Being Healthy…ish is the Future of Fitness

Every morning, I wake up to emails from TheSkimm and the Morning Brew. Both of these website platforms offer daily journals: TheSkimm is about the goings-ons of the world, and the Morning Brew focuses on any financial and business news that is relevant to today (and very helpful in CSOM classes, too!). It’s a sacred part of my day…waking up, pissed at my alarm, rolling over, scrolling through Instagram and Snapchat, and then…reading TheSkimm and my Morning Brew. It’s become apart of my ritual, and it would be easy to write a blog post on either subscription, and honestly, maybe I will. However, today is not that day.

Two weeks ago, I was sitting in my Leadership class, listening to Elise Pillips, the Director of the Office of Health Promotion here at BC speak to our class about the resources we have as students. She mentioned a website, called, that students can visit Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 4.05.00 PMand subscribe to for daily stories, advice, recipes, and even workouts for people who want to focus on their health. I scribbled down the name of the website, thinking to myself that it’s just another stupid website that preaches to the choir about resitricting carbohydrate intake, lifting weights to lose fat, and all of the stuff that we girls always read about in those #fitspo (aka BS) captions on Instagram.

Just what insecure girls need, another website and social media platform to promote being fit, fun, healthy, and fab!!! Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 8.37.49 PM.png

Obviously, I was curious. Body image, eating healthy, and being in shape are topics that are on the forefront of my mind. I would be lying to you if they weren’t. I went on Greatist’s website, and the first thing I saw was their motto, big and clear across the header of their site: “5 Stories. 1 Daily Email. Every reason to get healthyish.”

…Healthyish!!! At first the idea of being healthy…..ish amused me, but after perusing their content and articles, I’ve found that it’s true. is healthyish. They’re not going to try to force you to change every habit of yours. Greatist is not going to tell you what to eat, when to eat it, and how to murder yourself at the gym so you’re a #fitspo #twig. Instead, they try to encourage their subscribers to start off in the right direction. Greatist encompasses all aspects of your health. Instead of focusing solely on physical health, Greatist’s writers also include content about mental health, family life, workout ideas, ironic and funny articles, skin care, high school reunions, clothing, ignoring your fitness instructor, and lots and lots of GIFs.

I can sit here and tell you all the reasons why the website is the Greatist. But seriously….

What makes Greatist the greatest?

Greatist was created in April of 2011 by Derek Flanzraich, a Harvard graduate. Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 3.37.48 PMFlanzraich focused on a very specific niche of the market to promote healthyish living, for the motivated, but not obsessed, person. Greatist is a next-generation media company, producing online content on fitness, health, and wellness. Their content is backed by science, but the conversation is always authentic and real. Since it’s founding in 2011, the website has grown to over 10 million unique monthly users. Of those users, 65% of them are women, ages 10 to 34, the exact market segment the Greatist team was targeting. The Greatist editors and writers try to write deep, engaging articles with the purpose of educating their audience, not simply promoting advertisements or clickbait. You can learn more about Greatist and their goals for the future of health and wellness here:

There are a plethora of websites that focus on fitness, and Greatist aims to be the website that people return to time and time again. Their content is fun, informative, and realistic. It is easily accessible due to the daily subscription service, which delivers a newsletter with five unique stories to your email every day. Flanzraich puts a heavy emphasis on quality over quantity, and strives to create loyalty from Greatist readers.  In his interview with the American Marketing Association, Flanzraich notes that there has been a shift in the world of social media content, especially fitness, due to Facebook and Pintrest. These websites strive to place only quality content in front of their consumers, and Greatist does the same. Writers don’t focus on writing good articles, but rather putting out the best possible content for their readers. Each article published must be cited by PubMed, and is then approved by multiple experts. They exclusively post original content, not pulling articles off of mainstream news sources. Sounds pretty legit to me.

Greatist is all about building a community. They want to connect like-minded people to each other and shed light on prominent fitness and health issues. They’re all about fun, which is one of my favorite parts of their organization They’ll even send you a free *temporary* tattoo when you sign up!! Why? Why not. They even say if you actually want a tattoo of the Greatist logo, they’ll pay for it themselves…no questions asked.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 3.40.32 PM

It’s the little things about Greatist that makes them awesome, but ultimately, I love Greatist because it’s a next-gen website that helps people be their best. That’s it. I think that fitness, wellness, self-love, and health are important topics of conversation, and they shouldn’t be sugar-coated and dressed up. Greatist is open and honest about people’s everyday struggles with weight loss, stress relief, and just living a healthyish lifestyle. That’s the kind of positivity I want in my inbox every morning.

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  1. This sounds like a really cool website– I love the idea of “healthyish”! It’s impressive that they have managed to set themselves apart in such a crowded health content market right now. I wonder if their emphasis on moderation and non-obsessiveness will have any impact on their ability to survive in the long term. Is their stealth going to be the key for their long term survival? I also think it’s awesome that they only publish content that has been cited by PubMed– in today’s world of click-bait and unreliable information, it’s refreshing for a company to hold itself to standards of accuracy.

  2. sherricheng5 · ·

    Awesome post! I checked out the website and really like it! I also think it’s really important to have authentic conversations surrounding fitness, wellness, self-love, and health. One thing that makes the Greatist so great is that it includes a variety of wellness content. Instead of separating fitness related tips and tricks from stress relievers and healthy recipes, the Greatist features all of these interesting topics! This definitely makes this website unique from its competitors. I can’t wait to start using it!

  3. chloeshepard18 · ·

    This sounds awesome! There are so many fitness blogs and most feature stories and pictures of someone who’s super skinny and tells you exactly what to do/eat. Kayla Itsines wrote a post a couple weeks ago about how bad alcohol is and one should NEVER drink. In my mind, that’s unrealistic and instead of people following her lead, they’ll just give up. I think Greatist has a differentiated themselves enough that they will be able to grow and survive in the long-run.

  4. alyssacasale4 · ·

    I really like this website! Prior to your blog post, I had never heard of the, but I now am going to subscribe to their daily emails. I think it’s really important that users have a balance between articles that focus on diets/workouts and articles that are more light-hearted and entertaining. When I scrolled through’s recent posts, I browsed through articles that discussed a variety of topics. Some were lighthearted, such as “If We Had to Sum Up the Search for the Perfect Workout Outfit” and others focused on more serious issues such as “If Body Positivity Makes You Feel Worse, You’re Not Alone.” I think is doing a great job, especially with their diversity of content, and believe that they will only become more popular with time.

  5. Hilary_Gould · ·

    This was really interesting! I had never heard of the website, but now I definitely want to check it out. The founders were really smart when entering the market– with success of daily emails such as the Skimm, Morning Brew, and my personal favorite, Term Sheet (by Fortune), and the popularity of workout and food Instagram’s combined with the trend of a healthy life style they really hit the nail on the head. I’ll be curious how it competes in the long run and if any other players enter the market!

  6. Nice post. I had never heard about this one before. Always goes to show there’s another niche out there to be had.

  7. juliabrodigan · ·

    This company sounds amazing – I love what they stand for. I think this company is going to be extremely successful in the future. It is unique because it is realistic. A lot of healthy tips and advice on the internet are not realistic, thus this website will be successful because it is relatable and doable.

  8. Thanks for sharing – I hadn’t heard of Morning Brew, either. Do you think there’s a limitless demand for these kind of things? I get so many round-ups now that I can hardly keep track. I read the Skimm maybe once a week, the WSJ CMO and regular round-ups daily, and then browse the rest. I wonder when the market will be saturated.

  9. Great post! I hadn’t heard about Greatist and am very eager to test it out. I am glad they have found a way to establish themselves in a niche market so that they stand out amongst the rest. As students, it’s always great to find a website that gives you creative ideas about how to take care of ourselves.

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