Social Media Expectations

Over the past few years, social media has become an instrumental part of life and business. It has a growing importance and affects almost everyone (even those who try to deny their association with it). People are constantly using or looking at it without even realizing. Social media has truly changed the way people communicate, spread and hear information and news.

Social media has greatly evolved throughout the years. Now, it is used by a wide range of ages for various different reasons, including to share news and real-time updates. For example, it has played an instrumental role in keeping people updated on Irma. This is very important because it keeps people that live in the affected area updated with real-time information and updates. This shows how multi-purposed and important social media has grown to be. People use it as a method to gather information and learn about important current events.

One of my favorite things I have seen social media used for is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This was used to spread awareness and raise money for ALS. It became extremely popular and was done on multiple platforms of social media and celebrities started participating in it as well. It is a wonderful example of social media being used in a positive manner to bring about change.


Social media has been able to be successful and grow due to multiple reasons. One being that it is easy to use. Companies have made their platforms extremely simple and easy to use, thus people of all ages are able to use it. Also, most forms of social media are free. People do not have to pay a monthly subscription because the companies make their money through ads. This makes people more willing to try and continue to use the platform. If it is free, they have nothing to loose. Lastly, social media allows people to

All of my friends always say that I am not “good” at social media. I never post and when I do, I never know what filter to use or what caption to do. I think this has to do with the fact that I can never make a decision and I am not very creative.

Also, I believe that it is important that you monitor how much time you are on social media. It is crucial that you are not on social media too much because it takes away time that you can be doing something productive. It is also important not to be on social media too much because you become too obsessed with your image and you compare yourself to others.

I always decide that I am going to delete all of the social media apps on my phone. Once I delete them, I end up re-downloading the apps within an hour because I get bored and anxious that I am missing something interesting. Also, I always want to keep my social media because I think it keeps me updated on what is going on with my friends and what is going on in the world.


I am extremely excited for the Social Media and Marketing Class. It is unlike any class I have taken at Boston College. I typically label myself as someone who is not creative, thus I try to avoid classes that are based on creativity and tend to take courses that are more structured and problem solving based. I decided to take this class because I want to exercise my creativity and prove to myself that I can think outside of the box. I think it will be interesting to learn about the importance and instrumental role of social media in society because it is something that I can relate to because I use it everyday.


  1. It’s really interesting that you mention getting anxious when you delete your social media apps–I have read a few different studies that focus on exactly this topic. There is a large connection between social media and anxiety in our generation. People either feel like they are missing out on things, or they suffer from something called “Compare and Despair” in which one constantly compares their life to others’ based on what they see on someone’s social media.

    1. maririera19 · ·

      Hi Holly, those studies sound really interesting and I would love to know more about them. I also try to delete my social media apps but always find excuses not mostly because I would have FOMO. Do the studies test whether deleting social media accounts for a long period time relieve this “Compare and Despair”? Or does this type of anxiety never really go away because social media has become so infused in our everyday lives?

  2. Two things in response to your post. 1) My perspective is that sometimes being “good” at social media is knowing when NOT to use it. 2) I think you can be creative and analytical at the same time in this class. Some of the best blogposts/ presentations I’ve seen are from students who use the data generated from this class or on other platforms to conduct creative analysis. You may be surprised at how much substance sells in this group!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. I really liked the part where you addressed how social media affects the way we view ourselves. I have a younger sister in high school and she often feels that she needs to be someone she is not on social media because that is the “social norm”. Secondly, I liked how you addressed the positive effects of social media in regards to the ice bucket challenge.

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