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Sorry everyone, I’m not going to lead off with an old AIM name. To be honest, I was a little late to the social media game. I can still remember when I first started my account – New Year’s Eve of my freshman year in high school. I don’t remember why but it was a big deal to get it started before midnight. I was even slower to the LinkedIn game – that had to wait until sophomore year in college, driven by the desire to get an internship. My latest endeavor into social media is Twitter; I’m currently celebrating my 10th day as a Twitter-er, (Twitter-person?) courtesy of this class.

It’s not that I’m opposed to social media – it definitely plays a crucially important role in society – and it’s not like I don’t like technology. Just for whatever reason, it took me a while to get into it. Even now, I wasn’t a fan of Facebook’s decision to require mobile users to download the Messenger app instead of accessing the chat through a mobile browser – although, I have to admit that the app really does have some advantages.

So, if I’m so slow to get in to social media, why am I in a class named Social Media? Honestly, I just thought it’d be an interesting class; I’m a Finance and Accounting major going to work in Tax, so a lot of my coursework has been devoted to the numbers side of business. So, when I was planning my courses for this semester and I saw that this was a class that was offered, I thought, “This sounds pretty cool.” Its critical to have a firm grasp of technology and trends in order to make it in the modern business world regardless of what industry you end up going in to. You need to be able to Tweet, or post, or blog or you risk getting left behind, so it’s pretty cool that BC has a class that lets you practice with it.

The first day of class reminded me a lot of my first day of Perspectives – going over the syllabus and thinking “What did I get myself into?” There is a lot in there, a lot of work to be done, and the professor is trying to get you to drop the class. Well, that ended up being a great class and I’m sure this will end up being great too. With 15 people dropping the class after the first day, those of us who are left must really be excited for the class, which will only make the class better.

What am I excited for? Well, technology is always changing. The fact that this class keeps getting renamed demonstrates the ever changing nature of the digital world. A lot of things I learned as a freshman in Computers in Management aren’t applicable anymore and hundreds of others of topics have sprung up in their place. What you need to do to stay apace in today’s world is very different then what it used to be. As I’m writing this post, some of my friends are talking about how freshman have to make LinkedIn profiles as freshman now. That’s a great idea; the sooner you have a profile, the sooner you can start building your network and the more prepared you are to start the chaos know as recruiting (which seems to start earlier and earlier every year – soon they’ll start signing people out of high school).

That kind of went off on a side track. Back to the point – even if you try to pay attention to everything that comes out of the tech sector nowadays, you’re going to end up missing something – there is just too much stuff going on to be able to catch everything. So a class like this is good because instead of just one person (me) doing my own research about new trends and apps, there’s 40 people do the research and reporting back on what’s new.

Plus, I’m excited to figure out Twitter and WordPress. They are both important communication tools that I had limited exposure to before I started this class. Now, I not only have a reason to be checking Twitter throughout the day, I’m actually getting a valuable educational experience by doing so. I’m interested to see if I’ll finally be able to figure out how to squeeze what I want to say down to 140 characters by the end of the semester. Usually when I write something for school, I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of a sentence here and a word there; now I’m trying to get rid of single letters. Also, I’ve realized that I need to step up my multimedia game. So, I figured I’ll get it started off with a gif below (sorry, not from The Office):


  1. It’s so wild to think that a good chunk of what we’ve been taught these past few years at BC is already obsolete. That being said, the pace of the world we are living in today makes learning constantly more exciting and more necessary. Very excited for this class, too!

  2. I often explain this class to students as “it’s about what’s been happening in technology since you took Computers In Management as a freshman.” It also builds on that knowledge to go deeper than we could have otherwise. Really Computers in Management Part 2. Interestingly, I often have Masters in Accounting students take this class because they want something as non accounting as possible. This is it!

  3. ojeagle121 · ·

    Interesting point that we get to crowd source trends and research. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to consume it all though. Its great we have 40 people to do the research but I still have to read it all!

  4. Although I didn’t join social media late like you did, I started using it less and less throughout my life because I found it to be a distraction. It wasn’t until I had to use social media for branding did I see past the seeming detriments. Now I’m trying to figure it all out again – you’re not alone!

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