The New Age of Marketing: Social Media

Growing up, watching t.v. was interrupted by commercials filled with celebrity endorsements and drives into the city were sprinkled with billboard advertisements. In this day and age, marketing has completely changed. Yes, there are still commercials with celebrities, and yes, there are still billboards with witty sayings. But, these forms of marketing are quickly being replaced with some covert new strategies fueled by the influx of technology.


Today, the everyday person is a walking endorsement. From what a person is wearing, where they are traveling to, what they are eating to where they are eating (the list could go on), people on social media have become real-time walking marketing campaigns. Companies no longer have to shell out the big bucks to attain top celebrities to endorse their products. Instead, everyday people are becoming the new norm to market and gain traction for brands, products, etc.  This change has been enabled through the emergence of social media and the new reliance people have placed on it.


‘Influencers’ are now people who have amassed a large following due to creating a personal brand and lifestyle that their followers admire, can relate to or aspire to attain. These carefully curated personal brands have created an easy avenue for brands to reach out to their targeted audience.  A brand would want to partner with someone that may have particular interests, personality or has a lifestyle that they would like to stand for.  For example, a stylish thrifty interior decorator will probably attract followers that are trying to decorate with style yet, still on a budget. A company like HomeGoods, may partner with this ‘stylish thrifty interior decorator’ because the influencer already has a large following of people that are likely also HomeGoods’ target audience.  This way HomeGoods’ is reaching out to their ‘aspirational’ shopper faster and will more likely be able to make an impact on the audience because it is coming from an influencer that the customer can obviously relate to.


Social media is allowing brands to create an experience with their customers.  They can reach out to them in real time, engage with them and show them what their brand stands for.  For example, people can post on their Snapchat or Instagram story, places where they may be or experiences they may be having. People can blog or Instagram about products they are using and post reviews of these products. It has almost ‘normalized’ products and companies, because it shows how an everyday person uses the product.


Social media has given birth to a whole new form of creative curation. With such a saturated market, influencers vie to create beautiful content that stands out and is appealing to their desired market. It has created new lucrative jobs and opportunities that were non-existent a few years ago. Top influencers (who are not even prior celebrities) have become household names making millions of dollars each year. This only attests to the fact of how impactful this medium has become in todays day and age.

Social media allows your customers to become your promoters by sharing their thoughts, posting about the product/brand and liking content. Because of this, it is extremely important to have a social presence and to make sure that the messages you are relaying through social media are consistent and in line with your personal brand. With that being said, creating a unique personal brand is of utmost importance. With so many brands turning to social media to promote, one must be different and stand out in such a saturated market.  This is why consistency is so important.  One wants to create a personal brand that their specific target audience is interested in and inspired by.  This personal brand must be equally relayed through all forms of social media (Twitter, Snapchat, Blog, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).


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Despite the fact that social media has become an extremely incredible avenue for marketing, it is always important to keep looking ahead.  The social media market is incredibly saturated, so it is important to be on top of new trends and to continuously be flexible.




  1. briandentonbc · ·

    This is a cool post. I did not realize that social media influencers were so (no pun intended) influential within modern advertising. It seems like digital business has opened up so many new avenues for creative advertising, and these influencers have quickly taken advantage. It will be interesting to see what the next avenue that opens up is. Your point about us being so reliant on social media reminds me of the stat (either in class or in someone’s previous blog post) that we spend the majority of our time on our phones on just 5 apps. Advertisers have recognized that at least a few, if not all, of these 5 apps will be related to social media, and therefore that is where the advertisers need to be.

  2. hacketju · ·

    I really like how you walk about how every person is a “walking endorsement”. This point reminds me of the reading we did two weeks ago that talked about us, as the user, is now the product. Furthermore, I agree and encourage the point you made of how important it is for a company to interact with the customer. People in today’s world like to be entertained. In order for marketing to really work and be effective I think it needs to get the customer involved. It not only needs to tickle a funny bone, but it also needs to touch the users heart (and maybe even actually touch the user!)

  3. Nice post. I’ll be interested to see how long the “influencer” movement stays around. In some ways, it’s just like celebrity endorsements of the old days, just who is considered a celebrity has changed. On the other hand, I suspect people influencing just for the sake of influencing will go down. I think people will begin to see through it and the people will just be walking commercials that users will begin to tune out. We’ll see.

  4. mattwardbc · ·

    Great Post. Its incredible to see such a wide range of influencers spring up in all areas of marketing and sometimes I feel as though their only qualification to being an influencer is that they own a SLR camera. One thing that’s becoming more and more prevalent is individual posting clear ads with the #ad versus the more subtle style of posting regular content with the sponsored good simply featured in the image.

  5. Anna Copman · ·

    Thanks for your post, Julia! To echo Prof. Kane’s sentiment, I could definitely see the influencer trend dying hard. As for the when, who knows. But what I will say is as a frequent consumer of influencer marketing (I have some favorite food bloggers and lifestyle bloggers that I follow closely mostly via instagram), I’m already sick of the oversaturation of products they pub to their audience. It doesn’t feel authentic for many of them- for me, this form of marketing risks becoming as shallow as a commercial on TV.

  6. Great post, Julia. I find it so funny how these influencers like celebrities can do so much for brands. I actually remember those Pepsi commercials with Britney Spears and a part of me kind of misses the charm of those types of commercials. Now, all celebrities have to do is Snap themselves using a product and make $10k+.

  7. m_thompson19 · ·

    Great post – Instagram presents so many opportunities to consumers and advertisers alike because of its huge user base. I really liked your point on creative curation – social media presents a new medium for art to be expressed in any way. As social media grows it will be super interesting to see how the monetization of the platforms grow with it.

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