Monthly Archives: October 2017

Russia, Trump, Facebook, & American Politics

It is certainly crazy to think that by the time you’re finished reading this post, Facebook, Twitter, Google and the likes will have made millions of decisions about the content that hundreds of millions of people will see. Every single time we log into these networks, advanced algorithms decide the content that’s on the top […]

The Future of News – theSkimm and The Morning Brew

The way in which people are finding out news and current events is rapidly transforming as new technology and companies emerge. People used to strictly rely on the news and newspaper for updates on current events and basic news, but now a lot of people do not own TVs nor do they have newspaper subscriptions. […]

MVMT- Reviving the Watch

Watches were thought to be a thing of the past. Starting a watch brand that specifically targets millennials in 2013, the same year as the 5th installation of the iPhone, would seem like an outlandish business idea destined for failure. Jake Kassem, one of the founders of MVMT, is quoted in a recent New York […]

How Technology is Changing Wall Street

When I was in high school in the Dominican Republic, I know what I wanted to do, I wanted to become a Wall Street trader, like the ones in the movie Boiler Room. I did somehow ended in a Hedge Fund, albeit without becoming a millionaire like the guys did in Boiler Room. When I […]

A Brief History of Marc Lore and Amazon

How would you like to go up against a world-champion heavyweight boxer? How would you like to do it twice? Marc Lore has. Actually, he went up against the champion, went to work for them for over two years, and is now in the process of going up against them again. The champion I’m talking […]

Pop Quiz(let)

Like I’m sure is true for most people the past couple of weeks, midterm season has hit me hard. My days are filled with long nights in the library, lots of outlines, and multiple new Quizlet sets. However, on Saturday, October 21st, I took some time out to attend Harvard’s 8th Annual Igniting Innovation Summit […]

Social Media and the War ~for~ Drugs

A couple weeks ago drug overdose took the life of yet another person that I went to high school with. But the number of those who are still using life-threatening drugs are skyrocketing. Why would someone continue using after it killed one of their best friends? And the question that I really don’t know the […]