Social Media App to Boost Happiness

With all the negative backlash that social media gets, can you believe that there is actually a Social Media app that is proven to help boost happiness? Can you take a wild guess just what app that might be?

Hopefully, you guessed right…. SNAPCHAT!!

As most of you reading this post are already aware of the app called Snapchat, for anyone else here is a little background.

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive disappearing pictures and videos to people on your friends’ list. The Snapchat idea came about in 2011 and was founded by Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel, and Reggie Brown. It was originally named Pictaboo and later on, the name changed to Snapchat. A year later after it was developed, Snapchat grew to 100,000 users and currently has 150 million daily active users globally.

Now we come to the question….How can this app really boost my happiness??

Well…researchers at the University of Michigan did a survey where they observed social media habits of 154 students over a two-week period and interviewed them about their moods and measured how they think and feel in real time. In their findings, Snapchat was associated with more positive emotions and produced the most enjoyable interactions than other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So, what exactly makes Snapchat enjoyable?

It was found that Snapchat users typically share smaller, spontaneous moments, which tend to be “self-presentational”. In other words, users are less concerned and have less anxiety about trying to post the perfect photo, because Snapchat interactions are more about having fun.

Another Benefit is that Snapchat picture or video can only be viewed for a limited period of time, whereas on other social media networks, the picture is more likely to be there forever. So, with Snapchat there is less obsessing over what you post or how many likes and comments you may receive.

Now to get to the good stuff…

In order to get the most fun, the most enjoyment and to boost your happiness with Snapchat, you should use the most populate Snapchat feature called lenses. The lenses option allows you to apply special effects over an image to distort your appearance. Lenses can transform your face into a dog or animal, face swap with a friend, make it appear that you are vomiting rainbows or make it look like you are riding a bike with ET in the front basket.

I have 5 easy steps to follow on how to use the lenses to have fun when using Snapchat.

  1. Go to the Camera screen in Snapchat.
  2. Tap on a face. Lens options will appear below.
  3. Swipe left to select the Lens you want to use.
  4. Follow any action prompts that appear, like “Raise your eyebrows”
  5. Tap the capture button to take a Snap or press and hold to record a video.


I hope everyone takes advantage of the lenses feature and using Snapchat to help boost your happiness. If you would like to brighten up my day by sending me a snap or want to talk about other ways to boost your mood feel free to add me on my snap @Ritta_Ritta





  1. I find it a little strange that Snapchat was found to be the “happiest” social media app. While I understand why many features discussed in your post could cause happiness–a more personal interaction with your friends, not worrying about likes, etc–I think there is much more under the surface to consider. Many studies have shown that Snapchat actually causes anxiety and depression among many of its younger users. Experts say one reason for this is that the use of snapchat stories can lead to increased feelings of loneliness–what if you see Snapchats of people somewhere you weren’t invited?

  2. Interesting contrast to the whole “social media makes you unhappy” theme running through the press. I always like to remind people when assessing research is that college students are often not reflective of the wider population. Snapchat may make them happy, but not the rest of us. Interesting insights, though.

  3. Interesting – I’ve heard a lot about people feeling left out based on stories and such. I’m curious to see whether the Snap Map feature catches on, and how that impacts.

    If I had to pick one (not social media) app to boost happiness, it would probably be a meditation app :)

    1. maririera19 · ·

      I am also curious to see how Snap Map impacts people’s happiness levels. I assume that it would probably decrease happiness and increase loneliness and anxiety because now someone does not have to post a snap story to show who they are hanging out with, but anyone can see who people are with at any given moment.

  4. ericiangesuale · ·

    I have to say I wholeheartedly agree that Snapchat brings me the most happiness among my social media apps. Whereas Instagram is an anxiety-inducing bubble of perfectly curated photographic perfection, Snapchat is fleeting, fun, natural, and a fitting place for comedy. Between face filters, geotags, Snap groups, Bitmoji integration, or just sending a funny snap in general, it definitely brings a smile to my face more than any other app. I would say the funny parts of Instagram are memes, but those don’t involve the user besides being relatable and shareable.

  5. britt_hopkins4 · ·

    I’m a little confused by this. Did Snapchat do a study that rated apps on happiness they bring? I understand your point about Snapchat not being dependent on “likes” like other apps are, but playing devil’s advocate, I could say that Facebook brings me the most happiness because it allows me to see new pictures of my niece and nephew and connect with family from around the world. It’s hard to definitively say that one app in particular brings people the most happiness. In my opinion, I feel like if people want to really boost their happiness, they shouldn’t rely on social media to provide it.

  6. I personally find that Snapchat makes me happy mainly because it is a way for me to connect directly with my friends back home instantly. Most recently, during our class discussions of AI, Snapchat and Bitmjoi just came out with AR Bitmojis on the app. I just discovered the update Friday and found myself cracking up hysterically watching an augmented version of myself dancing around. It was definitely a funny way to start off a Friday night.

  7. fernanfu89 · ·

    Its really interesting that the first time I saw the snapchat filters, I thought someone was playing with me, since the first one I saw was the rainbow thing one. However, its interesting to see that snapchat makes people happier, I guess in part it has to do as you said it spontaneous moments. Snapchat is less predictable than an iMessage since you can preview your messages, but with snapchat you don’t know whats hidding behind that little icon. Its interesting to see how filters have changed the face for snapchat and so many teens use it as its main for of communication. I guess there will be a point where you won’t know how a person looks without filter.

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