continually ask for my help to teach them how to use it. It’s not as if the goal and purpose of the internet or Windows had changed, but instead the platforms in which we use both had changed. I spent many hours teaching and re-teaching my parents how to use their new computer, and help them through the learning curve. This made me realize that I did not want to go into my new job and have to fight through deciphering how the company works and be completely behind the power curve on the digital business front. I am behind the power curve because I only use Facebook for my social media interaction, and that is very limited at best.

Writing down my initial thoughts and observations:

Professor Kane has preached multiple times about how this isn’t going to be your typical class. What I find most troublesome, is not the assignments but the frequency that they are due. I have to tweet 4x a week (I had to get help to learn how to re-tweet something), blogs every other week, commenting on tweets, commenting on blogs and so on. Is it impossible, no, will it be difficult for a few weeks, yes.  Most of the apprehension that I have read so far in other blogs, is the fear of the unknown. From my limited life experience, there is no need to stress out about it, we all just need to pay a bit more attention to the schedule for the first few weeks until it all becomes second hand nature. Many students have come before us and completed the course and many will come after. At the end of the day the sun will set and will rise again the following day and give us another opportunity to learn from our successes and failures.

Based on my group I have had the luxury of being able to read a few blogs already written by classmates up to this point. What I have figured out is that I don’t understand how to properly blog. I thought it was just writing a short piece on your thoughts and ideas, but other classmates included memes, GIFs and graphs. This is an area I will have to focus on to improve my blogs, finding the right image the conveys the point of my writing.

Areas of concern:

Based on the syllabus, readings, videos, and class discussion the goal of this class is to learn about the principles that make social media a great way to spread ideas and how people can come together to create something larger. In class we briefly discussed the idea of the down falls of group think and how if a leader voices his or her opinion all junior team members will come up with a solution that is similar to the senior member. I think that this might be apparent in the course at this point. Because the courses’ name includes ‘Social Media’ it seems as if we are flies to a light and are attracted to focus on the platforms in which provide us ways to connect with people across the world, that otherwise we would never have the chance to do. Personally I am not concerned with what platform people connected on, but more about when that connection was made how did it improve the life of those in their network or potentially around the world.


My social media presence and knowledge limited and I am probably one of the older people in class. I think finding ways to cultivate group interaction to help solve problems, or just connecting with others based on similar interests is a good thing. I enjoying keeping in touch with friends through MySpace or SnapChat, but I do not care for all of the stories, and to me that is the downfall of social media. I can maintain contact with a lot of people, but I do not need to know what goes on every second of your life. There is only so many hours in the day, and I don’t mind taking some of that time to look at the highlights of my friend’s week, but I do not have enough time to live my life and watch you live yours.


  1. Nice post. I do think it could be spiced up with some images (doesn’t have to be GIFs, Google Images is really easy to borrow from). This class is more work from week to week, but I do make up for it at the end. My hope is that you lose track (in a good way) with the actual number of the deliverables and just end up engaging with interesting content. Actually most students end up with 2x the tweets I require, just because they start engaging.

  2. “I do not need to know what goes on every second of your life.” – Yes! I feel the same way. Since I left high school, I had to hit the “Unfollow but remain friends” button on Facebook several times to avoid having my news feed taken over by 3 or 4 friends that needed to tell me step by step what they were doing everyday. Social media definitely has the potential to do a lot of good but it is difficult to pay attention to when there is so much unnecessary noise.

  3. I have to agree that people are so addicted to social media and put everything on there, it is disturbing. I have an aunt that drives me insane when she does it, even when she goes out of town. As I am sure we will be talking about in class, because of this need to post every life detail, I worry for people’s safety against looters and stalkers.

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