The New Class of Public Figures – Bloggers

Bloggers have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. They use Instagram as a platform to get followers and fans and then direct them to their individual blogs on the Internet. Since there are so many bloggers now, each one needs a “unique” platform to stand out and gain a fan base.

Bloggers make money through sponsorships. They find a product that they are passionate about and then they will connect with the brand and make a deal where the blogger wears/talks about the product and brand on their blog. Also, the blogger will provide the link to the website where they can then buy the product and the blogger will get a percentage of the sale.



Bloggers are growing in popularity because they are sharing their personal lives with their followers through Insta stories and Snapchat stories. They share their day-to-day activities and what they wear everyday via videos. Thus, their blogs are becoming more “life style” blogs instead of just “fashion” or “food” blogs. For example, the famous blogger Arielle Charnas (“Something Navy”) has grown her blog to over one million followers by incorporating her personal life via Insta stories. She makes videos of her baby, Ruby, who is now Instagram famous and her funny husband, Brandon. She expanded her brand by incorporating her personal life. Followers have become invested in her life and enjoy keeping up with what is going on in her life. This makes her blog and her brand more personable. People are more likely to relate to her, thus they are more likely to like her and keep following her. Through her videos, her fans feel like they are friends with her/personally know her. Also, now bloggers can put links to products that they are wearing/endorsing in their stories, so their followers can just click on it as they are watching the video. This offers a way for bloggers to endorse and market products without having to tag them in their pictures or in their blog posts.                                                    unspecified-2-1_650x880_acf_cropped-1.jpg

Blogging is an oversaturated market. There are a lot of aspiring bloggers. If you look at the explore page on Instagram, there are hundreds of girls trying to make it as bloggers. Most of them are stylish and lead fun lives. Thus, in order to make themselves stand out from every other aspiring blogger and gain a fan base, they need a unique brand. There needs to be something about them that is different than every other blogger out there, whether or not its if they travel or it could be that they live somewhere cool.


There are various types of blogs: fashion, food, weight loss, life-style and travel. Some bloggers focus on one of these categories, while others incorporate more than one into their blog. Thus, people with all interests will be able to find a blog that they can relate to and enjoy.


Instagram is a place where bloggers can market their brand and blog. It is where bloggers gain popularity and get followers who will hopefully then go check out their blogs. A lot of bloggers are now focusing more on endorsing products on their Instagram than on their actual blogs because more people are looking/following their Instagrams than their blogs.

Blogging has transformed social media. Initially, social media was used to connect people with their friends on a personal level or with celebrities. Now, there are thousand of bloggers who share their daily outfits and lives. People now go on social media to get beauty, food, weight loss and clothing tips from various experts/people they can relate and look up to. This group of individuals has emerged as a new group of public figures.

The blogging industry has greatly expanded in the past few years. People now have extremely successful careers through blogging and sharing their lives with their followers. They do not have the traditional “office job”. Instead, they make their living by sharing their passions and opinions with a group of followers who share their interests.


  1. This concept of creating business through social media sponsorships is highly intriguing. With so much saturation as you put it I wonder if this trend will ever phase out. How do companies distinguish between sponsoring or not sponsoring? Is it wholly dependent on likes or followers? Is that an accurate measure of someone’s influence? I believe the process is or should be more nuanced but I suppose if you’re “liked” by masses of people then law of probability will get you somewhere.

  2. You bring up an interesting point when you say that bloggers have emerged as “a new group of public figures”. Often times, followers aspire to be like them and admire the life they bloggers lead. Because being entertaining and portraying your life as interesting play a large role in the gathering of followers, I have seen a few popular Instagram bloggers admit to being dangerously unhappy, as they feel the constant pressure of posting interesting or funny posts that don’t genuinely represent the lives they lead.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. While I was reading I noticed that you referred to all of the aspiring and successful bloggers as being female. Why do you think that is? I would be curious to know why this is such a female heavy industry and why more males are not trying to enter the market.

  4. Good point that the market is saturated with lots of people trying to make it. We tend only to hear the success stories, not all the people that tried to become famous but didn’t make it!

  5. ericiangesuale · ·

    Very interesting piece. I thought it was interesting when you mentioned that they “lead fun lives”. I often wonder when looking at these bloggers’ perfectly curated feeds whether their lives are as fun and glamorous as they make it seem. You’re so right about the market being super saturated right now! The product endorsements have really become a huge thing, and I actually focused on that in my post from this week.

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