How Social Media has changed for me.

In the beginning, I thought Social Media was for businesses or older kids than me (FB was founded 2004, I was 14), or for people that had nothing to do with their lives or had to do something. For people that were just bored at work, at school or retirees that had access to one of the 2.2 Bn smart phones out there (BTW, 6.1 Bn by 2020.) Today 44% of the population own a smart phone, or two…

The first big social Media company, (which I won’t talk about), was founded in 2003. Facebook founded in 2004 reached 1 M users within the year. Twitter founded 2006. Pinterest founded 2008. My point? On 2004, as I mentioned, I was 14 years old. I did not know how to use Social Media. I didn’t even have a smart phone. I was one of the kids that used a desktop for Facebook. I uploaded photos and albums from my computer. Up to today, I have never uploaded a photo to FB from my iPhone. I used text messaging, which was expensive in Mexico, or had conversations at the dinner table.



Social Media has changed a lot in the past 13 years. From being 100% desktop, until 2011 when Google and FB started to cash in mobile. Please see a link to A Brief History of Social Media and Advertising website I found. You will see the growth in users, Ad $$ Revenue, and personalized things as the #hashtag creation from Twitter.

desktop vs mobile

These first words will try to explain my use of Social Media in my daily interaction and how it has changed from my first log into my last.


I opened it in 2006 (When it arrived in Mexico). It was a great platform to chat with friends, upload photos of the weekend, share the photos that were taken by cameras (yes real Sony or Fujifilm cameras.) You could see photos of friends from other countries or even “like” them. Also, it was a great platform to catch up with old friendships that you haven’t seen in a while.

Today. I use it to send occasional messages to people to ask for one thing or the other (this because I don’t have their cell phone) People now only share videos, funny or stupid. Share stories of some lying politician in Mexico or soccer goals particular to a sports team that has made in the last 100 years. The latest gossip or natural disasters. It is not what it used to be. The good thing is that all demographics have Facebook. From my younger cousins to my 90-year-old grandma.

Snap chat.

I Opened it because all my friends had it (this was two years ago) I didn’t want it. I had four other social Media apps. I couldn’t download more because my iPhone had 16 GB of hard drive.

It was fun for the first three months, uploaded videos, watched several others, but it quickly faded away. Instagram was there for photos, and then, stories. Why should I have two apps that did the same? It was a no brainer; I erased Snap. Today I think its focused only on Gen Z, companies targeting only that demographic and will never be what Facebook is today. They should have sold to Facebook 1 year ago before thinking of an IPO.


I have never been a “Youtuber” I used it to download songs. Copy the link of the video, paste it in a website converter to mp3, save to your computer and voila, send it to iTunes.

Now there are channels you can subscribe to and follow influential people. For me, here is where you can lose most of your time. Some people like watching videos, I don’t judge. But I was and never will be a fan.

Today. I have used Youtube Red. Live TV channels are competing with cable and other apps like Netflix or Hulu. This is Google growing, differentiating and diversifying. I may be a cord cutter after all.


Love this app and probably one of the best and more effective for Latin America. Also, most expensive acquisition from Facebook ever, ONLY $19 Bn.).

Text messages cost a fortune back in Mexico 12 years ago when the first iPhone launched. We did not have free messages nor WhatsApp. So, when WhatsApp launched, and you could send free messages via cel data to all your friends… This rocked the telecommunication companies in Mexico. This was the next big thing.

Today, I have all my friends worldwide, sales groups, family groups, company groups and even MBA group. Communication made easy.


From my first log in up to today, I have always used this platform for the same thing, real time news, there is no other social media app that gives you instant news, instant stories and normally, if you know who to follow, no fake news.

My example is from yesterday, I was informed with #Irma and what was happening in Miami (I lived here). I received this video, that is my apartment building. For me to see this really amazes me.

Another example, Pro Football player JJ watt from Houston, wanted to raise $200K for Harvey Hurricane and thanks to Twitter, Instagram, and Social Media it went viral. He raised $30M.

jj wat

In conclusion, I think Social Media is very important, and it is in our everyday lives. It is important to know how to use it and when to use it. It could be very helpful or a complete disaster. There are many examples I could use that have propelled businesses or campaigns via Twitter or Facebook. Like ALS Challenge or raising money for Disasters. What I’m trying to say is Social Media changes, and it changed for me 12 years ago up to today.

Let’s learn how to use it and communicate with it.


  1. mattwardbc · ·

    Its cool to see the app WhatsApp be so valuable to you. I personally have never used it but by hearing your experiences with it makes me want to try it out. Good post!

  2. Great summary of your own experience with social media. Hopefully we will be able to push you to even new ways to think about them and their potential drawbacks/ liabilities.

  3. alyssacasale4 · ·

    I am also not a huge fan of YouTube but am really interested in seeing how popular YouTube Red becomes in comparison to Netflix and Hulu. I also question whether YouTube Red will start to take away some of Spotify’s audience since it has many of the same features, such as the ability to listen to music uninterrupted and offline access. Although I think YouTube’s decision to execute this new idea may help them, I cannot help but wonder if they are a little too late.

  4. juliabrodigan · ·

    I also noted that social media has been extremely helpful in raising money for various causes and for spreading information about the hurricane. Social media is a platform that a lot of people use thus it is useful method to spread information about current events.

  5. I joined Facebook back in 2006 (also 14 at the time) and it was amusing to see how parallel our past and present use of Facebook is. I think the current Facebook news feed has too much content of people trying to go viral or trolls circulating. However, I believe they are trying to crack down on fake or irrelevant content and have been constantly A/B testing their platform. I hope they can get it right to help shift better social media content production.

  6. I find myself also reluctant to use social media until it’s popular with my inner circle. I supposed that’s the point! My first tweet was my test post for this class so I’m sure we are in for a ride with this course. Additionally I bet there are many more productive ways to be utilizing these platforms outside of purely entertainment purposes.

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